The Best Firefox Addons

On this page, you will find the best Firefox addons for all your browsing needs. We’ve taken the effort to categorize all of the Firefox addons and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you. This page updates frequently, so make sure to check back often to discover new addons!



zotero aug13 image
Collect, manage and cite the sources for your latest project.


diigo aug13 image
Bookmark sources, then highlight what's important and leave notes, all within your browser.


scrapbook aug13 image
Save web pages and manage collections of pages.


xmarks aug13 image
Your bookmarks and passwords, synced across all your computers and browsers.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper image
The Evernote Web Clipper is the easiest way to save, mark up and share anything you see online.


pearltrees aug13 image
Bookmark and organise anything online that interests you into trees and share with others for a social bookmarking experience.

QuickFox Notes

quickfox notes aug13 image
Easy note-taking in Firefox.



stratiform aug13 image
Make your own colour scheme and theme with an easy to use interface.

All-In One Sidebar

all in one sidebar aug13 image
Access bookmarks, history, downloads, add-ons and more from a sidebar.


omnibar aug13 image
Combine the redundant address and search bars into one, just like in Google Chrome.

Vertical Toolbar

vertical toolbar aug13 image
Move icons to the left of the browser to save vertical space

Add to Search Bar

add to search bar aug13 image
Add search function from any page into your search bar.

Back/forward dropmarker

back forward dropmarker aug13 image
Adds a drop marker to the combined back/forward button.

Download Statusbar

download statusbar aug13 image
Watch and manage your downloads at the bottom of your browser window.


gtranslate aug13 image
Quickly translate text with Google by highlighting and right-clicking it.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

tineye reverse image search aug13 image
Find similar images to the one you found with this reverse image search tool.

Findbar Tweak

findbar tweak aug13 image
Allows you to tweak your Findbar however you like it.


desktop aug13 image
Create a custom speed-dial page for easy access to your favourite sites.

All-in-One Gestures

all in one gestures aug13 image
Execute common commands with mouse gestures.


foxclocks aug13 image
World clocks in your status bar.


status 4 evar aug13 image
Status bar widgets and progress indicators.

Super Start

super start aug13 image
New tab layout similar to Fast Dial or Speed Dial.

Location Bar Enhancer

location bar enhancer aug13 image
Changes the location bar into a breadcrumb trail.

Print Edit

print edit aug13 image
Allows you to edit web content before printing.

Google Redesigned

google redesigned aug13 image
Lets you choose custom themes for Gmail, etc.

Google Shortcuts

google shortcuts aug13 image
Add a drop-down shortcut menu for Google services.


greasemonkey aug13 image
Access to thousands of user-made scripts that make the Internet better.

365Scores Notifier

365scores notifier aug13 image
Keep track of your favourite sports teams and be notified of results.

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Thumbnail Zoom Plus image
See full size images by hovering over thumbnails on Facebook, Amazon and more.


autopager aug13 image
Make websites and blogs keep scrolling forever and ever and ever.


scriptish aug13 image
A fork of Greasemonkey, allowing more scripts to improve the Internet.

Who Stole My Pictures

who stole my pictures aug13 image
Searches using five image search engines.

Similar Sites

similar sites aug13 image
Shows you the 10 most similar sites to the one you're viewing.


stylish aug13 image
Stylish lets a user add their own style elements to a website and the save them.


fasterfox aug13 image
Tweaks and speeds up your browser, and the entire web.


flagfox aug13 image
See flags representing the country any website is hosted in.

User Agent Switcher

user agent switcher aug13 image
Trick websites into thinking you're using another browser. Perfect for some IE-only services.

Lazarus: Form Recovery

lazarus form recovery aug13 image
Allows you to resurrect information you added to a form and lost in a browser crash.


readability aug13 image
Save articles to read later, or read them now without ads and sidebars.


clearly aug13 image
Makes articles clean and easy to read and syncs to Evernote.


nosquint aug13 image
Change the zoom settings for text or the entire page. Perfect for high-resolution monitors.


alertbox aug13 image
Track changes in web pages and get alerts for important changes.

Link Stalker

link stalker aug13 image
This Firefox addon highlights all the links on any page you visit.

Destroy the Web

destroy the web aug13 image
Take a break and turn any web page into a game.

Memory Fox

memory fox aug13 image
Tries to reduce Firefox's RAM usage.

InstantFox Quick Search

instantfox quick search aug13 image
Gives you Google autocomplete for search in your address bar.



firebug aug13 image
Inspect the web. Find out what code makes up bits and pieces of any webpage.

Web Developer

web developer aug13 image
A cornucopia of web development tools added to your browser.


fireftp aug13 image
A full-featured FTP client built into your Firefox browser. Upload and download files.


colorzilla aug13 image
An eyedropper for detecting colors on the web and other colorful goodies.

Zemanta / Related Content

zemanta related content aug13 image
Zemanta helps bloggers who link to images and articles regularly. It supports popular blogging platforms including WordPress, TypePad and Blogger.


measureit aug13 image
Put a ruler on any site to measure the pixel width or height of objects.


firepicker aug13 image
Simple colour-picking tool for Firefox.

News and Feeds


feedly aug13 image
Your own online magazine, with stories from your favorite sites.


brief aug13 image
Simple and elegant RSS reader designed to just let you read.

Bamboo Feed Reader

bamboo feed reader aug13 image
Simple RSS reader.


Send to Kindle

send to kindle aug13 image
Send articles and other web content to your Kindle for reading later.


pocket aug13 image
Save articles from the web for reading later, when you have time.


epubreader aug13 image
Open and read EPUB (ebook) files in your browser.


lastpass aug13 image
Securely store your passwords online. Encrypts passwords locally before uploading.

FEBE backup

febe backup aug13 image
Back up all of your Firefox extensions so you can quickly install them again.


surfon aug13 image
Easily move any set of tabs from one computer or browser to the next.


keefox aug13 image
Store and sync all of your passwords with KeePass.


mightytext aug13 image
Send SMS messages from your browser via your Android phone. You will need the Android app installed.

Music and Video


downthemall aug13 image
Download all links or images on any website and accelerate downloads.


downloadhelper aug13 image
Download and convert videos from a variety of websites around the web.

Turn Off The Lights

turn off the lights aug13 image
Dims web content in the background of videos for better viewing.


MediaHint image
The easiest way to view region-blocked content from anywhere.

Hola Unblocker

Hola Unblocker image
Quick and easy way to access censored or blocked content.


zazoo aug13 image
Lets you read lyrics while watching a music video on YouTube.

Ant Video Downloader

ant video downloader aug13 image
Download videos from around the web and watch them, offline, from your browser.

Skip Screen

skip screen aug13 image
Avoid the wait pages on Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, Mediafire and similar sites.


flashgot aug13 image
Download multiple media files at once.

BYTube D

bytube d aug13 image
Batch download selected videos from any YouTube page.


HTTPS everywhere

https everywhere aug13 image
Encrypt your web usage whenever possible to keep your private information safe.

Web Of Trust

web of trust aug13 image
Shows you which websites can be trusted, based on feedback from millions of other users.

Saved Password Editor

saved password editor aug13 image
Allows you to edit your saved passwords in Firefox.


Track Me Not image
Confuses trackers by adding ghost data to your search history.


Invisible Hand

invisible hand aug13 image
Find the best price out there for anything you are shopping for.

boo ly aug13 image
Search for an item; see a breakdown of prices in the results.

Amazon Add To WishList

amazon add to wishlist aug13 image
Add items you find online to your Amazon wishlist, regardless of which site you found them on.


windowshop aug13 image
Compare prices for over 140 million products. Works in the US, UK and Germany.



stumbleupon aug13 image
Click a button; see a random website relevant to your interests. Great time waster.


shareaholic aug13 image
Quickly share websites you find with your friends on any social network.

Scribefire Next

scribefire next aug13 image
This extension lets you write blog posts in your browser without being on the blog site.

Integrated Gmail

integrated gmail aug13 image
Lets you have Gmail, gCal and Google Reader all in one place.


rapportive aug13 image
Social CRM for Gmail. Collects and shows information about your contacts in the Gmail sidebar.


wisestamp aug13 image
Add social network links to the signature of your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts.


hootbar aug13 image
Gives you all the power of Hootsuite from your address bar.


yoono aug13 image
All your IM and social network access from the one place.


imgur aug13 image
Image uploader for social networks.

Facebook Auto-Logout

facebook auto logout aug13 image
Facebook auto-logout for a bit of extra protection on a shared computer.

RES - Reddit Enhancement Suite

RES Reddit Enhancement Suite image
RES makes Reddit even more awesome. Seriously.

Buffer for Firefox

buffer for chrome aug13 image
Buffer lets you automatically schedule Tweets and Facebook updates by keeping them in a queue for you.

Tab Management

Tab Utilities

tab utilities aug13 image
Feature-packed Firefox addon for getting the most out of your tabs.

TabGroups Manager

tabgroups manager aug13 image
Makes Firefox tab groups more accessible.

Duplicate Tab Closer

duplicate tab closer aug13 image
This Firefox addon quickly finds duplicate open tabs and closes one instance.

Tab Badge

tab badge aug13 image
Adds alerts for new events on websites like Gmail, Twitter and Facebook.

Session Manager

user agent switcher aug13 session manager aug13 image
Save your current session, including open tabs. Open these sessions later.

New Tab King

new tab king aug13 image
Easy access to your most-used sites and suggested sites.

Tile Tabs

tile tabs aug13 image
Lets you tile your open tabs in the one view.