The Best Chrome Extensions

On this page, you will find the best Chrome extensions for all your browsing needs. Using the right Chrome extensions can completely transform your online experience, and make your time on the Internet much more productive and interesting. We’ve made the effort to categorize the extensions and chose only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.



diigo aug13 image
A perfect tool for students/researchers and one of the best Chrome extensions for organization. Diigo lets you highlight, share and save web pages.

Read Later Fast

read later fast aug13 2 image
Read selected content both online and offline. It includes an excellent interface for organization of content you want to save quickly and easily.


xmarks aug13 image
Xmarks syncs your data across multiple computers and browsers. With Xmarks, you'll also be just a few clicks away from your bookmarks, passwords and tabs.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper image
The Evernote Web Clipper is the easiest way to save, mark up and share anything you see online.


zotero aug13 image
Helps you to collect, manage and cite the sources for your latest project.


pearltrees aug13 image
Bookmark and organise anything online that interests you into trees and share with others for a social bookmarking experience.



autopager aug13 image
With Autopager, the next page on a website is loaded automatically as you scroll. Won't work with every site but is compatible with many, including The New York Times, Google, and Amazon. URL Shortener

googl url shortener aug13 image
This handy Chrome extension lets you shorten URLs with Google URL shortener from the browser itself.

Hover Zoom

hover zoom aug13 image
Hover Zoom lets you quickly view thumbnails at full size by making images larger when you hover your cursor over them.


stylish aug13 image
Stylish lets a user add their own style elements to a website and the save them. The opposite of Plain Clothes.


readability aug13 image
This extension cuts out fancy features and sexy styles and enhances the text, but only when you want it to.

Google Dictionary by Google

google dictionary by google aug13 image
Want to know what that word means? Just double click! A definition will appear in a pop-up bubble. A number of major languages are supported.

Google Quick Scroll

google quick scroll aug13 image
Automatically highlights the text on a site that was relevant to your search and scrolls directly to it.

Minimalist for Everything

minimalist for everything aug13 image
A set of the best chrome extensions that let you re-style Gmail and Google Reader.

Layout Manager

layout manager aug13 image
This helpful app lets you re-load a set browser window layout with a single click.


blackmenu aug13 image
Access Google services and content, like Gmail, Google Drive documents and more; directly from Chrome.

Save To Google Drive

Save To Google Drive image
The quickest way to save web images and screenshots to Google Drive.


colorPicker 0.9

colorpicker aug13 image
ColorPicker 0.9 lets you experiment with colour and hex codes.


ietab aug13 image
IETab helps developers who enjoy Chrome see what their sites look like in IE. Simple, but crucial.

Image Properties Context Menu

image properties context menu aug13 image
Displays the properties of an image and makes that information easier to access.

IP Address

ip address aug13 image
With this extension, you can find out your IP in the blink of an eye.

PageRank Status

pagerank status aug13 image
What's the PageRank of your site? One of the best chrome extensions for ranking that will help you keep track of your site's performance from the Chrome toolbar.


pendule aug13 image
Consider Pendule to be a toolbox. It can validate code, disable style elements on the fly, show hidden page elements, and much more. Must-have for serious developers.

QR Code Generator

qr code generator aug13 image
Want to let a visitor send something to their mobile device? This extension will create QR codes with no fuss.

Speed Tracer (by Google)

speed tracer aug13 image
Web page performance can impact its ranking in Google. This tool will help you see how your site's load times fare, and provides what you need to find the culprits behind slow performance.


whatfont aug13 image
See a font that you like? Use WhatFont and discover what font it is in seconds.

Zemanta / Related Content

zemanta related content aug13 image
Zemanta is a blogging dashboard designed for bloggers who frequently make reference to other online content. It supports popular blog platforms including WordPress, TypePad and Blogger.

AdSense Publisher Toolbar

adsense publisher toolbar aug13 image
Google's offical Adsense plug-in provides you with quick-and-easy access to information about your website's performance.

Maps and Weather


mapnificent aug13 image
Provides a heat map showing public transportation transit time to any destination from your current location.

Weather Watcher Live

weather watcher live aug13 image
This simple weather extension adds a real-time temperature readout to Chrome, which can be clicked for additional local weather information.


quickrr aug13 image
Click on the Quickrr icon, enter the search term, and you'll be directed to Google Maps search results instantly.

Forecast Fox

forecast fox aug13 image
Real-time data from that can be accessed from Chrome with just one click.


currently aug13 image
Adds slick, customizable time and weather pages to new tab screens.


Android Push Contacts

android push contacts aug13 image
Push, shove, and send contacts from your browser to your phone. You can even send SMS messages straight from your computer.


mightytext aug13 image
Another way to send SMS messages to and from your Android while using Chrome. Requires its smartphone counterpart.

Chrome to Phone

chrome to phone aug13 image
Want to open a link on your phone, but don’t want the hassle of emailing it? Chrome to Phone can help.


Pocket Read It Later image
The easiest way to keep articles and other things for reading or viewing later on any device.

Send to Kindle

send to kindle aug13 image
Send documents or web pages to your Kindle quickly. Works with all current Kindles and requires just one click.

Music and Video


anesidora aug13 image
Like Pandora? Don't want to keep it open in a tab while listening? Anesidora can help by building Internet radio straight in to Chrome.

Auto HD for Youtube

auto hd for youtube aug13 image
The name says it all. With Auto HD, you'll never have to mess with YouTube resolution settings again.

Radio Player Live

radio player live aug13 image
Bored with Pandora? Radio Player Live is a multi-channel online radio player. You'll need to download additional plug-ins, but the effort is worthwhile.

Turn Off The Lights

turn off the lights aug13 image
This extension solves the problem of videos embedded on light backgrounds with a single mouse click.

Xbox Live Dashboard

xbox live dashboard aug13 image
This Chrome dashboard will let you go on Xbox Live. It includes a friends list and allows for reading and replying to messages.

YouTube Options

youtube options aug13 image
No surprises here. With YouTube Options you're able to change how the site looks or disable certain video features, such as annotations.


zazoo aug13 image
Have you ever wanted to see lyrics while watching a music video on YouTube? Now you can.


MediaHint image
The easiest way to view region-blocked content from anywhere.

Hola Unblocker

Hola Unblocker image
Quick and easy way to access region-blocked content.

News and Feeds


feedly aug13 image
This extension organizes feeds into an attractive thumbnail-and-headline centered format.


ireader aug13 image
Despite the name, this as nothing to do with Apple. It's a reader that strips out extraneous page elements and allows users to view multiple feeds at once.


newssquares aug13 image
This feed reader organizes feeds visually in your web browser. It's the most attractive reader around & very functional.

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)

rss subscription extension aug13 image
One of the best Chrome extensions for RSS. Automatically places a RSS subscription button in the browser when you visit a page that supports RSS.


clearly aug13 image
Cleans up articles and syncs to Evernote.


Send to Google Docs

send to google docs aug13 image
This extension lets you save websites using your Google Account and sends it to Google Docs and is thus accessible from any PC.


stayfocused aug13 image
StayFocusd can help by providing an on-screen timer and alerting you when you've wasted more time than you'd like.

Sumo Paint

sumo paint aug13 image
Sumo Paint is a web-only image editor. It is free, quick, and acts as a real web app.

Time Tracker

time tracker aug13 image
Logs how much time you spend on various websites. Keeps track of productivity for those of us who don't have a boss leering over our shoulders.

Write Space

write space aug13 image
This text editor is easy to use, and the app is entirely self-contained and offline, so it can be used at any time on any computer with Chrome.

Webpage Screenshot

webpage screenshot aug13 image
Takes a PNG/JPG image of a website which can then be shared. Because it captures an image, the content you share can't be changed, altered or taken down.

Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot aug13 image
Awesome Screenshot makes it possible to capture all or part of a webpage as an image, then annotate or apply basic edits if you desire.

Quick Note

quick note aug13 image
Quick Note allows you to type and organize notes online, then access them on other computers with your Diigo account.

Mega Button

mega button aug13 image
Mega Button acts a simple interface improvement that makes many features of Chrome accessible from a single 'mega' button.

Google Keep

Google Keep image
Quickly capture what's on your mind and be reminded at the right place or time.


anydo aug13 image
Lists personal to-do tasks in your browser. Can be updated via Gmail and a mobile app.


streak aug13 image
Streak helps manage business contacts in Gmail by creating custom information boxes that can be used to enter relevant data.

Grammarly Lite

grammarly lite aug13 image
The ultimate spell-checker for Chrome. Correct grammar, punctuation and other more subtle mistakes.

Screenleap for Gmail

screenleap for gmail aug13 image
Want to share your desktop view with a friend? Just send an invite over email with Gmail Share Screen.



clickclean aug13 image
This chrome extension will clean your hard disk, scan for malware, erase temporary files, and much more.

HTTPS everywhere

https everywhere aug13 image
Encrypt your web usage whenever possible to keep your private information safe.


lastpass aug13 image
Saves and encrypts your passwords on the LastPass web server. Log in to websites with a single click.

Personal Blocklist (by Google)

personal blocklist aug13 image
Frankly, this should be included by default. It adds the ability to block websites that you find suspicious (or just annoying) at any time. They'll no longer appear in search results.

Web of Trust

web of trust aug13 image
Web of Trust rates websites based on the experiences of others, so you can avoid sites that are known to be harmful and stick to those known to be legit.


Track Me Not image
Confuses trackers by adding ghost data to your search history.


Add to Amazon Wish List

add to amazon wish list aug13 image
Use this extension to add anything you want to your Amazon wish list. Wish List is also available on most smartphones via Amazon's mobile app.

Currency Converter

currency converter aug13 image
Looking to buy something from a store that doesn't use your currency? Currency Converter supports most world currencies and can convert to multiple currencies at once.

eBay Extension for Chrome

ebay extension for chrome aug13 image
This official eBay Chrome extension is essential for anyone who uses the site frequently. It notifies you when you have new bids, allows for easy auction monitoring, and much more.

The Camelizer

the camelizer aug13 image
The definitive price-checking extension for Chrome with advanced features like price graphs for a number of popular online retailers.



Hangouts Chrome image
Brings Google Hangouts into Chrome so you can stay connected.

Buffer for Chrome

buffer for chrome aug13 image
Buffer helps by putting your tweets in a queue and sending them out over time. You can write many tweets at once, and then have them sent throughout the day.


wisestamp aug13 image
WiseStamp makes it easy to send out a signature with your social networking information on all or some of your emails, whichever you prefer.


rapportive aug13 image
Rapportive searches and displays available information about your email contacts, including their occupation, photo, and even location.

Offline Google Mail

offline google mail aug13 image
Another extension that fills the gap between Gmail and traditional email clients.

Send From Gmail (by Google)

send from gmail aug13 image
Allows you to compose email in Gmail whenever you click on an email address. Quite handy, and works smoothly.

attachments me aug13 2 image
Organize attached files and coordinate attachments with cloud storage accounts.

Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang For Gmail image
Lets you send email later and snooze incoming email.

Facebook for Chrome

facebook for chrome aug13 image
This unofficial extension brings Facebook features to the Chrome interface. Must-have for anyone who frequently checks the news feed or uses the chat features.

No Theater Facebook Image Gallery

no theater facebook image gallery aug13 image
Removes the newer Facebook Image Gallery in favor of the older solution, where each image was displayed on its own page.

Pigeon Carrier

pigeon carrier aug13 image
Pigeon Carrier makes it possible to share files over Twitter using your Dropbox account. Share files in your tweets by clicking the Add Attachment button.

Reddit Companion

reddit companion aug13 image
A must-have for any Reddit fan, this extension places site functions such as vote, save and more in the Chrome interface.

Replies and More for Google+

replies and more for google aug13 image
Want to reply to someone who has posted an update on Google+? This extension adds Reply and Reply to Author links, as well as a few other seemingly random enhancements.


silverbird aug13 image
Once installed, Silverbird makes it possible to access Twitter functions from a button in the Chrome interface.


tweetdeck aug13 image
Another alternative Twitter interface, TweetDeck works in full screen and re-arranges the interface so you can see more at once.

eBuddy Web Messenger

ebuddy web messenger aug13 image
Just a nice, unified web messenger built in to Chrome. It supports Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, FaceBook Chat, AIM and more.


imgur aug13 image
Add screenshots, photos and other images to your Imgur account directly from Chrome.

Photo Zoom for Facebook

photo zoom for facebook aug13 image
Automatically zooms in on Facebook photos when you hover your cursor over them.

RES - Reddit Enhancement Suite

RES Reddit Enhancement Suite image
RES makes Reddit even more awesome. Seriously.

Tab Management

Reload All Tabs

reload all tabs aug13 image
Reloads all open tabs. Obviously, that's much quicker than reloading each tab individually, so this is a must-have for serious tabaholics.


tabcloud aug13 image
Tab Cloud lets you transfer your browsing session from one computer to another. You can also see saved sessions with a built-in interface.

Tab Expose

tab expose aug13 image
This extension provides an alternative tab interface that includes thumbnail previews. It's a good choice for users who keep 5-20 tabs open at once.


tabsplus aug13 image
TabsPlus lets you modify the default behaviors of tabs. You can change what happens when a new tab is opened, or what the tab Chrome will switch to when you close an open tab.

Tab Scissors

tab scissors aug13 image
Snip! Now your single browser window is cut in two. This is an awesome extension for people who need to compare websites or online documents side-by-side.


toomanytabs aug13 image
Designed for people who keep 20+ tabs open at a time, this extension offers a unique tiled tab interface, tab search, tab restore, and much more.

Speed Dial 2

speed dial 2 aug13 image
Speed Dial replicates the functionality of the New Tab page, but allows for customization. Specific sites can be added or removed.

Sexy Undo Close Tab

sexy undo close tab aug13 image
Provides an easy interface that can be used to quickly restore closed tabs.

Awesome New Tab Page

awesome new tab page aug13 image
Replaces the normal new tab interface with an attractive, customizable tile-based interface that can provide quick access to both web apps and web pages.

Session Buddy

Session Buddy image
Keep track of your tab session history and restore it quickly after a crash.