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The best tips & tricks for Chrome, the Web browser from Google. We will help you get the best out of the Google browser, with the best Chrome extensions, Web apps, and security advice.



Save Your Web Favorites As Notes With OneNote Clipper For Chrome

9th June, 2014

How To Preview And Read Any Link Without Clicking It In Google Chrome

7th June, 2014
Raindrop-takes-bookmarks-to-the-next-level Takes Bookmarks Into The Cloud And Makes Them Beautiful

6th June, 2014

Downloading Torrents on a Chromebook

6th June, 2014

Take Your Reading Offline With These 5 Chrome Apps

5th June, 2014

3 Simple Ways to Zip and Unzip Files on a Chromebook

5th June, 2014

Google Launches Anti-Snooping Efforts With Email Encryption Tool For Chrome

5th June, 2014

Google Chromecast Goes Sports Crazy Adding WatchESPN, MLS, And More

4th June, 2014

Apple At WWDC 2014: iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite, John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality [Tech News Digest]

3rd June, 2014

TweetDeck Now Allows Users to Add Images to Scheduled Tweets

1st June, 2014

Let Chrome Keep You In Shape With These Four Great Apps

31st May, 2014

The Tiny Google Chromecast Places A Big Footprint With Launch In 6 New Countries

31st May, 2014

How to Stop Auto-Playing Flash and HTML5 Videos in Chrome

30th May, 2014

Google Keep For Chrome: Your In-Browser Solution To Quick Note-Taking

29th May, 2014

Forget Linux – A Chromebook is the Perfect Replacement for Windows XP

27th May, 2014

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Interrupted Download? Here’s How To Resume In Chrome

August 7, 2014

Your Internet gets disconnected or your computer hangs and you are forced to reboot. When you finally get your computer running again, you agonizingly realize your download progress has disappeared and you have to restart.


How To Get A New Wallpaper Every Day On Your Chromebook

August 26, 2014

One small feature that Chrome OS lacks is the ability to create photo-cycling backgrounds on the “desktop”. You could swap them out yourself, by hand — but what are we, savages?

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