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The best tips & tricks for Chrome, the Web browser from Google. We will help you get the best out of the Google browser, with the best Chrome extensions, Web apps, and security advice.



Drag, Drop, And Save Anything On The Web Easily With Dragdis

25th March, 2014

Two Ways To Reformat Your Chromebook: Powerwash & Full Recovery

22nd March, 2014

Four Of The Best Text Editors For Your Chromebook

21st March, 2014

How To Speed Up Your Chromebook Experience

15th March, 2014

Chromebooks – Which Release Channel is Right for You?

14th March, 2014

Chromebooks Aren’t Perfect – Working Around the Negatives

13th March, 2014

Internet Bill Of Rights, ASUS Chromebox, iOS 7.1, Between Two Ferns [Tech News Digest]

12th March, 2014

Chromebooks Don’t Work Offline? Debunking the Myths

7th March, 2014

4 Alternatives To YouTube’s Constantly Changing Interface Mess

7th March, 2014
Limitless - Feature Image

Limitless For Chrome: The Ultimate Productivity Companion

6th March, 2014

3 Fantastic Free Extensions to Improve Wikipedia on Google Chrome

6th March, 2014

Microsoft Changes, Kutcher Phones, Gates Billions, Leather Chromebooks [Tech News Digest]

4th March, 2014

The Ultimate Guide To XBMC Tools On Your Chromebook

25th February, 2014

How To Write Foreign Character Accents Using Your Chromebook

18th February, 2014

How to Install Linux on a Chromebook

18th February, 2014

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Four Excellent Image Editors For Your Chromebook

April 9, 2014

Do you like editing and tweaking images but find the Chromebook’s default editor too limited? Here are some alternatives.


Windows XP To Chrome OS, Comcast Worst Company, iWatch Rumors [Tech News Digest]

April 10, 2014

Switching from Windows XP to Chrome OS, forcing Facebook Messenger, Project Ara developers, Comcast named “worst company in America,” Apple iWatch rumors, and an Easter PSA from Goldieblox.


Emailing Links? Make Them Rich & Clickable With Clip Better

Many of us use email to share links with people. Instead of a that drab blue link, send a rich Facebook-like link preview box with Clip Better.


Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone Cortana, Indiegogo GoBe, Binge Watching PSA [Tech News Digest]

April 3, 2014

Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana, Windows 8.1 Update 1 for mouse and keyboards, GoBe on Indiegogo, Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle on Chromecast, and a PSA about the dangers of binge watching.

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