The Best Windows Phone Apps

On this page, you will find over a hundred of the best Windows Phone apps for all of your mobile needs. We’ve taken the effort to categorize the extensions and picked only the apps for Windows Phone that we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.


TuneIn Radio

50,000 stations, 1.2 million feeds from around the world on your phone.


Bypass Zune by managing and downloading podcasts direct to your handset.


Identify songs, lyrics and bios then buy tracks through Zune.


An alternative to Shazam, Soundhound also features social sharing.


A SoundCloud client for Windows Phone. Sounds can be pinned, saved and shared - the app offers all the features you would expect from an official client.


Listen to any music with synced lyrics. Get lyrics instantly translated into 40+ languages.

Amazing Music

This excellent Windows Phone app lets you find and stream all the best music direct to your phone.


Access a huge library of audiobooks from the web's premium provider of spoken word stories.


Stream Pandora radio to your Windows Phone. Limited to North America, supports album art and background playback.


Enjoy music from YouTube on your phone with this app which downloads videos and rips the soundtrack as MP3


Trouble sleeping? This tool combines 10 basic sounds to help you to drift away on a night.


Browse and play the millions of tracks over WiFi or 3G, supports offline playlists and syncs with your PC.


An alternative to TuneIn Radio, FM Radio offers all local/national radio stations and streams 50+ free stations. Also features a searchable program guide.


Mix tape fan? If you're looking for some excellent music mixes produced by others online, this app lets you download and stream unlimited mixtapes for free!

DubStep Pad

This is a great way to create your own beats on a Windows Phone. Includes pre-loaded sample packs and editing tools.

Tube MP3 Downloader ($1.99)

If you're looking for a way to get music on your phone, this is a particularly good one. The app strips the audio from YouTube videos, and saves them to your phone!


Fastball 2

Guide a perpetually rolling ball across 105 action packed levels.

Angry Birds ($0.99)

Kill green pigs with catapults, birds and realistic physics.


Find words in random selections of letters, beat online opponents.

Civilization Revolution ($2.99)

Mobile version of Sid Meier's legendary world conquest game.

Max and the Magic Marker ($0.99)

Cute platform puzzler, draw solutions for Max to escape.

Rocket Riot ($4.99)

Frantic retro-themed shooter, great graphics and soundtrack.


60 games, all free, with online leaderboards for competitive play.

International Snooker ($2.99)

Hugely playable snooker game with rich 3D graphics and tournament mode.

Armed! ($2.99)

Excellent futuristic RTS with solo and online multiplayer options.

Doodle God ($0.99)

Use fire, water, earth and air to build a civilization from scratch.

SurvivalCraft ($3.99)

Minecraft-esque sandpit with map editor and sharing tools.

Ilomilo ($4.99)

Quirky platform/puzzler, striking game design and very playable.

Air Soccer Fever

Air hockey game with multiplayer over wifi and 3G


Command an awesome upgradeable giant robot investigating a lost space base, taking on a range of enemies.

Cracking Sands ($2.99)

Off road racing, done brutal. Weapon-equipped vehicles fight to reach the finish line in first place - awesome!

Extraction ($0.99)

A top down 3D shooter featuring biologically infected soldiers that you must kill as a Private Military Contractor.

Infinite Flight ($4.99)

Arguably as good as Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Infinite Flight puts you in the cockpit of 13 planes over 2 regions and includes flight lessons.

Final Fantasy ($6.99)

The game that started it all, this is a port of the retro RPG classic.

Radiant ($1.99)

Retro-style space shooter featuring over 100 levels, 6 upgradeable weapons, over 10 bosses and a bucket full of 8-bit affection.

Texas Holdem Poker

Play cards on your Windows Phone against real players with this free, online club game featuring live chat and fast registration.

Xbox SmartGlass

A remote device for Xbox 360, enabling you to swipe and tap to navigate the console, use your phone keypad to enter text and enjoy additional content.

Angry Birds Star Wars ($0.99)

Defeat the Empire of Pigstroopers with lightsabers, blasters, the Force and the usual physics. Also includes R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels

Word Arena

Players around the world compete on 4x4 grids of letters to find the most words. The fun lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Doodle Devil ($2.99)

The antithesis to Doodle God, the aim is to work with the Doodle Devil to destroy everything that has been created!

Radiant Defense

A tower defense take on the popular Radiant shooter, with 9 upgradable weapons and 300 waves of alien attacks over 12 missions.

Dredd vs Zombies

Pretty much what you would expect - Judge Dredd takes on zombies, with a choice of weapons and various equipment upgrades. Great fun!

Contre Jour ($2.99)

A fascinating and unusual game, the aim is to guide Petit to safety, using visually stunning landscape features as portals, slingshots and more.

Rise of Glory ($2.99)

First World War flight simulator pitching you into aerial combat against enemy forces in wooden propeller-driven biplanes. Features a multiplayer mode and storyline.

Little Acorns ($0.99)

Amusing and charming Xbox Live platformer, the aim being to guide Mr Nibbles as he collects acorns across 80 massive levels.

Real Football 2013 ($2.99)

Excellent arcade soccer game with some managerial aspects, allows you to develop quality of team from minnows to champions.


A sort of Red Dead Redemption for mobile, complete with Xbox Live integration to up your Gamerscore.

Modern Combat 4 ($6.99)

Serious FPS for Windows Phone, throws you into the action and challenges you not to get killed.

Mirror's Edge ($2.99)

Free running arcade game, avoid enemies to reach checkpoints by jumping, sliding, running on walls and being acrobatic.

Wizard's Choice

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Wizard's Choice is the highest rated game for Windows Phone and is based on the same principle.

Into the Dead ($0.99)

This game pitches you headlong into a zombie apocalypse, with intense gameplay and atmospheric graphics.

Asphalt 7 Heat ($4.99)

With a choice of 60 cars and 15 tracks, this game features solo and multiplayer (local or online) and cutting edge graphics help create a truly immersive driving game.

Sims FreePlay

Create a town full of sims, and create dream homes with this mobile version of the popular life simulation game.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

The Emperor called. He wants you to make his new Death Star profitable. A Star Wars flavoured version of Tiny Tower.

NBA Jam ($0.99)

Arcade basketball from the old days brought to Windows Phone. Big stars from the 30 NBA teams are ready for solo and multiplayer action.

Chaos Rings ($9.99)

Classic RPG action, with high quality voice acting. Chaos Rings features plenty of combat and a strong storyline for you to enjoy.

Final Fantasy III ($15.99)

3D remake of the 1990 classic RPG, if you played the original and enjoy the Final Fantasy series, you'll love this!

The Sims Medieval ($4.99)

If you never felt The Sims was deep enough, or if you just want a change, this is the game for you. Play as knights, serfs and even vampires...

Kingdoms and Lords

Part strategy and part medieval simulation, you must strengthen your kingdom to defend against and defeat the barbarian hordes of the Dark King.

N.O.V.A.3 ($6.99)

Featuring 10 immersive levels, with a solo and 7 multiplayer modes, N.O.V.A.3 features 20 Xbox Live achievements to unlock in both game modes.

Mass Effect:Infiltrator ($6.99)

Designed for Windows Phone this is a console-quality game with excellent graphics, story and controls.

Farm Frenzy 2 ($2.99)

Grow grass, feed chickens, collect eggs to sell at market and use the profits to expand with new buildings and produce.

Outdoors and Travel

Run the Map

Record and analyze outdoor activities such as walking, running and cycling.

Weather View

Check weather across a 10 day period in many cities around the world with this Windows Phone app.

Microsoft Weather

Default choice for Windows Phone will city-centric Live tile updates.

Where Is My Car

Mark your parking location with GPS to find your way back.


Uses gyroscope for motion detection, displays direction and degrees.

Weather Stats

Provides monthly weather stats 26,820 cities in 250 countries worldwide.


Augmented reality planetarium Windows Phone app, displays planet and constellation names.

Weather Flow ($1.99)

Combines typical weather options with predictive feature based on previous day.

WeatherLive ($0.99)

Useful Bing-integrated weather app with comprehensive data and radar.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Measure duration, distance, speed and calories for any outdoor activity.

Amazing Weather HD ($1.99)

Up-to-date weather produced with style, includes live HD animations, a 7 day overview and location options. Also includes 5 live tile options.


Excellent personal fitness Windows Phone app for outdoor and indoor activities. Enables you to track activities, uses GPS to record time, distance, burned calories, speed and more.

Total C25K

Aims to get you off the couch and running 5 kilometres in just 30 minutes with a 9 week program of training.

Google Maps

Everything you would expect from a Google Maps app, from GPS and voice guided turn by turn to Google Street View on your Windows Phone.

HERE Drive+

Voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation from Nokia for all Windows Phone 8 handsets. An excellent app with great data backing it up.


Nokia's excellent maps service is now available for all Windows Phone 8 devices. Works in 95 countries and is a superb navigation app for on foot.


Stuck in London? This app will help you to identify which line to take to get to where you want to be. It isn't just for tourists!

GPS Voice Navigation ($6.99)

Get turn-by-turn voice navigation based on the maps of three providers, Bing, Google and MapQuest. A free version is also available.

Speed Cameras

This clever app uses a worldwide database of speed cameras to alert you as you drive.

Bing Health & Fitness

A great way to manage your health, offering calorie recoring and nutritional information, hundreds of workouts and a GPS tracker for recording outdoors exercise.

Fertility Diary ($1.99)

Trying for a baby?. This excellent app helps you increase your chance of successful conception. A free version is also available.

Photos and Images

Image Map Plus ($1.99)

Recall where you snapped your photos using GPS and localization options.


130 HQ filters on this camera Windows Phone app with editing and social sharing.

Pictures Lab ($2.99)

Add filters, effects crop and rotate photos for the best results.

Draw Free!

Finger drawing app, can also edit/manipulate existing images.


Snap and share images with your Flickr account, browse feeds.

Fantasia Painter ($1.99)

Enables subtle image editing, touchups and merges. Powerful.

Morfo ($1.99)

Morph photos into objects, animate and add amusing voices.


Adds timed delay to camera so you can appear in your own photos!


Snap, upload and browse and download images from Photobucket with your WP.

Turbo Camera ($0.99)

Burst camera Windows Phone app, take as many as 30 fps with each single shot.

Phototastic Free

Collect your favourite images in stylish collages, with a selection of templates and effects to choose from!


If snapping photos is a problem for you, this app records what happens before you press the camera button and removes camera shake!


With 42 filters, 72 lighting effects and 49 borders, crop, rotate and flip tools and social sharing, this is the closest you'll get to Instagram on Windows Phone.

Super Camera

Create GIFs, add filters and share the results with this versatile app. Includes a range of editing and social sharing options.

TurnMe Panorama

If you have any panorama images saved to your phone, TurnMe Panorama uses motion detection allowing you to view the photo as your move around.

Camera Roll Sync

Overcome the shortcomings of Windows Phone photo uploads to SkyDrive and make sure your snaps are permanently uploaded as and when they're taken.


Providing the ability to create 360 degree panoramas from a series of photos, results can be shared and uploaded to Bing Maps.

OneShot ($1.99)

Some of the best filters you'll find on any smartphone camera app, allows you to preview the filter before you take a photo using it.


The Windows Phone unofficial Instagram client, offering full functionality. This free version is ad-supported, but a paid version is also available.



Easily scan documents and save them as PDFs. You can then sync to the cloud or share with colleagues.

ToDo Free

Task list management with Windows Phone Live Tile support


Adds super-fast memo live tiles to your Start screen.

My Expenses

Expenses and account management Windows Phone app, Dropbox and XLS files support.


Movie and cinema listings can be checked and booked with this app.

1App Budget

Free budget management software, supports import/export to Google Docs.


Task management with Outlook/MS Exchange support. Unmissable.


Ultimate note-taking app, voice, text and photo support.

Stock Analysis

Real-time updates on stocks and quotes with this mashup app.

Prime TV ($0.99)

Never miss a broadcast of your favourite TV show with this tracker.


Designed to handle the most simple or the most complex finances, MoBudget is scalable but also provides hints as to where you might make savings.

Top Task List

Attach your tasks to the Start screen and assign colours and priorities with this elegant task organizer.

Note Plus Free

Easy to use memo Windows Phone app, notes can be locked with a password to deter prying eyes. Note Plus Free also has SkyDrive sync support.


Provides real-time stock quotes, this Windows Phone app is India-centric but provides international markets and live financial TV news.

Can I Stream It?

Been wondering if you can watch a particular TV show or movie on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc? Can I Stream It? searches and tells you when it is available.

Tile CheckList

Rather than using a notes app, why not just save your notes as tiles to your Windows Phone Start screen?


Keep an eye on your PayPal balance, send and request money and check recent transactions. Sadly no option to move money to your bank account.

UC Browser

One of the most popular apps on Windows Phone, this is the best alternative to Internet Explorer Mobile.

ArchiTech Sketchpad ($1.99)

This digital sketchpad is a professional CAD & graphic application suitable for a number of project types including architecture, illustration and civil engineering.


Ultimate lexicon reference, includes content from

Fox News

Read news, view video clips and get breaking news on your phone.

Economic Times

Mobile business news latest with stock market recommendations and social sharing.

Amazon Kindle

Access Kindle account, sync books and read on your Windows Phone


Slick newsreader with 180 pre-loaded sources and social sharing options.

Nextgen Reader ($1.99)

Google Reader client with social sharing and pin feeds to Start screen.

Periodic Table Pro

Images and details of all elements, plus a training game.

WPCentral ($0.99)

Official app of go-to Windows Phone website with news, tips, reviews.


Official Windows Phone app of popular food site with thousands of recipes to use.

Geek Library ($3.99)

Manages cloud syncronization of eBooks, movies, music and games on your WP.


Probably the best mobile app for IMDb, slick presentation.

USA Today

Latest news, sport and weather from the popular network.


Browse and share Wikipedia articles in all popular languages.

Wonder Reader ($1.99)

Enables reading of Google Reader feeds from your Windows Phone.

Lindy Comics ($0.99)

Read comic files in CBR/CBZ format stored in your Dropbox account.

PDF Reader

Microsoft's replacement for Adobe Reader, this is the best of a bad bunch of PDF readers on Windows Phone.

BBC News Mobile

Provides fast, Metro-style access to BBC News, includes sharing options and voice for listening to the news as you travel.

Manga Reader

Pretty much what you would expect - an app for reading manga, complete with various online sources for downloading new comics.


Curated news app, with the contents stylishly presented with tiles and brief descriptions so you know what's happening even if you don't read.


Easily the best reader/client for Windows Phone. Available free, a donation version is also available for $1.99.

Manga Blaze

Browse, search, download and enjoy some of the greatest manga comics from a variety of sources, and backup to OneDrive.


Designed for reading web comics in CBR, CBZ, CB7 and ePub formats, comics can be opened locally, from SD card or from Dropbox or OneDrive.


SBSH SafeWallet

Manages passwords and account data, with Dropbox sync and 256 bit encryption.

IP Camera Viewer

Access any IP camera in the world, great for home security.

Burglar Alarm Sentry Bot

Detects motion or sound, alarm activated by proximity when armed.

Baby Monitor

Use Windows Phone to monitor baby with your PC mic and webcam.


Two factor authentication app for Microsoft accounts and Windows Phones.

AVG Family Safety 8

Secure, family-friendly web browser to protect your family and younger users from inappropriate websites, malicious content, online scams, fraud and phishing sites.

Windows Phone Apps for Shopping


Search, bid, and win auctions or check progress of items you're selling.

Amazon Mobile

Search Amazon and shop with your phone. Includes barcode price comparison.

Shopping List

Create checklists for shopping, marking off items as you pick them up.


Scan barcodes and find the best deals on Google, eBay and beyond.


Search the Newegg service, read reviews and shop with confidence with this Windows Phone app.


Find great deals in your local area with phone-based discount coupons.

Liquor Run

Thirsty? You needn't be with this app, designed to help you find the nearest liquor stores and off licences to get that party started.

Shared Shopping List

Intelligent shopping list app that can be shared between Windows Phone devices, with support for Live Tiles.

Gadget Junkie

Find and purchase tech, electronics and the coolest gadgets from this curated collection from sources such as ThinkGeek.

The Home Depot

Browse and shop online at The Home Depot without risking that Sunday morning car parking nightmare.

Looking for a new car? Find nearby listings, reviews, and specs and calculate how much you can afford with this app.

Social and Communication


Official Instagram client, currently in beta but featuring everything except video.


Cross platform messenger similar to BBM, send text, images, audio and video.


Text message fun, incorporates and ASCII art generator.


Cross-network IM with Skype chat, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo! and more.


Local search app ideal for finding restaurants, events, people and gas prices


Official app is the most reliable despite strong competition.

Link2in ($0.99)

Comprehensive LinkedIn options available, status updates, profiles and messaging.


Text, voice and video calling over 3G or Wi-Fi.Rear-facing camera ideal.

4th & Mayor

Foursquare client to aid in discovering highlights in a new city.


Google Voice Windows Phone app with text and voicemail options for long distance communication.


TalkBox sends messages with your voice or with text input. Features PTT, photo and location sharing, group chats.


Official app for the popular professional social networking service, offering extended features beyond the native integration.

MeTweets ($1.49)

An extremely easy to use Twitter app, with all of the features you would expect.

Kik Messenger

Easy to use, fast and simple, this smartphone messenger is used by 14 million people worldwide!


A fully-featured SnapChat client with exclusive features to integrate with Windows Phone, such as Lense and Live Tile support.


WeChat offers free texting, voice messages, and video calls. Private groups can be created, photo and video sending is simple and the quality is excellent - and it's free!

Start Screen

Connection Tiles

Create Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity shortcuts on the Start screen.

WP Shortcut Tiles

Range of preset shortcut Start screen tiles for connectivity, messaging and more.

Connectivity shortcuts

More Start screen connectivity toggle tiles.


Rapid dialling for Windows Phone, avoid using People Hub to call contacts.


Predictive search tool to quickly find contacts and call them.

Easy Connect

Enables the addition of connectivity shortcuts to your Start screen as tiles.

Skinery Themes ($1.49)

Customize your Start screen with colourful and themed tiles. Includes support for shortcuts to over 100 apps.



Enhances native functionality, adds browsable interface to default cloud storage service.

BoxFiles for Dropbox

Access Dropbox data, share with SkyDrive, share snaps from Pictures Hub.

Lindybox ($0.99)

Displays Dropbox folders, enables reading of PDFs and Office docs.


The most complete access you will get to Dropbox on a Windows Phone, offering view, move, copy and edit, uploading and downloading from and to your handset.


For many, Box is the ultimate cloud storage solution and this official Windows Phone app offers comprehensive access to your data.

CameraSync DropBox

Want to sync your Windows Phone photos to Dropbox rather than OneDrive or Facebook? Now you can!



Save money on apps with notifications of developer discounts and free promotions.


Get a new Windows Phone app free everyday with this great app discovery service.

Store Deals

Find free and discount apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace


Uses the cloud to translate spoken phrases. Several languages supported.


Translates speech, input text and any text captured from photographing documents.


Uses camera LED flash to provide instant-on lamp with SOS mode.

Calculator Toolbox

Useful collection of calculators, tips, mortgage, loan, calendar - 32 in total.

Measure Note ($2.49)

Use your camera to measure length and distance, integrates with Bing Maps.

PC Remote

Control mouse and keyboard, media services and PowerPoint from your phone.

OverDrive Media Console

Download EPUB-format ebooks and audiobooks from local libraries.


The smart calculator for Windows Phone. Includes 5 unique calculators: Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter, and Unit Converter.

Carpenter's Friend

Unit converter, protractor, spirit level, even a plumb bob are included in this amazing free Windows Phone app.


Do you want to make your own Windows Phone apps but can't afford a developer's licence? Install this and start for free!


Displays time remaining before your battery runs out. Also enables you to disable services that are draining your battery.



Use your subscription to access TV shows and movies on your phone.

easyTube ($0.99)

All-round YouTube app, remote control, account access, viewing and download.


Upload videos, browse your account and view clips from other users.

FlashVideo+TubeMusic ($3.99)

Downloads videos in Flash format from many popular websites.


The most elegant way to access YouTube from your Windows Phone device.

Flash Videos ($0.99)

Brings Adobe Flash support to Windows Phone, enabling the viewing of streamed video media at last!

myVideos 3D+ Free

Think Instragram for videos - adds filters, allows viewing of your SkyDrive video content in 3D and much more.


Enjoy movies and TV shows on your Windows Phone for free with 20 new titles added each month.

Video Diary

Supporting Dropbox and SkyDrive, this Windows Phone app allows you to record, organise and set reminders for your personal video diary!

VLC Remote ($1.99)

Remote control your computer's VLC media player, enabling you to skip tracks, launch videos and compatible with VLC on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Action Cam ($0.79)

Dashcam application for Windows Phone. Misses export options, but otherwise reliable and well-designed.

Plex ($4.99)

Remote streaming app for the popular Plex media centre software. Stream your music, videos and photos from PC to phone.


One of the most popular mobile apps on any platform, this allows you to upload videos at group events that are then mixed with those of others at the same place.


This YouTube downloader supports HD Video, WebM, FLV, MP4 and enables you to upload videos to OneDrive or your PC.