The Best Windows 8 Modern/Metro Apps

For those of you how have taken the plunge into Windows 8, we hope you'll find this page of the best Windows 8 apps helpful. We sourced the web to find the best modern, Metro apps for Windows 8 for almost every purpose e.g. social networking, image editing, entertainment, etc.

Cloud Storage


Offering 5GB of free storage, Box is a popular cloud storage solution among home and business consumers alike.


Microsoft's cloud storage service, use it to store and share files with friends and other devices.


There is room for improvement in the Dropbox Windows 8 app, but it is functional and allows you to open, edit save and share your data with contacts.

Bitcasa Infinite Storage

The above cloud storage solutions have an upload limit. Bitcasa Infinite Storage - as the name suggests - does not. Uploaded data is available on any suitable device straight away.

Cloud Space

Provides a single user interface to your SkyDrive, Dropbox or other cloud account, saving you the trouble of having to open different apps to browse your favourite photos.


Another tool for managing several cloud accounts with a single app, RainbowDrive also supports multiple accounts for each provider, potentially enabling vast storage.


Already available on iOS and Android, Glide connects devices and cloud services into a single UI so that you might share data (photos, music, videos and documents) easily between them.

Food and Drink

Baby Food Recipes ($1.49)

Offers 25 great baby food recipes by nutrition coach Thomas Sixt. Save money with freshly made, nutritious home-cooked food for your little ones.


Create meals from 40,000 recipe ideas based on the food in your larder, your dietary requirements or your favourite type of dish.

YumvY Cooking Companion

A great tutorial, hand-holding app for making recipes, ideal if you're not too hot in the kitchen!

Recipe House

Create your own cookbooks and share them online with friends using Facebook. Recipes can be grouped by type.


If you ever have problems getting your meals cooked properly this Windows 8 app displays the correct temperature and cooking times.

Jamie Oliver

something else

Recipe Book

A useful app for collecting and sharing recipes found on Supports snap resizing.

Go Veggie ($4.99)

Radically changing your diet can be tough. This app includes 100 protein-rich recipes (including 40 suitable for vegans) that will help you make the transition. Also features valuable cooking and shopping tips.

Recipe+ Nutrition Profiler ($4.99)

Designed to display nutrition information for existing recipes or ones you create. Works offline and features a database of over 12000 food types.


Gravity Guy ($2.49)

Superhero platformer, Gravity Guy is an Xbox Live title that requires you to unlock achievements by getting the titular character to the end of seemingly impossible levels.

Game Dev Tycooon ($7.99)

With this awesome sim you can develop and micro-manage your own game, building a development team, researching new tech and even creating a game engine!


This almost legendary modern redux of classic 8-bit space invader shoot'em ups is hugely addictive.

Xbox Games

Keep track of your Gamerscore and other Xbox Live gaming details, as well as find and buy games for Windows 8.

Rat on a Snowboard

Guide Ratty across various landscapes as he snowboards to safety avoiding hazards such as pine trees, giant snowballs and even meatballs!

Monkey Flight

If you've played Angry Birds and like the idea of launching defenseless animals across screens, Monkey Flight is for you. Toss your monkey to win fruity bonuses.

Pin Steam

Steam's Gabe Newell might not like Windows 8, but this Windows 8 app certainly makes Steam libraries look excellent.

Pinball FX2

A free Xbox Live title, this virtual pinball machine features some excellent levels and is a lot of fun to play.

Radiant Defense

Sequel to the shooter, Radiant Defense is a thematically and graphically similar game but with the gameplay switched to tower defense, in whic you must deal with 300 waves of aliens across 12 missions.


An unusual, free online multiplayer game, Robotek is a blend of strategy, action and RPG, a sort of robot Risk.

1Up Farkle

This Yahtzee!-style dice throwing game is addictive and great fun when played against a friend.

Agent 008 Ball

Top-down 8-ball pool game with touch optimised and mouse controls, this is fast and fun and comes with various timed missions.

The Chess Lv.100

With 100 adjustable playing levels this chess game offers human vs computer and human vs human (shared) gameplay.

Angry Birds Space ($4.99)

A whole new spin on Angry Birds, as the winged avengers take on the pigs in space with a different physics!

Angry Birds Star Wars ($4.99)

Largely the same as Angry Birds Space, but with added Star Wars-style levels. One of the best Star Wars-themed games available.

Halo: Spartan Assault ($6.99)

Awesome top-down spin-off of the popular Xbox 360 game, this is an unusually strong title for touch devices and unmissable if you own a Windows 8 device.


A beautifully produced free game is a new variation on the classic Mahjong - this time with Xbox Live achievements!

Toy Story: Smash It!

An excellent physics puzzler featuring Buzz Lightyear attempting to defeat the aliens of Zorg in a throw-and-destroy, like a 3D Angry Birds.


Play against others and the clock as you attempt to find all of the words hidden in a grid of letters. Great fun!

Jetpack Joyride

You'll have difficulty doing anything else once this addictive runner is installed on your computer. Collect coins, bonuses and even escape from the labs with a top-secret jetpack!

The Harvest ($6.99)

Control mechanized infantry units and fight horrific human-killing cybords in this futuristic sci-fi RPG.

Asphalt 7: Heat ($1.99)

Multiplayer car action with a choice of 60 vehicles that can be raced on 15 tracks around the world. Top quality fun for digital speed freaks.


An amazing-looking free to play RPG for Windows 8, this hack and slash game is an instant classic. And it's free. So you should have installed it already.


An amazing-looking free to play RPG for Windows 8, this hack and slash game is an instant classic. And it's free. So you should have installed it already.

Where's My Perry? ($4.99)

Fun water-based puzzle action from Disney, this is another physics-based puzzler featuring over 80 puzzles to complete!

Royal Revolt

Tower defense games are popular - but this is a new take, reversing the idea and throwing in sumptuous 3D graphics and the challenge of conquering 58 castles to become king.

Xbox SmartGlass

If you own an Xbox 360 and a Windows 8 device, this is the ultimate companion app, a second screen to interact with your console and TV.

Tiny Death Star

With over 80 Star Wars themed residential and commercials floors, this is a superb Star Wars version of Tiny Tower, itself a modern version of Sim Tower.

Flappy Birds HD

The Windows 8 clone of the insanely popular flapping game, which comes complete with pointlessly high difficulty level and retro-style graphics. Flappy Birds HD also features a multiplayer mode.

F18 Carrier Landing ($3.49)

something else

Medieval Apocalypse

This hack'n'slash RPG takes you into an apocalyptic medieval world where you play a knight completing quests to defeat zomies and collect gold.

World at Arms

Mixing strategy with social features, this game challenges you to destroy the evil KRA forces, collecting resources and amanaging facilities and military units to do so. A solo mode is also available.

GTA San Andreas ($6.99)

Redesigned for touch devices, the superb GTA: San Andreas puts you in the role of Carl Johnson, framed for murder by corrupt cops and hellbent on saving his family and becoming top dog in the city.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

A superb movie-themed game, complete challenges to help your Minion impress Gru. With 3D graphics and locations from the film, this is the official game and cleverly recreates Despicable Me's atmosphere on your computer.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

One of the most popular Windows 8 app downloads, this version of Microsoft's classic game features two new game modes and a daily challenge. It also has Xbox Live integration for achievement unlocking.

Microsoft Mahjong

Another hugely popular Windows 8 app, this version of the tile-tapping puzzle features Xbox Live integration and daily challenges. Great for casual or hardcore gaming fun.

Disney Infinity Toy Box

Want to create your own Disney-style world? Well now you can! With over 80 free objects and the ability to import Disney characters purchased in stores, this amazing app also lets you switch control of your world between devices, from tablet to console.

Image and Photo Editors


Excellent photo app migrated from Windows Phone, with a collection of basic editing tools and over 70 styles, frames, filters and light leaks.

Fresh Paint

Easy to use painting/art Windows 8 app with very low learning curve, this is ideal for kids and adults, - all you need is a desire to paint!


Unhappy with the way you look? Add a touch-up or have a makeover - digitally, of course, with this unusual but effective portrait app.

Gallery HD

Find photos and videos on your computer, network or external storage and enjoy them in stunning slideshows with fade and zoom effects.


Easy to use photo editing app, offers standard editing, visual effects, frames, tilt shift, collage option and more.

Picasa Albums ($1.99)

The best solution to view your Picasa gallery on Windows 8, optimized for touch. You can pin albums and photos to the Start screen.

Skitch Touch

Communicate visually with your friends and colleagues, using your finger to annotate images, perhaps mark maps or photos with relevant details.

PhotoDirector Mobile ($9.99)

Enhancements, filters, object removal, frames, collages and much more are available to edit and improve your photos with this superb app.


Another tool offering photo filters, effects and basic editing tools, you can share your finished images to Facebook and elsewhere.

Movie Moments

Want to share some video footage online, but don't want to upload the full clip? Use Movie Moments to crop the clip to the perfect 60 second segment.

Music Players

8tracks radio

Curated Internet radio, with over 700,000 playlists chosen by music lovers and categorised by mood.

Nokia Music

Mixes of music collected by genre are available in Nokia Music, based on favourite tracks that you specify.

TuneIn Radio

Does it get better than free Internet radio? The popular mobile radio streaming app, now on Windows 8.

7Digital Music Store

This is where you buy new music on Windows 8. With access to a library of 22 million tracks, you can buy and download music anywhere.


The popular music discovery service on Windows 8. Use your computer microphone to identify music, then buy, share, watch the video or get the lyrics!


Enjoy the best music with this and YouTube mashup that plays great music videos.

Audible - Audiobooks and more

The popular audiobook streaming service is now available for Windows 8 users, with a library of 100,000+ books ready to be read to you.

Music Maker Jam

Jam on your PC with this touchscreen sound studio app. Pre-loaded with a selection of great professionally produced loops and styles.


Provides access to the amazing free VEVO service, where videos, live concerts and new artists await!


Browse and listen to thousands of SoundCloud tracks, share with friends and explkore playlists uploaded by other users. You can also mark tracks as favourites and play them from your personal dashboard.


Easily listen to radio stations from around the world. Works well in the backgrounds and can also be snapped to your favoured position. Possibly the best radio streaming app on WIndows 8.



Make notes, plan outlines, clip resources and sync your digital scrapbook to the cloud with this fast, impressive app with its unique finger-friendly dial menu. Features SkyDrive syncing to other devices.

Evernote Touch

The biggest name in digital note-taking, Evernote is free and syncs notes created on one device to all others with an Evernote Windows 8 app installed.

Remote Desktop

Connect to multiple remote desktops all in one go with an interface not dissimilar to Internet Explorer with this excellent free app using RemoteFX from Microsoft.

Teamviewer Touch

Setup a connection to another computer in seconds, whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux device. Connections are secure and no configuration is required for firewalls and proxis.

PDF Touch

More than a PDF reader, this Windows 8 app also enables you to annotate documents and articles using your finger or a stylus. Fast, efficient and stable, also allows you to save changes.

Cloud Notes+

Like OneNote MX, Cloud Notes+ offers note syncing and storage across Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Metro Commander

Useful file explorer tool optimised for touch intefaces, this app enables you to create, open, preview, rename, copy, move, delete and search files and folders on your Windows 8 device.

Word Viewer

Don't have Microoft Word installed? Don't worry - if someone emails you a .DOC or .DOCX file you can use this viewer app to open and read it.


If you have a Microsoft Lync account you can use this app to join a Lync Meeting and collaborate online. Meetings support IM, audio and video and the app enables you to take control of shared screens and apps.



Access to over 1 million books on the Kindle Store is granted to you with this app, which can sync across devices. Get reading!


This Kindle competitor offers over 3 million titles, 1 million of which are free, along with magazines, newspapers and comics. You can also use your Microsoft account to sign in.


In Windows 8, Wikipedia has become more like an old fashioned encyclopedia in book form, and it has never looked better.

Pulse News

Gathers news that you're interested in and throws in some RSS feeds that you add to bring your favourites to you in one place.

Nextgen Reader ($2.99)

Designed as a Google Reader Windows 8 app, this tool offers support for many other RSS feed reading services as well.

for later

Popular tool for saving interesting online content to be read later, when you're less busy. Syncs links to other devices via your Windows 8 ID.


Delivers access to over 30,000 comics and graphic novels from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite and others. New releases and best sellers will be delivered for instant reading!

Book Bazaar Reader

Provides access to thousands of free books from typical open source libraries such as Guttenberg, Flibusta, FeedBooks, FreeBooks and more.

News Bento

Offering similar functionality to Pulse News, News Bento also offers a magazine view and the ability to add custom sources from RSS feeds.

Adobe Reader Touch

Read and search PDF documents, view in single page or scroll mode, and basically do whatever you do with Adobe Reader on the desktop.

Manga Flow ($2.99)

Provides access to a selection of 50,000 manga tales, includes offline reading and a download feature, choice of views and reading direction.

Drudge Reader

The Drudge Report is one of the most popular alternative news sites out there, and this app will enable you to easily access the latest headlines in Windows 8.


One of the most interesting feed readers available, using this app is nothing short of a pleasure, giving your news feeds an unforced magazine-like feel.

Archie Comics

Requiring a $9.99 subscription you can get access to all of your Archie favourites (such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and read them on your Windows 8 device.

Manga Z

Like Manga? This app enables you to find and download your favourite manga books, with a background downloading system that lets you start reading almost straight away. Also offers notifications when new books are available.

Audible - Audiobooks

Enjoy access to a huge library of audiobooks, many of which are read by esteemed actors and voice artists.


Comics fan? Use this free app to read comic stored in CBR and CBZ format files. Built-in directory management lets you organize your comics by series or publisher. In app-purchase will remove ads.



Easily search, bid, buy and list your own items for sale or auction with the official eBay app for Windows 8.


Using this Amazon Windows 8 app is faster than using the website. Search is fast, processing purchases efficient - try it!


Whether you're looking for something for sale, somewhere to live or even somewhere to work, this remarkable Windows 8 app lets you win at using the Craigslist.

Turn your Windows 8 device into a digital catalogue and order clothes, household gear and more from Zappos.


Shopping for a new computer? Looking for support for your Dell device? This app has everything you need to buy and repair your Dell computer.

Social Networking and Communication


Metro-style Reddit experience, this app shows the front page and all subreddits, either of which can be pinned to the Start screen.

Reddit on ReddHub

An alternative Reddit reader, this is highly regarded and also features full integration with your Reddit account.


Limited compared to some of the alternatives, Twitter nevertheless offers everything you would expect as well as the Discover tool to find trends and follow suggestions.


Heavily influenced by the Metro UI, MetroTwit is simple to use and displays everything you need to use Twitter effectively.


Always on, Skype helps you stay in touch with your contacts either via text, voice or webcam. This is the full-screen Metro version of the popular app.


Official app for the popular website that finds content tailored to your interests, such as photos, videos and web pages that you can share with friends.


Offers access to major instant messengers such as Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype chat, Google Talk and many mroe.

Tweetro+ ($9.99)

A hugely popular Twitter client, Tweetro+ offers space for two accounts (more slots can be purchased in-app), custom views, notifications and multiple columns.

Facebook+ Lite

Offering a superior Facebook experience that matches the popular social networking site, the only thing you can't do with this app is play games!


Get access to the V Kontakte social network, which is currently very big in Russia and Eastern Europe. Offers everything you would expect from a social network.


Toolbox for Windows 8

This Windows 8 app displays up to six from a choice of 12 different tools (including clock, calculator, weather, timer, web search and social Facebook) in a single full-screen app. Useful!

File Brick

Access all of your ocal and cloud storage from one simple app. File Brick also acts as a DLNA server and facilitates sharing from YouTube, Picasa and Flickr.


Should you need to convert units of measurement length, time, temperature, weight etc., this Windows 8 app has over 140 conversios for you to use.

Calculator - Calc Pro HD ($7.99)

Replace your pocket calculator with Calc Pro HD, with 10 powerful built-in calculators, five modes and five display options for you to use.

Code Writer

Free text and code editor app that can handle HTM, CSS, JavaScript, XML and many other common languages, with active syntax highlighting.

Google Search

Windows 8 comes with Bing search but if you need Google, this app will bring the search box to your desktop or tablet, with Voice Search available!


Securely store all of your logins with LastPass, and never be caught without a website password again!

WinZip ($7.99)

ZIP files can now be created and opened in Windows 8 Modern view thanks to the new WinZip app.

Digital Nightstand

Missing a multifunction digital clock by your bed? This free app not only converts your tablet into a digital clock, it also displays news and Facebook messages as well as weather information.

Network Speed Test

Giving you everything you need to check the speed of your Internet connection, this app is provided by Microsoft and helps you to determine what online activities you can expect to perform.

Video Players


Enjoy TV episodes, movies and original content from the world's leading streamed subscription service.

Hulu/Hulu Plus

What could be better than unlimited streaming of top TV shows and fantastic movies?


You can record videos on your computer and upload them with this app, a great tool for running your own online TV show.


50 live TV channels streamed to your computer. There's no actual catching up involved, however, just great choice (UK only).

Xbox Smartglass

A control interface for the Xbox 360, Smartglass is essentially a remote control for the console, utilising your Windows 8 tablet's touch features.


Accessing YouTube is a little clunky through the browser, but with PrimeTube you can watch subscribed channels, manage favourites and even download videos.

Plex ($2.99)

If you use a Plex Media Server, this app will stream music, videos and photos from your central computer to your Windows 8 device.


Tile-based media player facilitating the management of media collections on Windows 8 devices and across a Windows network.

Xbox Video

Windows 8's native video Windows 8 app allows you to purchase subscriptions to top TV shows and movies and stream them to your computer.


There are many YouTube apps for Windows 8. This is perhaps the best, offering full account access and a beautiful new way of viewing the famous videosharing website.

Movies Full HD

The idea of this app is simple: it streams free movies to your computer, with classics from around the world available in the library.


The popular online collaborative video app seen on Android and iPhone is now on Windows 8, enabling you to upload clips and mix it with that of other people at the same event.


Does everything you would expect from Flixster, serving movie trailers, showtimes and even streaming from your UltraViolet collection. Unmissable.

YouCam Mobile ($9.99)

A touch-optimised video and photo editing tool, effects can be added in real-time. Features lots of fun overlays and image balancing.

Hyper for YouTube

One of the most popular YouTube apps for Windows 8, Hyper enables you to view in SD, 720p and Full HD as well as download videos and MP3s to your tablet or computer.