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Syme – A New Social Network With Encrypted Groups to Prevent Spying

9th December, 2013

Extra Password Security Arrives In Newest Chromium Build

7th December, 2013

Instapaper Updates Chrome Extension With Highlighting, Inline Buttons

6th December, 2013

Microsoft, You’re Embarrassing Yourself. Please Stop. [Opinion]

3rd December, 2013

2 Ways To Encrypt Your Files From Your Browser

2nd December, 2013

Improve Your Grammar & Spelling With These Free Office & Browser Extensions

2nd December, 2013

Xbox One Fix, Bookless Library, Microsoft Attacks Chromebooks [Tech News Digest]

27th November, 2013

Interact With Hobbits, Dwarves & Dragons On Google Chrome

22nd November, 2013

Hangouts Extension For Chrome Brings Conversations To Your Desktop

22nd November, 2013

Dolphin, Chrome, Firefox Browsers For Android Get Updates

21st November, 2013

Enjoy The iOS 7 Look On Any Device!

21st November, 2013
junked dell desktop

How to Get Your Identity Stolen in One Easy Step

21st November, 2013

PS4 Reviews, Moto G, Chromebook 11, Domainapalooza [Tech News Digest]

14th November, 2013

Google Chrome Beta Shows Noisy Tabs on Desktop, Gets New Switcher on Android

13th November, 2013

Google News: Keyboard 2.0 & Text-To-Speech on Play Store, Chrome Blocks Extension Installs, Drive on iOS Gets Multiple Sign-In

9th November, 2013

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Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle Add Chromecast Support

April 2, 2014

Chromecast is picking up steam with users, and more companies are launching support for it. Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle have just joined the ranks of Chromecast supporters with updates for each of its services.

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