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Learn To Make Your Own Visual Novels With Ren’Py, Or Play One Of These

7th July, 2014

The 7 Easiest PlayStation Platinum Trophies You Can Earn

7th July, 2014

5 Best Retro Games That You Can Emulate On Android

4th July, 2014

Relive Classic Amiga Pinball With Pinball Dreams & Fantasies for iOS

4th July, 2014

30 Years Of Tetris: A History Of The World’s Most Beloved Puzzle Game

4th July, 2014

2014 Is The Year For eSports: Here’s How To Enjoy It

3rd July, 2014

Old School PC RPGs Are Coming Back And These 4 Games Lead The Charge

3rd July, 2014

Pull Out The Tissues: 5 Video Games That Will Make You Cry

2nd July, 2014

10 Awesome Cross-Platform Mobile Multiplayer Games You Need To Play

1st July, 2014

Escape The Dungeon Crawl: 4 Co-Op Campaigns Without Loot Grinding

30th June, 2014

Mario, Hyrule, Splatoon: Here’s How Nintendo Won E3 2014

30th June, 2014

3 Games That, Sadly, Weren’t At E3 2014

29th June, 2014

Linux Has More Than Just Indie Games: Top 8 Blockbuster Games Available

29th June, 2014

Move Over Mario: You Need To Play These 3 Other Kart Racers

27th June, 2014

Be All Powerful: 3 Superhero Games You Need To Play

27th June, 2014

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5 Tips To Help You Get Started Casting eSports

September 1, 2014

Wouldn’t you love to earn a salary by playing and talking about games? Well you can, by becoming an eSports commentator.


Remember Interactive Movies? They Could Be Set To Make A Comeback

September 9, 2014

Is the technology more suitable for interactive movies now? Could it be that those awful games of the 1980s and 1990s were pioneering a form of gameplay that the technology of the time was unsuitable for?


Video Game Rentals: Where Can You Borrow Your Fun?

September 16, 2014

Video games are awesome, but buying them all brand-new can get expensive. Save some money with these rental options.


3 Awesome Multiplayer Mods For Single Player Games

August 28, 2014

These games were created as single player experiences, but enterprising players decided to build multiplayer mods for them, and they really change the gameplay.

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