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Get more out of your iPhone or iPad: let us show you what iOS is really capable of. From apps to tips to hardware advice – If it’s not worth featuring, we won’t feature it.


6 buddha apps featured

6 Buddhism Apps for Greater Peace of Mind

22nd March, 2015
5s and 6 iPhone - Feat

Should You Choose The iPhone 5s Over The iPhone 6?

19th March, 2015

6 Useful Timers and Clocks For Your Computer or Phone

19th March, 2015

Apple Has Run Out Of Ideas: Can You Help? [We Ask You]

19th March, 2015

Do You Think Apple Has Peaked? [MakeUseOf Poll]

15th March, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay

13th March, 2015

Track Your Menstrual Cycle: The 2 Best Apps For Tracking Your Period

12th March, 2015

Time To Ditch Evernote? Letterspace & Fetch Are Compelling Alternatives

11th March, 2015
where to start with self improvement

Where Do You Start with Self-Improvement?

11th March, 2015

9 Unique Playable Storytelling Experiences on iPhone & iPad

11th March, 2015

Forgot An Event? Send A Quick Card Or Gift From Your iPhone

4th March, 2015

6 Best iOS Podcast Apps for iPhone & iPad

2nd March, 2015

Become an Instapaper Power User With These 6 Cool Features

1st March, 2015

5 Tools That Help You Focus & Get Real Work Done

28th February, 2015

8 Diagramming Apps for Better Brainstorming on the Go

26th February, 2015

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5 Apps That Make the Weather More Entertaining

April 7, 2015

Weather apps with jokes and GIFs; with pixels and profanity. Your morning will never be the same.


5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your iPad

April 16, 2015

The streamlined design no longer impresses you, and as for the lack of app choice… has your iPad been left behind?

cash back sites to save money

7 Cashback Websites to Save You Money on Everything

April 8, 2015

One of the easiest ways to get more out of your buying experiences is to use cashback websites. Earn back the money you spend and make your shopping budget stretch further.


iPortal Enables Wheelchair Users To Have iPhones Too

April 6, 2015

Being in a wheelchair is essentially about loss of independence. iPortal helps restore some of this independence through the use of computers and smartphones.

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