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The best tips & tricks for Chrome, the Web browser from Google. We will help you get the best out of the Google browser, with the best Chrome extensions, Web apps, and security advice.



How to Install Linux on a Chromebook

18th February, 2014

VMware Virtualization Brings Windows Apps And Desktops To Chromebooks

17th February, 2014

Which Is The Best Desktop Browser? 2014 Edition [MakeUseOf Poll]

16th February, 2014

3 Essential Steps To Get Rid Of Chrome Hijackers In Minutes

13th February, 2014

Chrome Windows, Virgin Network, Candy Crushed, iPhone 6 Queue [Tech News Digest]

13th February, 2014

Autodesk Pixlr Touch Up Adds 100+ New Photo Effects & New Adjustment Options

12th February, 2014

Streamus Is The Easiest, Coolest Way To Play Music From YouTube In Chrome

12th February, 2014

Your Chromebook As The Ultimate Travel Device

11th February, 2014

Chromebooks — Yes Or No? [MakeUseOf Poll]

9th February, 2014

Chromebooks – Useful or Useless?

5th February, 2014

With the Release of the Google Chromecast SDK, Expect Big Things

5th February, 2014

Nadella Named, Facebook Filmed, Foursquare Fueled, Korea Kinected [Tech News Digest]

5th February, 2014

‘Google Now’ Available For The Chrome Beta Browser

5th February, 2014

Paper Vs. Paper, Chromecast Porn, Flappy Bird Flies, Esurance Trolls [Tech News Digest]

4th February, 2014

Tab Killer: A Chrome Extension To Declutter Your Browsing Experience

3rd February, 2014

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Facebook Favorite For Chrome Is A Private Way To Save Posts For Later

March 28, 2014

Facebook itself has “Like” and “Share” buttons, which publicly tell people what you think. But what if you want to save a post for later without broadcasting it? Meet Facebook Favorite for Chrome.


Two Ways To Reformat Your Chromebook: Powerwash & Full Recovery

March 22, 2014

One of a Chromebook’s main selling points is its stateless drive’s provision of security and stability – but what are your choices when something goes wrong? You have two options.


Two Hardware Hacks to Improve your Chromebook: SD Cards and USB Modems

March 28, 2014

What’s the best way to super-charge your Chromebook’s functionality? Try out these two hardware hacks to make your device do more.


This Beautiful Browser Add-On Gives You Interesting Stats About Your Browsing

April 19, 2014

Is there anything more interesting on than statistics? Not the school type, the Internet type. But what about “you” statistics? Or shall we say, a stats selfie?

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