The Best iPhone Games

On this page, you will find the best iPhone games for your gaming needs. We've taken the effort to categorize the games and picked only those we believe to be the most fun. If no price is stated, the game is free.
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The game that tried to reinvent the brick breaker genre and succeeded, with more than 100 handcrafted levels.

Anomaly 2

The Anomaly series turns tower defense on its head, placing you in the role of the attackers.


A PopCap classic on the iPhone, with three game modes to fit any mood - classic, frantic and casual.


A faithful iOS port of the classic ultra-violent 90s open-world racer, complete with Game Centre support and action replays.

Doodle Jump

Using your iPhone's accelerometer, tilt to guide Doodler the Doodler higher and higher.

Diamond Dash

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Fieldrunners 2

One of the best tower defence games for iOS with lovely graphics and a wacky art style.

Fish Fury

Take down all the birds with a variety of power-ups in this addictive game that's perfect to pick up and play anywhere.

Flight Control

Land as many planes as you can without any collisions in this frantic game that keeps you coming back for more.

Harbor Master

Just like Flight Control except this time you're in control of a harbor and must guide boats safely into port.

iStunt 2 Insane Hills

Fast-paced 2D snowboarding action from Miniclip with ragdoll physics, buzz saws, boosts and more.

Jetpack Joyride

Avoid lasers, electricity as you test your reflexes in this free to play side-scrolling jetpack adventure!

Kingdom Rush

What many have called the iPad's best tower defense game is now available on the iPhone.

Nosferatu: Run from the Sun

Play the role of Nosferatu, the cutest and fastest vampire who must outrun the rising sun.

Only One

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Plants vs Zombies

A timeless classic from PopCap games with more than 50 levels and new mini-games to complete.

Paper Toss 2.0

The ultimate time-wasting activity goes digital and comes to your phone. Play it at work without annoying your boss!


Clear all the orange pegs from the 55 included levels in this incredibly simple yet hopelessly addictive iPhone game.

Pinball Fantasies

This Amiga pinball classic makes it to iOS and remains one of (if not the) best iPhone games in the pinball genre ever made.

Record Run

Yet another high quality and addictive endless runner, with a distinct vinyl feel.

Ridiculous Fishing

As the name suggests, this original fishing game is as ridiculous as it is addictive.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

A side-scrolling endless platformer in which you earn points to spend on customising your unicorn from the guys behind Adult Swim.

Simple Brick Breaker

The clue's in the name: this is a quality free Breakout clone with tons of levels.

Ski Safari

A 'goal runner' style game with animals, avalanches and beautiful graphics in one casual gaming package.


A lovely little action adventure game that brings elements of your favourite retro platformers to iOS in an adorable package.

Tetris Blitz

Take Tetris, add a ticking clock, stunning graphics, touch controls and a freemium price tag and you've got Tetris Blitz!

Tap The Frog

Mindless fun to test your reflexes, Tap The Frog 2 is also worth checking out once you've finished.

Tiny Wings

An addictive arcade game that you can play with one finger that takes time to master.

Temple Run

Indiana Jones inspired action - can you outrun the boulder by swiping and tapping fast enough?

Temple Run 2

More of the same, Temple Run 2 expands on the concept of running away from a boulder with new graphics, obstacles, power-ups and more!

The Creeps

Use a variety of power ups and objects to defeat things that go bump in the night in The Creeps, a free tower defense game.

Towers N' Trolls HD

A free fast-paced tower defense game with a fantasy twist.

Tower Defense

An insanely addictive tower defense game for those who love waves and waves of enemies.

Worms 3

Finally, a Worms game designed from the ground-up for iOS devices, complete with online and offline multiplayer.


Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free

Play this highly acclaimed World War II themed first person shooter for free, at your own pace or with optional purchases.

Dead Trigger

Blast your way through hordes of infected in this great-looking first person shooter that pulls out all the stops.

Dead Trigger 2

The zombie-blasting sequel to the original Dead Trigger, now playable for free.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Rockstar Games' 10 year anniversary edition of GTA's first 3D outing, on your iPhone.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Go back in time to the 1980s, to a Miami-inspired playground and enjoy one of the best GTA games ever, now on iOS.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Completing the trifecta of GTA3-engine games, San Andreas is now fully playable in your palm.

i Love Katamari

A challenging Japanese game that fits in its own 'rolling' genre, this is the best iOS version out there.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Probably the best flight sim on iOS complete with beautiful graphics, single player and multiplayer modes.


A free multiplayer co-op game in which you must shout instructions at your friends and press buttons to avoid your spacecraft blowing up. Awesome.



A gritty yet beautifully animated 3D point and click game in which you're tasked with catching a killer.

Gemini Rue

Up there with the best of them, this point and click game is an ode to Sierra PC titles of the 90s.

Inner World

An award winning, hand-drawn 2D family adventure game with both English and German language support.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

LucasArts' classic returns for a special edition, featuring both old and brand new graphics.

Year Walk

A critically acclaimed game that's like no other, discover a unique experience based on Swedish folklore.


Take on the role of a robot in this point and click puzzler set in a beautifully detailed hand-drawn world.

Broken Sword: Director's Cut

The PC classic returns with a new narrative and acclaimed touch controls on your smartphone.


A unique point and click game that gives you 20 seconds per level to prevent an explosion.


An excellent starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the world of gamebooks which fuse RPG gameplay with reading.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP

Sword & Sworcery is an exploratory action adventure with a unique and beautiful graphical style.

Board and Card


A board game in which you must grow a 2-room hut into a productive farm, set in 17th century Europe.


Because sometimes all you need is a simple game of Windows 95-esque Solitaire.


A highly acclaimed edition of the classic boardgame with both online and offline multiplayer.

Summoner Wars

A digital card game with the tactical elements you'd usually find in a board game, and it's free to play to boot!

Naval Warfare Multi-Shot

It's Battleships for the mobile generation, with less restrictions, play-by-mail gameplay and it's completely free with a few adverts.

San Juan

A card game based on the award-winning board game 'Puerto Rico' in which you play the governor of a bustling city.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft's latest rendition of its famous racing game.

Death Rally

A combat racer with global multiplayer, lots of unlocks and great top-down 3D graphics.

Jet Car Stunts

A beautiful and unique stunt racer that looks glorious at 60fps on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Reckless Racing

Top-down 3D Micro Machines-style racing with a sweet physics system and lovely graphics.

Real Racing 3

The iOS equivalent of Gran Turismo or Forza, Real Racing combines stunning graphics with solid controls for high-octane fun.

Trials Frontier

Trials finally hits iOS with a bang in this unique take on the free to play genre.


Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD

A fully 3D RPG with over 80 unique locations, caves, dungeons and temples to explore.

Galaxy on Fire 2

something else

Hunters 2

Build the best team of bounty hunters in the galaxy in this RPG space sim with a single player campaign and daily extra missions.

Pocket Legends

The first massively multiplayer online RPG for the iPhone, and the biggest to date. Play for free with in-app currency purchase options.

Infinity Blade 2

Probably the prettiest game on the iOS platform, Infinity Blade 2 is a 3D hack and slash RPG that is sure to please.

Infinity Blade III

Another year, another Infinity Blade with more of the same swordplay and stunning graphics the series is famous for.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The sensational building and crafting sim comes to iOS, now with crafting and furnaces!


It's difficult not to draw comparisons with Zelda in this epic action adventure.

Deus Ex: The Fall

The Deus Ex story continues on mobile platforms with a stunning mobile-first adventure.

Junk Jack

A 2D sandbox game in which you must build a home and survive the horrors thrown at you by the procedurally generated world.


It's like Minecraft, but 2D and it works wonderfully on iOS.

Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead The Game brings the terror and excitement of the TV series to the small screen, with the first episode completely free to play.

Wayward Souls

A top-down action RPG that takes its cues from the roguelikes of yore.


A free roguelike game for iOS with serious depth and a side-scrolling 2D view.



EA's annual football game update with all new touch controls and a free-to-play model.

Flick Soccer

Fun for football fans and non-fans alike, sports meets puzzle in this free kick simulator.

Frisbee Forever 2

After the success of the original, Frisbee Forever 2 ramps up the flying disc fun with more levels, hidden items and unique unlocks.


Over-the-top, high-flying 2-on-2 basketball action with all your favourite NBA teams and local multiplayer.

Virtual Table Tennis 2

A fully 3D ping pong game with online and local multiplayer and realistic physics, for free!

Table Tennis Touch

One of the prettiest and most realistic table tennis game on the App Store!

Can KnockDown

Simple to pick up, easy to play, difficult to master - Can KnockDown is a simple and fun addictive physics game.


Air Wings

Take command of a paper plane and blast your foes out of the sky in this awesome dogfighting paper-plane 'em up!

Battle Supremacy

Take to the battlefields in your tank, fly planes and battle online in this WW2-themed war sim.

FarmVille 2

A truly beautiful farming simulator, and no – you don't need Facebook to play.

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

It's your chance to rebuild Quahog, and all of your favourite characters and locations are here.


Build a dragon park, collect different types of dragons and breed brand new ones in this free to play fantasy simulation.

Disco Zoo

Collect animals, plan your zoo and hit the disco button in a sim like no other.

Jurassic Park Builder

Just your average farming game with one small difference… dinosaurs!

Hack RUN

Ever wanted to be a computer hacker? Now you can at least pretend in this challenging simulation-meets-puzzler.

Middle Manager of Justice

Double Fine's time-based free-to-play management sim is as cheeky as it is gorgeous, with plenty of character to boot.

My Horse

If you like either horses (a lot) or time management simulations (a lot) then there's plenty here to entertain you.

Pixel People

Create your very own pixellated sprawling metropolis in this casual free to play combining and building game.

Plague Inc.

If you've ever played Pandemic then you'll love Plague Inc., the iPhone's premier population control simulator.

Pocket Planes

Micro-manage your own airline in another free to play simulation, with tons of customisation and social elements

Pucca's Restaurant

Start out as an unknown chef and work your way up to a culinary genius in this free restaurant managing sim.

Simpsons Tapped Out

Build your very own virtual Springfield and interact with friends in this free-to-play city building sim.

Tiny Tower

A delightfully 8bit tower simulation in which you manage a building and the businesses within.

Tiny Farm

Manage your own farm with tons of animals, seasonal updates and a special breeding system.

True Skate

Rack up points and pull off tricks i nthis touch-based skating game in which your fingers are the skater.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Create a base, research alien technologies and more in this tactical, turn-based experience like no other.


Amazing Alex

Rovio have another crack at the physics puzzler genre in this game which tests your Rube Goldberg abilities.

Angry Birds

The original and incredibly addictive physics puzzler, Angry Birds is to iOS what Mario was to the NES.

Angry Birds Space

The true sequel to the original Angry Birds games sees your favourite airborne avians venture into space.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Easily the best Angry Birds game yet, blending new gameplay and classic Star Wars locations and characters into one neat package.

Bad Piggies

Rovio's spin-off of the Angry Birds series sees you building vehicles and trying to steal eggs - with the company's usual golden touch.

Bag It!

A critically acclaimed grocery bagging game that makes a perfect pick up and play time filler.

Cover Orange 2: Journey

Taking the premise of Angry Birds and turning it on its head, protect the oranges in this citrus themed brain teaser.

Cut The Rope

A physics puzzler in which you must feed Om Nom candy by cutting the various ropes in the correct order.


Break out of the rooms in this challenging puzzle game with a total of 50 stages. Frustrating but rewarding!

Flow Free

Play more than 600 levels for free in this simple yet highly addictive iPhone puzzle game.

Ghost Trick

Epic puzzler which first showed up on the DS makes its debut on iOS, with an in-app purchase to unlock all levels ($9.99).

Gravity Maze

A maze game with a twist, tilt, rotate and move your phone to manipulate the maze and free the ball in this stylish tilt game.

Guide the Light

Use mirrors and crystals to help explore lost pyramids in this engaging puzzler.

Little Things Forever

Can you find all of the things? A charming puzzle game of hide and seek for young and old.


A highly addictive, successful and challenging puzzle game that looks great.

Safari Party

An evolved match-4 action puzzler that promises a real challenge as well as real-time multiplayer.

Scribblenauts Remix

Solve puzzles using your brain and keyboard by adding characters, objects and more with a few taps.


Beautifully minimalist, dangerously addictive and devilishly difficult in areas, SEQ is a connect the dots game with a twist.

Slice It!

A charming little puzzle game that's all about slicing objects into pieces of equal size.

Traffic Rush

Can you keep the roads accident-free? It's not as easy as it sounds in this addictive and challenging puzzle game.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO

Smash nitro-burning monster trucks into piles of giant skulls in this crazy physics puzzler.

Triple Town

An original puzzle in which you must grow the largest town possible by combining pieces on a board - highly addictive!

Where's My Water?

An intuitive physics-based puzzler from Disney with 3 stories, over 400 levels and 3 new puzzles each week.

World of Goo

A beautifully weird but wonderful puzzle game that is as therapeutic as it is challenging.


What happens when you cross sudoku with colour? You get the madly addictive Blendoku.

Trip Trap

Take the role of a mouse in search of cheese, scale walls and avoid feline predators.

Trivia and Word

Draw Something

Pictionary for the iDevice generation - test your drawing skills and challenge your friends.


Spell out words and take over the board in this multiplayer mix of wordplay and strategy.

Logos Quiz Game

Test your brand knowledge or shock yourself at how well advertising has worked on you in a free logo quiz game.


Try and make as many words as possible in the time limit with the supplied letters.

Words With Friends

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Scrabble champion? Play Words With Friends for free and prove it!


The puzzle game to end puzzle games, with thousands of questions available completely free of charge.