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How to Hide Spoilers and Get Random Episodes on Netflix

30th January, 2015

4 Google Keep Tips And Tricks For Better Notes, Lists And To-Dos

29th January, 2015

10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions For Google Chrome

21st January, 2015

10 Tips To Do More With Your PDF Files On Google Drive

19th January, 2015

Meet Firefox Hello Video Chat & Firefox Marketplace In The New Firefox 35

15th January, 2015

How To Schedule Tabs To Open At Fixed Times In Chrome And Firefox

15th January, 2015

Is Internet Explorer Making A Big Return In 2015?

14th January, 2015

Meet Journey, A Beautiful Journal App For Chrome And Android

14th January, 2015

5 Smart Addons That Will Make You A Gmail Ninja

6th January, 2015

How To Turn Google Chrome Into A Productivity Beast

30th December, 2014

Ultimate Browser Settings: Must-Change Items In Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer

30th December, 2014

5 Power Tools To Make You Better At Tweeting On Twitter

30th December, 2014

Discover The Secrets Of Your Own Writing Process

24th December, 2014

Why You Should Upgrade To Internet Explorer 11 Now

22nd December, 2014

The Best Firefox Addons

21st December, 2014

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Your Favorite Icons: 14 Favicons That Stand Out From The Crowd

March 18, 2015

Once you start noticing favicons, you realize how much they differ. Most are boring, predictable, and instantly forgettable. But some are good enough to stand out from the crowd.


SuperFREAK: New Security Bug Vulnerablity Affects Desktop & Mobile Browser Security

March 10, 2015

The FREAK vulnerability is one that affects your browser, and it isn’t limited to any one browser, nor any single operating system. Find out whether you’re affected and protect yourself.


7 Great Customization Add-ons for Firefox

March 19, 2015

Whether you use Firefox for work or pleasure, add-ons help tailor your browser experience just for you. These customization add-ons provide a new look as well as a personalized way to use Firefox.


3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Switching To Safari

February 27, 2015

It’s not easy to switch browsers, but unperturbed, I launched myself into the world of Steve Jobs – iTunes, iWork, iCloud, and, significantly – Safari. Here’s what I wish I’d known first.

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