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Get more out of your iPhone or iPad: let us show you what iOS is really capable of. From apps to tips to hardware advice – If it’s not worth featuring, we won’t feature it.



Which Apple Products Do You Currently Own? [MakeUseOf Poll]

8th February, 2015
apps to calm your mind featured image

10 Calming Apps to Destress & Clear Your Mind

7th February, 2015

5 Smartphone Apps for People with Disabilities

31st January, 2015
ipad air 2 giveaway - featured

iPad Air 2 Review And Giveaway

29th January, 2015

Create Attractive Graphics Without A Design Background On Canva

28th January, 2015

Building the Perfect Smartphone

28th January, 2015

Is Apple Maps a Reliable Navigator Yet?

26th January, 2015

Kill Your Bad Habits With Exciting Tools From 10 Startups

25th January, 2015

5 Free Apps For The Selfie Photo Fan

24th January, 2015

What Would You Include In The Perfect Smartphone? [We Ask You]

22nd January, 2015

5 Sites & Apps To Listen To Police Scanners

20th January, 2015
dry january featured

15 “Dry January” Tools To Keep You Alcohol Free

19th January, 2015

10 Yoga Apps That Help You Workout Anywhere

19th January, 2015

How To Make Custom Filters For Instagram On iPhone Or Android

16th January, 2015

5 Location-Based Reminder Apps For The Forgetful

15th January, 2015

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How to Create an iPhone Game From Scratch

March 23, 2015

At some point you’ve probably wished you could make your own iPhone games. It’s time to stop wishing and start doing.


Time To Ditch Evernote? Letterspace & Fetch Are Compelling Alternatives

March 11, 2015

If you’re looking for a supplement or an alternative to Evernote, let me — a notebook junkie — suggest Letterspace or Fetchnotes for pure simplicity and ease of use.


5 Sites to Become an ASCII Art Master

March 26, 2015

A motley group of letters, numbers, and symbols that have no significance until you turn them into art. With the right tools you too can be a master ASCII artist.


Become an Instapaper Power User With These 6 Cool Features

March 1, 2015

Despite an impressive adoption rate, a plethora of Instapaper features often remain unexplored. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

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