The Best Android Games

On this page, you will find the best Android games to keep you entertained on your mobile device. These are the best Android games that will keep you entertained for hours as you solve puzzles, play arcade-style games, experience amazing simulation games, and so much more. These Android games are hand selected, and updated frequently. Check back often!


Fruit Ninja Free

Pick between three different modes. Slice fruit and create combos to get points!

The Dark Knight Rises ($6.99)

Play as Batman and protect Gotham city from Bane.

Crime City

Fight and rob others, get jobs, and much more in this crime story.

Heroes Call HD

Explore 30 dungeons in this RPG.

Minecraft PE ($6.99)

Now you can play Minecraft on the go. Create worlds, build, mine, and craft!

Man vs Rocks

Dodge the rocks in over 20 levels.

Tank Riders ($1.99)

Attack enemies in this 3D tank battle Android game!

Spirit HD ($2.99)

Guide Spirit with your finger and defeat enemies!

Modern Combat 2

Complete the mission you started in modern combat. One of the best Android games in the FPS genre. $6.99

Pinball Deluxe

Play pinball on your phone with 5 different tables.

Meganoid ($2.63)

Play in over 300 levels and 3 games modes, with pixel-art style.

Death Worm ($1.99)

Become the terrifying monster in this action-packed future world.

Cartoon Wars 2

The next exciting defense game in the Cartoon Wars series.

Monster Shooter: Lost Levels

Shooting up monsters in this 2D action Android game couldn't be any more addictive than this!

Castle Master 3D

You have an army of 300 followers against the castle defended by 300 strong.


Battle against robots with lasers, microwaves and electricity.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Free-to-play, gorgeous graphics, and unique cars. Vroom!

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit ($4.99)

Take on the cops and outrun the law in this heart-pounding racing game.

Real Racing 3 ($1.99)

One of the most realistic racing games yet, including Porsche, Lamborghini and more.

Reckless Racing

This Android game is for you if off-road dirt track racing is your thing.

Mini Motor Racing ($1.99)

Race with mini cars against four of your friends!

Road Trip

Tilt your car so it can roll and jump, and do stunts to get nitro-boosts!

Offroad Legends

Take your Monster Truck off-road and cause some real damage!

Riptide GP ($1.99)

A unique water racing game that'll make you feel like you're getting soaked.

Hill Climb Racing

This addictive driving game incorporates physics into a wild hill driving experience.

Men In Black 3

You are in charge of the MIB agency, can you keep humanity safe?

Renaissance Blood ($3.99)

Find Da Vinci's blueprint by any means necessary.

Slingshot Racing ($0.99)

A single-button top-view racing game with a unique mechanic.


Canabalt HD ($2.99)

Wearing your 3-piece suit, run as far as you can over the rooftops in this apocalyptic action game.

Mystery of the Crystal Portal

Embark on an epic mystery adventure to find Nicole's missing father.

Wind Up Knight

Save the princess from the Black Knight by leading the Wind-up knight through 50 levels of this 3D game.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Build a crew, battle, and go on quests all in this Android game.

Dragon & Dracula ($0.99)

As baby dragon, you must embark on an epic journey to survive.

Quiet, Please! ($0.99)

Solve puzzles in this retro adventure to keep things quiet.

Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster

Take your furry monster across floating islands to collect the stars that he craves.


Bag It! ($1.99)

A fast-paced game where you must stack and bag food as fast as you can.

World of Goo ($4.99)

You've never explored a gooey world like this before.

Jenga ($2.99)

Play Jenga... on your phone!


An addictive matching game, well-known for its visual simplicity.

EDGE Extended ($2.99)

If you liked EDGE, you'll love the unique mechanics and new levels in this sequel.

Snarkbusters ($0.99)

Solve the puzzles and find the clues to uncover the location of the mysterious Snark.

Amazing Alex ($0.99)

Create amazing chain reaction inventions to complete Alex's task with the least effort possible.

Classic MasterMind

Another classic board game converted to digital form, with good success.

Flow Free

Match like colors and solve this colorful puzzle Android game with hundreds of brain-bending levels.


Redirect laser beams using reflective blocks. Gets super-hard.

Unblock Me

Slide blocks around to get the red block off the board. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is!

100 Floors

Solve a puzzle to advance to the next floor. Solve all 100 puzzles to win!

Jewels Star

In this match 3 game, get each star from each level to win.


Solve over 80 puzzles.

Quell Memento+

The latest sequel in the Quell franchise, with more elements.

Cut the Rope ($0.99)

Swipe the rope to cut it and get the candy to Om Nom!

Cheese Tower

Help Jimmy the cat clear all the gray ‘Mouse’ blocks, and keep the cheese blocks.

Chip Chain

An engaging casino-themed matching game.

Wordfeud ($2.99)

In this multiplay game, try to make the highest scoring word!


A beautiful and unique word game.

Meon ($0.99)

Like cute creatures and addictive puzzles? This light-puzzle game is for you!

Plight of the Zombie

Stop killing the zombies, instead start feeding the zombies!

Shoot the Apple

Aim your cannon and shoot alien to the beloved apple.

Start The Rockets!

If you love explosive chain reactions, this pyrotechnic puzzle game is perfect for you!

Alien Plant Planet

Explore a magical alien planet with this intriguing puzzle adventure game.

Triple Town

In this innovative puzzle game, you grow your town by solving game piece puzzles.


Take your tiny robot through obstacles to escape and learn more about his fate.


Tiny Tower

Build a cool tiny tower for your citizens!

Absolute RC Heli sim

Fly a RC helicopter in this simulator.


Enjoy airplane combat in Dogfight.

Fly like a bird 3 ($1.62)

Become a bird and the see world through its eyes. You can do anything a bird can!

Air Control ($2.99)

Become an air traffic controller and fly planes into the correct runways.

The Sims 3 ($6.99)

Create sims, build up your house, get a job, and much more!

Flick Golf! ($0.99)

Flick the golf ball and watch out for hazards!

Game Dev Story ($2.50)

Hire staff and try to get to the top of the video game industry!

Stick Cricket

Play Cricket on your phone!

Airplane Mania ($0.99)

Land the planes in the runways, make sure the passengers get on, then send the plane off!

Flight Control ($2.99)

Land planes, avoid collisions, and more!

Strikefleet Omega

You are Admiral of Strikefleet Omega in this space strategy game.

Big Win Soccer

Play this world class football game that anyone in the world would love.

Extreme Skater

Not only simulated skateboarding, but an adventure to boot!

Super Stickman Golf 2

Part 2 of Super Stickman Golf brings 2D physics to this addictive Android golfing game.

First Person Shooter

Max Payne ($2.99)

Play as Max Payne, an undercover cop framed for murder, in this action-shooter Android game.

Dead Trigger

In this First-person shooter, kill zombies in a post-apocalypse world.

9MM ($6.99)

Escape the gang and then turn the tables on those out to get you.

N.O.V.A. 3 ($6.99)

You are once again Kal in this epic sci-fi FPS adventure.

Tower Defense

Rymdkapsel ($4.12)

Part tower-defense, part Tetris, part RTS, Rymdkapsel is challenging and unique.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld ($2.99)

Defend your homeworld with all new weapons and a massive arsenal.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth ($3.99)

This game turns tower defense on its head as you attack the alien towers.

Anomaly 2 ($4.99)

A gorgeous tower offense game.

Defender II

Just like defender, a great tower defense game!



A beautifully minimalistic, yet challenging, platformer.

Radiant ($1.99)

If you liked Space Invaders on the Atari, you'll love this awesome space shooter.

Angry Birds: Space

In this Angry Birds favorite, gravity acts strangely upon the flying birds.

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Angry Birds + Star Wars = epic physics win

Dumb Ways to Die

Stay alive as various things try to kill you. The graphics are worth it.

Can Knockdown 2 ($0.99)

Love trying to topple cans at the fair? Then this one is for you.

Osmos HD ($2.99)

Experience the Darwinian world where organisms either absorb smaller organisms, or be swallowed.


The best Tetris-like game you can find on Google Play. Customizable and innovative.

Gem Miner

Dig your mine to discover ores and gems to build your fortune.

Granny Smith ($2.00)

An intense platformer where you take on the role of a ferocious senior citizen.


Rotate the central orb so that incoming colored dots hit the right segments. Starts slow, then gets crazy.

Angry Birds

Destroy the pigs who stole the birds' eggs! Just flick the slingshot!

Chicken Invaders 3

Defeat the invading chickens before they take over the whole solar system!

Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Defend your village from zombies as a samurai!

Replica Island

40 2D side-scrolling levels prevent obstacles and challenges you must face.

Bad Piggies

This is one of the most imaginative versions of Angry Birds yet.

Hundreds ($4.99)

In two words: Inflate circles. Yes, it's good enough to be worth $5.



A free and excellent Risk clone with multiple maps and multiplayer features.

Scramble with Friend ($0.99)

The best Android game for word-play puts a whole new twist on Scrabble, and you can play it with y our friends!

Run in crowd

Race with others, with a new world to run in every day!