The Best Linux Games

On this page, you will find the best Linux games, carefully selected for your gaming pleasure on a Linux rig. All of these Linux games are free. Most of them are cross-platform, and can be played on Windows and Mac computers as well.


Team Fortress 2

Join either the red or blue team and play different game modes in this free-to-play cartoony shooter.

Scorched 3D

A 3D version of Tanks played out in a massive world with cool visual effects.


A 3D multiplayer tanks Linux game with less mountainous maps than Scorched 3D.

Red Eclipse

A futuristic first-person shooter with impressive graphics based on the Cube 2 engine. One of the best Linux games in the FPS genre.


An arena first person shooter with great graphics and intense gameplay.


Another arena first person shooter based on Quake III Arena deathmatch style.


An arena first person shooter which claims to be the successor to Nexuiz.

Alien Arena

An actively developed arena first person shooter with fantastic graphics and an alien theme.

Urban Terror

A Hollywood-style first person shooter that is a multiplayer Linux game only; supports custom maps.


Extreme Tux Racer

Race a penguin down an icy slope to earn the fastest time.


A fast and fun racing simulator with 3D graphics.



An highly customizable train simulator for support with multiple maps and trains.


A highly sophisticated flight simulator with a worldwide map and custom planes.


0 A.D.

A real-time strategy - the best Linux game focusing on war and economy during 500 B.C. to 500 A.D.


An open source Texas Hold ‘Em poker game to help practice your skills.


Match same-colored bubbles to get rid of them before time runs out!


The open source release of the original SimCity.

Warzone 2100

Survive though the futuristic nuclear winter and become the strongest new civilization.

Battle for Wesnoth

Build the strongest army and defeat enemies in many campaigns to beat them all.


A turn-based game of strategic warfare to take over the world.


A turn-based colonization where the aim is to create an independent nation.


A turn-based Linux game similar to Civilization in which you try to become the strongest nation.


A tycoon-like simulator which is based solely around a city’s public transportation.



Keep your mind sharp with different math problems and assorted puzzles.


A graphically creative implementation of the popular game Simon Says.



An emulator for Nintendo DS games.

VisualBoy Advance

The best GameBoy Advance and GameBoy Color emulator.

ZSNES Emulator

This emulator is great at simulating games for the SNES.


Armagetron Advanced

A 3D game which is based on Tron’s light cycle sequence in which you last the longest.

The Mana World

Control your own character in a MMORPG world where you can do anything.

Dota 2

A popular multiplayer online battle arena game and competitor to League of Legends!

Frets on Fire

A game similar to Guitar Hero where you must press keys to play notes.

Secret Maryo Chronicles

A 2D side-scroller similar to Super Mario Brothers with “Maryo” as its hero.


A dancing game in which you hit keyboard arrows to keep up with the song.


World of Goo ($9.99)

Help the little goos get to their destination in this structure puzzle game!

Oil Rush ($19.99)

Protect your ocean oil rigs and dominate the competition!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($19.99)

Try to survive as long as possible in this horror Linux game!

Surgeon Simulator 2013 ($9.99)

Try to perform surgery on someone without messing up!

Serious Sam 3 ($39.99)

The prequel to Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

Half-Life 2 ($9.99)

The wildly popular first-person shooter developed by Valve.

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution ($4.99)

A futuristic top-down action shooter with intense graphics.

X-Plane 10 ($69.99)

A highly-developed flight simulator with fantastic graphics and accuracy.