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The world is going mobile, and Android is leading the way. Follow MakeUseOf’s unbiased, in-depth reviews of the best Android apps, Android games, and crucial how-to advice you need to know to keep your smartphone in killer shape.



Have a First-Gen Kindle Fire? Make It Awesome Again With Stock Android

3rd June, 2014

What’s In My Food? 4 Free Apps That Demistify E-Numbers And Additives

2nd June, 2014

Tasker and IFTTT: The Perfect Automation Duo For Android

2nd June, 2014

How To Download All Of Your Music From Google Play To Your Phone

2nd June, 2014

9 Proven, Tested Tips To Extend Your Android’s Battery Life

30th May, 2014
fastest android browser benchmark

What Is The Fastest Android Browser?

30th May, 2014

Three Secret Features Of Google’s New Camera App That Will Blow Your Mind

30th May, 2014

The Top 3 Free Digital Painting Apps for Android

29th May, 2014

Live On The Cutting Edge: Nova Launcher 3.0 Launches In Beta

29th May, 2014

Google Keep For Chrome: Your In-Browser Solution To Quick Note-Taking

29th May, 2014

6 Gorgeous, Completely Free Icon Packs To Facelift Your Android

28th May, 2014

Mission Impoppable: Bloons TD 5 Is Mobile Tower Defense At Its Best

28th May, 2014

Windows XP Registry Hack, Google Self-Driving Cars, Apple Ransomware [Tech News Digest]

28th May, 2014

A Game You Must Play: Monument Valley Is a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Puzzler

27th May, 2014

Google Buys Visual Translation App Word Lens – Then Gives It Away For Free

27th May, 2014

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The EU Just Made Using Your Phone Abroad Cheaper. Here’s Why.

July 1, 2014

Thank EU! Rules introduced by the EU designed to control the cost of using mobile phones abroad take force from the 1st of July.


No US Phone Number? No Problem – Best Free Apps For Calling To The USA

July 8, 2014

Many apps promise “free calls and texts” but require both parties to download the same app (think Skype to Skype calling). These apps are different. You can call real American phone numbers for free.


What Is The Most Pointless App You Have Ever Installed? [We Ask You]

June 26, 2014

It doesn’t matter what platform it’s on, whether it’s a free or not, or in what way it’s pointless. Name names.


Customize Google Play Music For Android With This Xposed Module

June 27, 2014

Tired of Google Play Music for Android automatically opening up to the Listen Now page? Let’s fix that. Want to open to a different section or different tab? Done.

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