The Best Portable Apps

On this page, you will find the best portable apps to bring with you on the go. We’ve taken the effort to categorize all of the portable apps and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. You can download and install these on a USB stick, an external hard drive, or any other portable device that you carry with you. That means that you can have any of these apps no matter where you go. This page updates frequently so check back often!

Audio Player


coolplayer aug13 image
A tiny, super-fast audio player.


foobar2000 aug13 image
A classic audio player for Windows, great for playlists.


radiosure aug13 image
The best way to listen to radio by desktop or laptop.


hokrain aug13 image
Listen to your music in a lightweight, minimalist way.

Audio Editor & Extractor


audacity aug13 image
An open-source, simple and powerful audio editor.


cdex aug13 image
Extract audio from CDs reliably.


songr aug13 image
The best way to search for and download or stream MP3s.



pidgin aug13 image
A multi-protocol IM client. Packaged by

Miranda IM

miranda im aug13 image
Another multi-protocol IM client, with a ton of plugins.


skype aug13 image
Not an official installer, but from


AssaultCube Portable

assault2 image
A first person shooter with LAN multiplayer mode for your USB stick.

Brain Workshop

brain workshop aug13 image
A dual n-back game scientifically proven to make you smarter.

Cave Story

cavestory2 image
Classic 8-bit RPG game in which the protagonist has to escape a Labyrinth and defeat an evil Doctor.


freeciv11 image
Turn-based strategy game with plenty settings in which you build a civilization.


bsnes aug13 image
A multi-system emulator that supports all Classic Nintendo consoles. Formerly known as BSNES

Classic XP Games

win8classicgames minesweeper image
Copy Minesweeper, Solitaire, or Hearts from your old computer and play it on Windows 8.

Image Viewers

IrfanView Portable

irfanview portable aug13 image
A fast and powerful image viewer that can also apply effects.

XnView Portable

xnview portable aug13 image
Convenient for viewing, organizing, and converting your photos.

Image Editors

Easy Image Modifier

easy image modifier aug13 image
A tool for resizing, flipping, converting, watermarking and renaming images.

Inkscape Portable

inkscape portable aug13 image
An open-source vector editor. Think 'Illustrator' or 'CorelDRAW' -- not as powerful, but free.


fotografix aug13 image
A tiny image editor aimed at photograpers and designers.



sweather aug13 image
Check the weather and get alerts all from your Windows system tray.


licensecrawler aug13 image
Crawls a computer for software serial licenses.


TreePad Lite

treepad lite aug13 image
A personal information manager for notes and other information.


xampp aug13 image
The Apache Web server, MySQL, PHP, and Perl, all bundled together in one portable ZIP.


dropboxportableahk aug13 image
Lets you take Dropbox on a stick and use it without admin rights.


calibre aug13 image
A tool for managing your ebook collection and converting book formats.

Foxit Reader Portable

foxit reader portable aug13 image
A PDF document reader.


autohotkey aug13 image
Automate keystrokes, mouse gestures, and other actions with one of the most extensive macro engines.


bbceditor aug13 image
Format and save your forum posts even while offline.

Text Editors


abiword aug13 image
A free, open-source word processor. This is a portable app packaged by


writemonkey aug13 image
A fantastic full-screen text editor for distraction-free editing. I use it all the time.


notepad aug13 image
A powerful, customizable programmer's text editor.



cintanotes aug13 image
A slimmed down version of Evernote designed more towards jotting quick notes and thoughts.


stickies aug13 image
A fantastic sticky-note application, packaged by


pnotes aug13 image
Bring sticky notes to your desktop and help remember all of those important things.

Security & Privacy


clamwin aug13 image
A portable, powerful and free antivirus. Packaged by


truecrypt aug13 image
Create encrypted virtual hard drives. Link leads to portable mode documentation.


keepass aug13 image
The golden standard when it comes to securely managing passwords and logins.


peerblock aug13 image
Allows you to block IP ranges of anti-P2P organizations, ad servers, spyware, and more.

Password Agent

password agent aug13 image
An interesting, local way to save your passwords and other sensitive text data.


adwcleaner aug13 image
A small portable app tool that will help cleanse your system quickly and easily.

Suites Suite

portableapps com suite aug13 image
A launcher interface for all apps from

SysInternals Suite

sysinternals suite aug13 image
For administrators and technicians: All SysInternals troubleshooting utilities rolled into one ZIP file.


nirlauncher aug13 image
A collection of over 100 portable freeware Windows system tools, all by NirSoft.

System Tools


7 zip aug13 image
A file archiver supporting ZIP, as well as the powerful 7z format and more. Packaged by


zscreen aug13 image
A screenshot portable app with numerous file handling options. No portable download, see link for instructions.


zip2fix aug13 image
A tool for extracting undamaged files from a corrupted ZIP file.


recuva aug13 image
A tool for undeleting files, from makes of Ccleaner.


spacesniffer aug13 image
A tool for visualizing disk usage. Find out what's hogging all that space.


everything aug13 image
An ultra-fast search utility -- searches filenames only, does not index content.


ccleaner aug13 image
Cleans up any system by getting rid of unneeded files and other junk.


teamviewer aug13 image
The golden standard for remote control.

Portable Keyboard Layout

portable keyboard layout aug13 image
Use an alternative keyboard layout (Colemak, Dvorak)? Take it with you.


getfoldersize aug13 image
Used for determining the size of folders and subfolders on a drive.

Process Explorer

process explorer aug13 image
Windows Task Manager, on steroids. Made by Sysinternals, now a part of Microsoft.


camstudio aug13 image
Screen-recording software, packaged by


snaptimer aug13 image
A keyboard-friendly countdown timer.


clipcube aug13 image
A tiny clipboard history monitor.


baretail aug13 image
A tool for system admins, used for viewing logfiles, like tail on Linux.


cpu z aug13 image
Helps you take a glance at your system specifications with ease.


hijackthis aug13 image
The best Windows tool portable app for generating reports for and removing registry and startup entries. Recommended for experienced users.


soft2base aug13 image
Helps you keep some of the most popular Windows applications up to date.


unassoc aug13 image
The easiest way to remove filetype associations in Windows.

Universal Extractor

universal extractor aug13 image
A tool that helps you make other applications run portably.


defraggler aug13 image
Another excellent portable defragmentation tool.


speccy aug13 image
An advanced system information tool for your PC to help you find out what's inside your computer.


cliptrap aug13 image
Automatically monitor and log the contents of your clipboard.

CrystalDiskMark Portable

crystaldiskmark portable aug13 image
One of the simplest ways to benchmark your disk for read/write speeds.


geekuninstaller aug13 image
Have a sticky application that won't uninstall? Let GeekUninstaller portable app remove it for you.

Linux Live USB Creator

linux live usb creator aug13 image
Easily create a bootable Live USB with tons of Linux distrubutions available.


xleaner aug13 image
Clean out your Windows system and free yourself of temporary and other junk files.


namebench aug13 image
Find the fastest DNS server with point-and-click ease.


xinorbis aug13 image
Easy way to visualize and analyze any disk under Windows.


xpy aug13 image
Allows you to tweak Windows and change settings that are completely under the hood.

Video Player

VLC Player

vlc player aug13 image
A 'do-it-all' free, open-source video player. This portable app can also play audio.

Media Player Classic

media player classic aug13 image
Very lightweight, all-around media player that comes bundled with popular codec packages.


ytwatcher aug13 image
Enjoy your YouTube favorites and subscriptions right from your desktop.

Video Editor


virtualdub aug13 image
A tool for editing and encoding videos, with support for batch-processing.


avidemux aug13 image
A video editor designed for simple tasks such as cutting, filtering, and encoding.

Web and FTP


filezilla aug13 image
A powerful, open-source FTP client.

Opera Portable

opera portable aug13 image
An awesome browser that gets too little love. Official installer supports portable option.

Google Chrome

google chrome aug13 image
Google's Web browser, packaged by


firefox aug13 image
If you don't use Chrome, you are probably using Firefox. Packaged by

Tor Browser

tor browser aug13 image
A bundle of Tor and Vidalia to help you browse anonymously and explore 'deep web' onions with the look and feel of Firefox.

uTorrent Portable

utorrent portable aug13 image
Simply the best torrent client out there.