The iTunes Guide [Unofficial]

By Jackson Chung,
cover The iTunes Guide [Unofficial]
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This iTunes guide holds 50+ pages of great iTunes tips and tricks along with illustrative screenshots, written by our very own Mac writer Jackson Chung.

iTunes is a great way to organize and manage your music and video library. It is also the most popular music player/manager around, very visually aesthetic and at the same time, simple to use. It’s perfect for handling large libraries containing thousands of songs.

If you are an owner of an iPhone or iPod Touch, that’s even more reason to use iTunes. With iTunes, you can easily sync and transfer songs, audiobooks, movies, TV series and mobile applications to your Apple device.

The iTunes book has got plenty of cool iTunes tips and tricks for you, some were published on MakeUseOf before and others were collected from different parts of web. Among other things it illustrates easy ways to

  • automatically organize and tag your music
  • add lyrics & cover art to your songs
  • share your iTunes library with others
  • create ring tones from your songs
  • access your iTunes library from other PCs and mobile devices
  • control iTunes via the iPhone or even using your hands and feet
  • use AppleScripts
  • use iTunes shortcuts

Guide Published: May 2010

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