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iOS is the world’s most secure and user-friendly mobile operating system, powering the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Here you will find in-depth reviews and app round-ups, as well as top tips for getting the most out of your Apple device. You can also peruse our best iPhone apps and must-play iPhone games lists, as well as our favourite iPad apps chosen by our writers and readers.


Ditch iTunes & Use VLC For iPhone & iPad Media

13th March, 2014

NSA Malware Plan, Google Lawsuit, Angry Birds Epic, Learn Linux [Tech News Digest]

13th March, 2014

Instagram For Android 5.1 Update Makes It Faster; iOS Gets Slider For Lux Effect

13th March, 2014

Day One Journal Now Includes Web and Social Network Publishing

13th March, 2014

MarginNote Offers Unique Approach To Annotating & Reviewing Documents

12th March, 2014

Fun and Frantic: 5 Free Infinite Runner Games For Mobile Devices

12th March, 2014

Rymdkapsel Is Strategy Gaming Stripped To Its Essence

12th March, 2014

Internet Bill Of Rights, ASUS Chromebox, iOS 7.1, Between Two Ferns [Tech News Digest]

12th March, 2014

20 Addictive Mobile Games You Must Play [We Ask You Results]

12th March, 2014

Apple Releases iOS 7.1 With CarPlay, UI Improvements, Bug Fixes

11th March, 2014

Sick Of eCards? Send Real Cards With Ink By Sincerely

11th March, 2014

Amazon Launches Seller App for iPhone With Barcode Scanner

11th March, 2014

Travel-Proof Your iPad Before Your Next Trip

8th March, 2014

Save Time In Your Inbox As Gmail For iOS 7 Switches On Pre-Fetch For Emails

8th March, 2014

iOS Apps on Sale for March 8: Boxer, Deus Ex & Multiplayer Fun

8th March, 2014

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April 14, 2014

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Five Free Apps to Help You Learn A Foreign Language

March 27, 2014

Whether you’re gearing up to go on your summer holidays, studying for exams, or just want to expand your mind, it’s always a great time to learn a foreign language.


5 Productive Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone Without a Signal

April 2, 2014

No signal? That doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone to get stuff done!

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How Many Apple Products Do You Own? [MakeUseOf Poll]

March 23, 2014

Is Apple really falling from grace? Tell us how many Apple products you have at home!

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