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iOS is the world’s most secure and user-friendly mobile operating system, powering the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Here you will find in-depth reviews and app round-ups, as well as top tips for getting the most out of your Apple device. You can also peruse our best iPhone apps and must-play iPhone games lists, as well as our favourite iPad apps chosen by our writers and readers.



4 Ways To Keep Up With The 2014 World Cup [We Ask You Results]

18th June, 2014

Learn The Basics Of Markdown in 10 Minutes With This Video Tutorial

17th June, 2014

Why Touchscreen Controls Are Useless For Retro Gaming & How To Fix It

16th June, 2014

Every iOS 7 Trick You Will Need for iPhone Utopia

16th June, 2014

Facebook Is Tracking You For Ads, A Bitcoin Mining Monopoly, And More… [Tech News Digest]

16th June, 2014

iOS Apps on Sale for 13 Jun: Speed Reading App ReadQuick Is Free

14th June, 2014

Sunrise Calendar Is Now Cross-Platform — But Is It Any Good?

13th June, 2014

Scan & Manage Your Receipts, Save Space, Paper & Time

13th June, 2014

Put iOS Notifications To Work For You With These Apps

12th June, 2014

Skype 5.0 Gets a Complete Overhaul for the iPhone

12th June, 2014

Top 8 Smartphone Apps To Take On A Summer Break

12th June, 2014

How These 4 Companion Apps Change The Game

11th June, 2014

Chromecast Support Will Come To VLC For Android, iOS, And Desktop

11th June, 2014

Take Control of Tasks & To-Dos With the Powerful 2Do for Mac & iOS

10th June, 2014

Get More Out Of Your Console With Companion Mobile Apps

9th June, 2014

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Have Smartphones Rendered Everything Obsolete? [We Ask You]

July 24, 2014

Point and shoot cameras, MP3 players, alarm clocks, GPS systems, and wristwatches – all replaced. What’s next?


How Does Apple’s New Programming Language Affect Me?

July 8, 2014

From the get-go, developers knew Apple’s new Swift was going to be big. But why should you care?

Don’t Lose Business Cards, Scan Them With Your iPhone

July 11, 2014

When you own an iPhone, there’s no reason to misplace paper business cards or keep them piled up in your desk drawer. Use one of these apps provide a better, paperless solution.


The EU Just Made Using Your Phone Abroad Cheaper. Here’s Why.

July 1, 2014

Thank EU! Rules introduced by the EU designed to control the cost of using mobile phones abroad take force from the 1st of July.

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