The Best Mac Apps

On this page, you will find the best Mac apps for all your needs. We’ve taken the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.
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Customisable (themeable) iTunes controller and scrobbler. Useful.

ScrobblePod scrobbler that handles songs played in iTunes and on your iOS devices.


Manage all of your music services with one simple app.


Instantly listen to over 15 million tracks online and sync them to your iPod.


Stream music for free, build playlists and populate your collection. Requires subscription eventually.


Pull out your headphones, and iTunes pauses. Plug it back in, and it starts again.

X Lossless Decoder

Decode/convert various lossless audio file formats including FLAC, Apple Lossless, Monkey's Audio, etc.


Open sources, cross-platform audio editor. Must have for amateur musicians.


Alternative music player and library manager.

Browsing Aids

Google Chrome

A lightweight, fast browser. Great alternative to Safari.


For Firefox fans who can't live without it.


The only popular browser for Mac that's available on the Mac App Store.

Hotspot Shield

Utility to secure your browsing sessions and prevent identity theft or bypass restrictions.


Finally the Mac version of the essential CCleaner for Windows.


Paragon NTFS

Read and write to NTFS-formatted hard drives (like external hard drives used on Windows computer).


The perfect desktop email client. Adds loads of features like labels, canned responses, third-party app integration, more.


One of the best backup solutions for home users. Backup 10 GB of data to the cloud.

LastPass Premium

Secure plugin to store and synchronise login passwords across browsers. Comes auto-login and form filler.


Save time by editing your photos in batches.


Watermark hundreds of photos easily in batches.

Email Clients

Mozilla Thunderbird

If Mail isn't good enough, try Thunderbird.

Gmail Notifier

Menubar app that alerts you when you have new Gmail message or upcoming GCal events.

Photos and Images

Aperture ($79.99)

Apple's own step-up from iPhoto, Aperture is a powerful photo editors for professionals and amateurs alike.

SketchBook Express

Free, professional-grade drawing application for Mac.

Pixelmator ($29.99)

Great Photoshop alternative. Extremely capable and easy to use.


Skitch helps you to create screenshots and add annotations, then share it with friends.


A useful tool to take screenshots of webpages.


Free panorama photo stitcher, assembles a mosaic of photos into a series of overlapping pictures.


Create HDR images easily and simply from multiple images with different exposures.


Open source vector graphics editor similar to Illustrator. Uses the SVG file format.

ScreenFloat ($6.99)

A powerful screenshot tool and browser that keeps the information you're interested in visible as you work.

GraphicConverter ($39.95)

A fantastic, affordable photo editor that offers many of the features of the big boys.


Fresh Feed

Fresh and light menubar feed reader.


An awesome way to read things from the web later.

ReadKit ($6.99)

The perfect RSS reader for Mac OS X in the wake of Google Reader's decline.


A fantastic, open-source RSS reader.


TextExpander ($34.95)

The best solution for text substitution. Syncs with Dropbox if you have multiple copies.


Jot your ideas, memories and thoughts and bring them with you.


The desktop client for the one and only Wunderlist.


Another great, super lightweight to-do list manager. Syncs with iCal and Mail.

Dash (Docs & Snippets)

An API documentation browser and code snippet manager, perfect for coders who need somewhere to store their work.

Day One ($9.99)

A slick diary app with iOS companion app that makes writing a daily journal entry fun and easy.


Free, easy to use word processor. Reads MS Word and OpenOffice documents.


Distraction-free, full screen writing environment.


Much better text editor than TextEdit. Supports syntax colouring and advance search functions.

Stuf ($24.99)

The ultimate clipboard manager. Supports clipboard sharing over network.


Alternative, free office suite.


Resurrected, Quicksiler is the best Mac launcher and time saver you'll ever need.

Fantastical ($19.99)

An intelligent calendar app that lets you schedule events by typing a description.


Sync and share files with other Dropbox users or mobile devices.


Dropbox alternative that allows you to sync any folder. Provides a free 5 GB account upon subscription.

Notational Velocity

Store notes, thoughts and data securely. Syncs with Dropbox and Simplenote. Open source.

Desktop Curtain ($4.99)

Temporarily hide the clutter on your desktop.


Saves you time searching your desktop and the web. Launch your apps with shortcuts.


Drop images, links, music, videos and files from your desktop to share them.

Keynote ($19.99)

Create incredible presentations and slideshows with dazzling effects.


Take notes from your Mac's menu bar in seconds.

iA Writer ($9.99)

A modern cross-platform word processor productivity-boosting UI and cloud storage.


A slick, free note-taking app for Mac that lives up to its name.

Clear ($6.99)

A slim, easy to use to do list application.

For Switchers

Parallels Desktop ($79.99)

Easy to use virtualisation app. Allows you to run Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously.

VMware Fusion

Another great virtualisation application. $79.99


Open source, cross platform virtualisation software. Not as easy to use as Parallels or VMware but is free.


Run Windows apps on OS X without installing Windows.

App Title

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel included in the Home & Student suite.


Make wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X.



Customisable, themeable, multiprotocol instant messenger.


Follow your friends' tweets and send out your blurts from the desktop.


Essential application, especially useful for long-distance teleconferencing.


Chat with your friends on OS X and iOS face to face.


The Unarchiver

Unarchiver works with just about any type of compressed file.

Little Snitch ($29.95)

Control and administer connectivity privileges for each of your applications.


Temporarily prevents your Mac from automatically going to sleep or initiating the screensaver.


Completely removes all preference and system files when uninstalling apps.


Enables you to configure and tweak hidden parameters of OS X.

1Password ($49.99)

Great password manager that automatically stores and retrieves online passwords.


A free and better solution to Mac OS X's innate DVD recording feature.

Carbon Copy Cloner ($39.95)

Easily create and backup bootable images of your hard drive in case it crashes.

Keyboard Cleaner

Handy application that temporarily disables your keyboard and mouse, allowing you to wipe it clean.


Adds configurable gestures to your Magic Mouse and Magic TrackPad.


A database of hidden settings for Mac OS X. More user friendly than OnyX.

Lab Tick

Control the brightness of your MacBook Pro's backlit keyboard.

Hazel ($21.95)

Create folder rules to automatically organise files and run tasks.

Drop Copy

The easiest way to send files across your internet network.

RPN scientific

Easy to use scientific and RPN calculator for your Mac.


Easily keep all of your applications up to date on your Mac.


Brings the default copy and paste to another level.


Display various kinds of information on your desktop in beautiful ways.


Better notifications for just about any system event.


Easily create and manage partions on your Mac.

CleanMyMac ($29.95)

Keep your Mac running in tip-top shape with one program. Demo version limits cleaning to 500MB.

DaisyDisk ($9.99)

Disk analyzer tool that visualizes hard disk usage and allows you to free up hard disk space. A trial version is available.

deskPDF Creator 2012 ($34.99)

Create new PDFs, convert to PDF, watermark and lock PDF documents.

Bartender ($15)

Organize and take control of your Mac menu bar.


Automatically have your Mac take certain actions at different locations. $29


A better search client for Mac that makes finding files easy.

SyncMate Expert ($39.95)

Keep all of your devices and computers in sync. Free version available.


Creates sharp, clear Retina-ready versions of non-Retina compatible software. Essential for Retina display owners.


A free Mac KeePass compatible for OS X, for the management and storage of passwords.

Cathode ($10)

A vintage terminal app for Mac OS X that brings back the quirkiness of old computer hardware.


Run MySQL, Apache and PHP on your Mac without any fuss using XAMPP.

Keyboard Maestro ($36.00)

A powerful automation tool for getting more done with your keyboard, available with a free trial.

Scrivener ($45.00)

The gold mark for novellists and screenwriters, Scrivener is a powerful tool for writing your next masterpiece.


A port of longstandng Windows favourite text editor Vim, for the Mac.

MarsEdit ($39.99)

A text editor for bloggers, MarsEdit connects to a range of services and allows you to compose, upload and edit live copy on your desktop.

Video Tools

VLC Media Player

The best cross-platform multimedia player. Ever.


Strong contender for VLC Player. Plays almost any media format, sleek user interface.


The best open source, multiplatform, multitreaded video transcoder.


Meta-data tagger for MP4 files that automatically searches IMDB and tagChimp for movie credits.

Flip4Mac WMV

Play Windows Media files (WMA and WMV) in QuickTime.


Decrypt DVD content on-the-fly for archival.


For those looking for a simple, one-click video converting solution.


Fully loaded media center for your Mac.


Play, create, and convert almost any video format.

PS3 Media Server

Turn your Mac into a full-featured DLNA-compliant UPnP Media Server


A free, UPnP/DLNA ready streamer for Mac with excellent support and great reliability.

AirServer ($14.99)

This app turns your Mac into an AirPlay compatible receiver for streaming video, audio and screen mirroring on your computer.



The ultimate torrent downloader for Mac.


Open source anti-theft solution. Tracks your stolen laptop's position, photographs the thief, and much more.


Open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Google Storage and Amazon S3 browser for Mac.


Uses the MacBook's Sudden Motion Sensor to trigger an alarm when your MacBook is touched or moved.


Seamlessly control multiple Macs with a single keyboard and mouse.


Cross-platform app that automatically tweaks the colour of your screen to suit the time of day.


Free utility to determine which files and folders consume the most disk space.


Get detailed specifications of every Mac ever made.

Transmit ($33.99)

Superb FTP client that also supports SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 file transfers.


A free virus scanner based on the ClamAV open source antivirus engine.


A free planetarium right in your Mac.


Control your media with gestures using a webcam.

Mint Quick View

Get a quick idea of what?s happening with your finances.