The Best Websites

If you're looking for the best websites on the web, you've come to the right place. MakeUseOf has been reviewing the best websites and the coolest websites for years now, so we've decided to offer a comprehensive list of which websites we consider to be the best of the best. All of the websites on this page are organized into categories, and we've selected only those we believe to be the best ones - those which will most likely be useful to you. We update this page frequently, so check back often and spread the word!



Most popular online source for everything related to movies. Movie ratings & reviews, various top rated lists, HD movie trailers, news and lots more.


Leading online subscription service for movies & TV shows. For only $7.99 a month, members can instantly watch unlimited movies & TV episodes.

Hulu (USA only)

On demand streaming of TV shows and movies. Lots of free stuff. But for an unlimited access you will have to pay. 100% Legit.


Download free Spotify player to your computer and get access to over 13 million tracks. Any track you like, at any time. Create as many playlists as you like.

iTunes Store

Massive online store for music, movies, TV shows, apps, games and audiobooks. Buy stuff to play on your Mac or Windows computer, iPhone or iPad.

Pandora (USA only)

New age online radio. Enter a song or an artist you like and Pandora will play similar songs in a playlist. Vote on individual songs to further train Pandora about your tastes. keeps a record of what you listen to on your computer or iPod. Then, based on your tastes, it recommends you more music and concerts as well as connects you with like-minded listeners. Extremely popular.


Everyone knows about Youtube.


Video-streaming site of choice for creative types. Basically it is the place for shorter and artsier clips.



Cool news source for interesting and offbeat stuff. Users submit and vote on the links to interesting stories and decide, through voting, what's good. Highest rated links appear on the homepage.

Google News

Automatically collects breaking news articles from popular news sources and sorts them by topic and popularity.


Watch over 20 top international news channels online. There is also a desktop player that lets you watch those channels right on your desktop.


Watch breaking news from around the world. Latest video news from US, UK, Middle East, Asia, Africa etc.


Check out what's currently popular on the web on a single page. See latest buzz in News, Tech, Pictures, Videos, etc.

Hacker News

Social news website site for technology stuff or anything that gratifies one's intellectual curiosity. Users submit links. Submissions can be voted up. Highest voted stuff appears on top.

Daily Rotation

Pick the sites you want, and Daily Rotation provides you with headlines from those sites.



Buy everything from electronics to clothing at affordable prices. Amazon gives you cheap offers for each product as well as used ones sold by previous owners.


Founded in 1999, Zappos has grown to be the largest online shoe store. Next time you need to buy shoes try Zappos. Lots and lots of great feedback from users.


This fancy shopping site collects shoes and clothing products from major online stores and provides you with a number of really handy tools and filters to find exactly what you're after.


Popular online marketplace for everything computers. Best prices for hardware and software. Its slogan is: Once you know, you Newegg.


Primary online marketplace for handmade or vintage items. These items cover a wide range including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, bath & beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks and toys.


One of the most popular shopping destinations online. Ideal marketplace for used as well as new products in every category. Available in several countries.


The most popular payment system online. Paypal makes it safe and easy to send and receive payments online. Counts nearly 250 million users.


Popular deals and coupons site. Browse deals by category, store, or today's best.


Shop in the USA and have packages forwarded to you anywhere in the world. Lots of features and competitive shipping prices.


That terribly-designed and mind-blowingly useful classifieds site. Whether you are looking for friends, a job, an apartment, a hair stylist, or a ride, you will find it on the site.



The best online email service. Lots of useful fetaures not found elsewhere. Extremely fast. Plus, we have a cheat sheet for it.


The only app you will ever need when it comes to taking notes. A note can be a piece of text, a webpage, a photo, a voice memo, or a handwritten ink note. Organize, annotate, edit, and search notes. Check it out


IFTTT (IF This Then That) allows you to construct recipes with detects registered events, and triggers appropriate responses.


Your must-have email companion. Forward any email to NudgeMail and it will send it back when you want it. It can remind you about that email in an hour, day, month, or even a year.

Wakerupper (USA, Canada)

Wakerupper is the web's easiest telephone reminder tool. Schedule reminder calls on the web. It couldn't be simpler.

Remember The Milk

One of the very first and leading online to-do list manager. Store and manage tasks. Get reminders via email or SMS. Share tasks. Works even offline.


E.ggTimer is simple way of counting down time by appending a metric in the URL (/5minutes or /1hour). Once the counter expires, you'll be alerted with a beeping signal.

The Swizzle

A simple email organiser that can scan, sort and reduce the amount of junk in your inbox on a daily basis is the simplest way to start a web conference and share screens online. Powered by LogMeIn.



Watch inspiring talks and presentations by remarkable and highly successful people on various topics. Includes some of the best presentations ever made.

Khan Academy

What once was only a handful of algebra lessons now turned into a library of over 2,100 quality educational videos on various subjects including math, physics, biology, test preparations and educational talks and interviews.


Take free online classes from 80+ top universities and organizations.


One of the first how-to sites on the web. Find easy instructions on how to make all kinds of cool stuff ranging from anonymous surveillance cameras to home-made potato bazookas.

MakeUseOf Answers

Whenever you have a computer problem or need an assistance on anything tech head on to MakeUseOf Answers. We have an active community that answers 95% of all posted questions.


Quora is a place to ask and discuss anything you have on your mind and get answers. You may follow certain questions and only get to see discussions on topics that interest you.


Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's 100% free, no registration required.


Your online reference to health and better living.


An interactive tool to help you learn a new language from scratch.



No need to explain this one. You might want to check out a MakeUseOf Guide on Facebook privacy though.


This one doesn't require a description either. If you're on Twitter or planning to start using it make sure to check out out Twitter guide.


Social network for professionals. Find past and present colleagues. Discover inside connections when looking for a job. Ask industry experts for advice. Over 100 million users.


An easy way to share photos with others from your phone.


Pinterest is an online pinboard where you organise and share your favourite images.

Google Plus

Google's very own social network, which integrates seamlessly with other Google services.


Google Search

It's Google! Enough said.

Wolfram Alpha

Cool answer search engine that answers factual questions directly rather than giving you a list of webpages that might contain the answer.


Free encyclopedia and your quick reference guide for everything built collaboratively by people like you.

Online Privacy


OpenDNS is the easiest to setup internet safety and parental control suite. Control which websites are being accessed in your home. Block unsafe and adult websites. Over 20 million users.


Free online proxy and Premium VPN service provider to surf anonymously and bypass blocked websites. Hide your IP, secure your connection, access Facebook where it's blocked and more.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that uses information from sources like Wikipedia, Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing and WolframAlpha to obtain its results. It protects privacy and does not record any information about the user.


MyPermissions collects links to the permissions settings pages at major online services, letting you quickly review which sites have access to your personal information


They read the terms of service for popular websites like Facebook, Gmail etc for you and present the usage terms in a concise bullet-point list.

A directory of direct links to delete your account from many popular websites and social networks



Symbaloo gives you a nicely designed and easy to use startpage for the web. It's like a favorites bar on your browser but nicer. It holds your favorite sites as well as a number of useful web tools.


Awesome tool that allows you to save interesting pages or articles you come across online for later reading. You may then read those articles at home, or during commute on your mobile.

Google Translate

By far the best online transaltion tool. Allows you to translate text or webpages while you browse them.


Create a tiny URL for long links that are too long to be included in the emails or elsewhere. TinyURL can create a short link for any page you are currently at.


Simple online clipboard. Copy and paste any piece of text and instantly get a private web link to share that text with friends. Supports text styling and images.


Stumbleupon shows you cool stuff discovered by people like you. You select topics that you find interesting and start stumbling: every click on the Stumble button takes you to some interesting site, photo or video. Pretty cool.


When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket from your browser, via email or from over 300+ apps. Then view it offline on your phone, tablet or computer.


Extremely easy way to start your own blog. Post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio. Users may set their blogs to public or private modes.


Excellent password manager that you should be using. Features include 1-click login, form filling, automatic sync between browsers and more.


WOT (Web of Trust) lets you check which websites you can trust by alerting users about potential spyware and viruses.


Next time you need to signup for something where you don't want to reveal your real email just use any Mailinator address. Then go to the site and retrieve the email.



Cool deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates and coupons usable at local shops, restaurnats, service providers and more.


LivingSocial sends you one fantastic deal every day with discounts of up to 90% at one of your local restaurants, bars, spas, theaters, and more.


Fun and easy way to find and talk about great (and not so great) local businesses near you. Check out local restaurants, bars, shops and see real reviews from users like you.


The ultimate destination for restaurant reviews. Check out best restaurants in your city for you favorite dishes. Read reviews from critics, food bloggers and friends.


Discover cool places in your city. Restaurants, shops, bars and pretty much anything that has something interesting to offer.


nearbythis is a simple service that lets you discover local deals, specials and events around you.

seamless (US only)

Order food to your doorstep from your favorite local restaurants


Get a comprehensive weather report with a-7 day forecast. Check weather using your zip code, city, state, airport code or country name.

Google Maps

Get directions from one place to another. Get custom routes based on how you plan to commute: by car, train, walking or bicycle.


Project Gutenberg

Over 36,000 free ebooks to download to your PC, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android or other portable device. Choose between ePub, Kindle, HTML and simple text formats.


Probably the largest social network for book enthusiasts. Keep track of what you've read and what you'd like to read. Highly recommended by book lovers.


This free website offers nearly 30.000 ebooks in many different formats. Whether you want to read the ebook on your iPad, iPhone, smartphone or ebook reader, you can get it here.

Pixel of Ink

Must-bookmark site for Kindle owners. Lots of free and well discounted books for Kindle. There is something called Bargain Bin where you will find Kindle Books that are highly rated yet a bargain at under $1.


Read books only short parts a time. Choose a book you want to read and you will receive short installments by email or RSS daily (or days your prefer). You may read books on any computer or mobile device.

What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next? is a useful recommendation engine that suggests new books based on what you're already reading.


whichbook recommends new books based on the type of book or story you're looking for.

Hundred Zeros

Hundred Zeros is a frequently updated catalog of free best-selling ebooks from Amazon.


This site searches for and hand-picks free Kindle ebooks daily.


Mint (USA, Canada)

Fully automatic spending tracker and budgeting tool. Mint tracks your budget, monitors your spendings, advices on how you can save, and lots more. Highly recommended.

Yahoo! Finance

Top financial news and research website in the US. Get stock quotes, stock exchange rates, corporate financial reports, and check out popular message boards for discussing a company's prospects and valuation. It also offers some hosted tools for personal finance management.


Wikinvest helps you make the most use of your online investment portfolios. The benefits include getting real-time market data, portfolio analytics, thorough research on companies and more.

Google Finance

Google's alternative to Yahoo Finance. More or less similar feature set but not as popular.


Track spendings on a variety of platforms (web, mobile) and create expense reports, even on the go. Free automated receipt scanning tool and expenditure analysis.



MakeUseOf maintains its own 100+ best free software lists for Windows, Linux and Mac. There are best of compillations for iPhone and Android users as well. Check them out.

CNET Downloads

Biggest software download resource on the web. Users may browse software by popularity and/or category. Includes both free and commercial software.


Biggest online repository of open source software. Nearly 300,000 free open source programs.


Another popular software download portal. Unlike it comes with simpler user interface.


MajorGeeks is a software download site and includes tested tweaks, repair, backup and protection applications.



Dropbox lets you sync selected folders between your computers. Any file you save to Dropbox also instantly saves to all of your computers, phones, and the Dropbox website.


Store, edit, and share Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files online. You may also store and share all or some photos and videos with friends. Store up to 25 GBs for free.

Google Docs

Store and share documents, spreasheets and presentations online. Edit and view your docs from any computer or smartphone. Collaborate on documents with others.


Extremely easy to use online file converter. Here you may convert office documents (doc, docx, pdf etc), images, audio and video files and ebooks between different forrmats. Recommended.


YouSendIt makes easy to email large files. You may send files and folder up to 2GB in size in one go. is a simple, real-time sharing website letting you share files quickly and move on.