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The world is going mobile, and Android is leading the way. Follow MakeUseOf’s unbiased, in-depth reviews of the best Android apps, Android games, and crucial how-to advice you need to know to keep your smartphone in killer shape.



Will You Be Buying The iPhone 6? [MakeUseOf Poll]

31st August, 2014

Android Won’t Connect To Windows Over ADB? Fix It In Three Easy Steps

30th August, 2014

6 Google Now Features That Will Change How You Search

29th August, 2014

Fancy A Challenge? Duet Is Simple, Infuriating and Rewarding

29th August, 2014

Augmented Reality Games: Are They Worth The Money?

23rd August, 2014

The 5 Best Dashboard Car Mode Apps For Android Compared

22nd August, 2014

GSM Vs. CDMA: What Is The Difference And Which Is Better?

21st August, 2014

Are Retina/Iris Scanners The Next Level Of Mobile Security?

18th August, 2014

4 Free Android Apps You Need When You’re At Disneyland

14th August, 2014

6 Android Apps Every Raspberry Pi Owner Should Use

13th August, 2014

How To Control Your Android Using Your Computer’s Mouse And Keyboard

12th August, 2014

Are The Super Mario Bros. Copycat Games On Android Any Good?

11th August, 2014

Facebook Messenger Steals Your Soul, Snipp3t Stalks Celebrities, And More… [Tech News Digest]

11th August, 2014

Exploring Android L: What Exactly Is Material Design?

6th August, 2014

Is It Legal Or Illegal To Unlock My Smartphone In The US?

6th August, 2014

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