The Best Android Apps

On this page, you will find the best Android apps for all your needs. We’ve taken the effort to categorize the apps and picked only those we believe to be the best ones and which will most likely be useful to you.


Gravity Screen

gravityscreen image

Llama – Location Profiles

llama aug13 image
A handy automation utility, less versatile than Tasker, but free.

NFC Task Launcher

nfc task launcher aug13 image
Lets you use NFC tags and stickers to control your phone, put it on silent mode when you put it on the bed stand, and more.


sanity aug13 image
Filters calls, announces callers via audio, records calls, and can even automatically answer calls.

Shush! Ringer Restorer

shush ringer restorer aug13 image
An application that lets you silence your phone for a set time, and then un-silences it.

Silent Time Pro ($1.99)

silent time pro aug13 image
Silences the phone according to a weekly schedule, in case you find Tasker too complex.

Tasker ($6.49)

tasker aug13 image
The ultimate automation utility — some people buy an Android device just to use it.



evolved image
A slick, beautifully modern take on what an SMS app should look like.

Go SMS Pro

go sms pro aug13 image
A fancy replacement for the built-in SMS utility, with theme support.

imo im aug13 image
An IM client for Skype, Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Myspace. Woah.

Postman: SMS Spam Blocker

postman aug13 image
A simple, powerful way to filter spam text messages. Helps tune out the noise.


skype aug13 image
It’s bloated, it’s quirky, but it’s Skype. Absolutely essential for long-distance calls.

SMS Popup

sms popup aug13 image
If you don’t use Go SMS Pro, install SMS Popup to instantly see new SMSes.


telegram image
A serious WhatsApp competitor that stresses privacy with strong encryption features.


textra image
Another modern SMS app with a strong emphasis on emoticons and light/dark themes.

Viber : Free Calls & Messages

viber aug13 image
A VoIP client that lets you call and text other users for free, worldwide. Very popular.


xabber aug13 image
A simple chat client for XMPP (Jabber) networks like Google Talk, Facebook chat, and more.


AnkiDroid flashcards

ankidroid flashcards aug13 image
Memorize information efficiently while on the go with Anki’s smart algorithm.

AnyMemo Free

anymemo free aug13 image
A flash card application for memorizing information.


kindle aug13 image
A fantastic reading experience. Stays in sync with your “real” Kindle.


kobo aug13 image
If Kindle isn’t your cup of tea, try this alternative reader.


ted air aug13 image
Provides a way to watch TED talks on your device. Get smarter on the go.


wapedia aug13 image
Wikipedia’s mobile website is good. Wapedia is better. Also supports other wikis.

WolframAlpha ($1.99)

wolframalpha aug13 image
Amaze your friends with crazy facts and figures. How much sodium is in a banana?

Aldiko Book Reader

aldiko book reader aug13 image
A customizable book reader which also lets you purchase books from within the app.

Moon+ Reader

moon+ reader aug13 image
An very customizable ebook reader with full-screen support, rich gestures, and lots more.


Beautiful Widgets ($1.99)

beautiful widgets aug13 image
Check out the weather or the time in style with these huge, gorgeous widgets.


colors aug13 image
Lets you set a solid color as your wallpaper. Nice and simple.

FreshCoat Wallpaper Creator

freshcoat image
A fun and versatile way to create custom wallpapers right on your device.

Origami Live Wallpaper

origami image
A simple, geometric, live wallpaper.

Pattern Wallpapers

pattern wallpapers aug13 image
A collection of beautiful, soothing pattern wallpapers. They say there are over a million of them.

Yahoo Weather

yahooweather image
A surprisingly beautiful weather app from this aging Internet giant.


weatherbug aug13 image
Check out the weather everywhere in the world in excruciating detail, synoptic maps and all.

WP Clock

wp clock aug13 image
A huge, in-your-face, live wallpaper with the time, date, battery and Wi-Fi network.



endomondo aug13 image
Social sports training. Compete against your friends, get real-time feedback.

Evernote Food

evernote food aug13 image
A gorgeous way to remember your favorite meals and restaurants.

Gentle Alarm ($2.85)

gentle alarm aug13 2 image
The best alarm clock money can buy, at least for Android.

KeepTrack Pro ($2)

keeptrack pro aug13 image
Lets you track just about anything, from weight to happiness.

Libra – Weight Manager

libra aug13 image
Log your weight. An essential part of my morning routine. Syncs with DailyBurn and Withings.

My Tracks

my tracks aug13 image
Uses the GPS to plot your whereabouts on a map. Great for jogging and hiking.


petometer aug13 image
Track your walks with your dog — time, distance, pace, and route.


runkeeper aug13 image
Fantastic guided fitness training, with a powerful website. Not just for running.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

strava image
A powerful bicycling app with GPS, stats, and everything else you need to map out your rides.


jefit aug13 image
Massively popular weight training and bodybuilding app, with a workout planner, workout logs and a companion website.


Action Launcher

actionlauncher image
A powerful and modern launcher, with a side-sliding app drawer.


appdialer image
A super-fast way to launch any app on your system.

Nova Launcher

nova launcher aug13 image
Another powerful launcher for ICS; the one I personally use.

Gesture Search

gesture search aug13 image
Draw letters on the screen, and it finds the app you want to launch. By Google.

GO Launcher EX

go launcher ex aug13 image
Launcher of choice. Feature-packed, yet still lean.


swipepad aug13 image
Launch your favorite apps in a flash, from any app. Transformed my Android experience — a must-have.


themer image
A cutting-edge launcher from MyColorScreen that lets you apply themes to your homescreen in moments.



antennapod image
A free, powerful, open-source podcast manager.

MX Player

mx player aug13 image
A do-it-all video player with zooming, multi-core decoding, and more.

Tuner - gStrings Free

tuner gstrings free aug13 image
A handy app for tuning many musical instruments.

doubleTwist Player

doubletwist player aug13 image
Sync your Android device with iTunes. Requires free Windows/Mac companion app.

Google Play Music

playmusic image
Google's own music player. Syncs all of your songs to the cloud, simply excellent.

Jango Radio

jango radio aug13 image
A free, unlimited personal radio application

PlayerPro ($4.99)

playerpro aug13 image
A powerful, skinnable audio player with advanced filtering capabilities. Pricey.

Pocket Casts ($3.75)

pocketcasts image
A powerful podcast client with cross-device sync.


shazam aug13 image
Competes with SoundHound. Tries to figure out what music is playing in the background.

Slacker Radio

slacker radio aug13 image
Unlimited, free, customizable radio. US-only.


soundhound aug13 image
Identify any song playing in the background. A direct competitor to Shazam.


winamp aug13 image
The classic audio player for llama lovers comes to Android. Free and awesome.


poweramp aug13 image
A powerful audio player, supports multiple formats, downloads missing album art, and much more.

TuneIn Radio

tunein radio aug13 image
Listen to radio stations from all over the world; a great way to discover new music.


nodebeat aug13 image
Create beautiful soundscapes with this visual musical instrument; great for jamming.


PicsArt - Photo Studio

picsart photo studio aug13 image
A lovely, simple, photo editor with effects and clipart.


camera360 aug13 image
A very powerful camera app with built-in effects.

Handy Photo ($2)

handyphoto image
A powerful and creative photo editor.


instagram aug13 image
Oh, just a little photography app you may have heard of. Owned by Facebook, installed over 50 million times.

Line Brush

linebrush image
A free, fun way to draw on photos and create paintings.

Little Photo

little photo aug13 image
Add funky effects to your photographs. Insanely popular and free.


fxcamera aug13 image
A free (ad-supported) camera application with several effects.


snapseed aug13 image
An amazing photo editor with tight Google+ integration and gorgeous effects.


vscocam image
A slick, hipster-friendly way to apply retro effects to your photos.


vignette aug13 image
A powerful, menu-driven camera app with lots of manual control options, 84 effects and 59 optional frames.


quickpic aug13 image
A photo gallery replacement with a strong emphasis on speed and responsiveness.


Do it (Tomorrow)

do ittomorrow aug13 image
A simple, effective to-do list with a nice bit of style.


draft image
A supremely excellent notepad app, supports Dropbox sync and Markdown.

TouchDown for Smartphones

touchdown for smartphones aug13 image
For corporate types: Syncs contacts, email, and calendar with Exchange.

Out of Milk Shopping List

out of milk shopping list aug13 image
An easy to use shopping list app that can double as a to-do list.

Google Keep

keep image
A simple, lightweight way to keep personal notes in sync across devices and the Web.


gtasks aug13 image
A swanky-looking to-do list that syncs with Google Tasks.

Google Tasks Incredible Lite

gti image
A slick, elegant Google Tasks client.

Call Blocker

call blocker aug13 image
Keep pesky callers out of your phone with this simple app.


anydo aug13 image
A slick to-do list utility.

Barcode Scanner

barcode scanner aug13 image
Makes sense of those square squiggles everybody’s pointing their phones at.

Call Log Calendar Free

call log calendar free aug13 image
Saves calls and SMSes on to Google Calendar, optionally with location info. Great for billing clients.

Diaro - personal diary

diaro personal diary aug13 image
A powerful and easy-to-use personal diary app, with tags, categories, and an online companion website.


dropbox aug13 image
The official app. Doesn’t support continuous sync, but allows access to your files when you need it.


dropspace aug13 image
Uploads files from SD onto Dropbox whenever they change. Backup to the cloud.


evernote aug13 image
The do-it-all notes application. If you use Evernote on Windows/Mac, this is a must-have.

Floating Stickies

floating stickies aug13 image
Name says it all, really. Sticky notes for Android! Well implemented.

Habit Streak Pro

habit streak pro aug13 image
A fantastic way to keep track of daily habits using Seinfeld's chain method. There's a free version, too, but Pro is worth $3.


lightpaper image
A beautiful, elegant note-keeping app with strong Dropbox support.

Mr. Number

mrnumber image
A call and text blocker, aids in the fight against spam.

Ovo Timer

ovo timer aug13 image
A super-slick and elegant timer app, with simple, one-handed operation and speech recognition.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

shopsavvy barcode scanner aug13 image
Scan barcodes on store products and compare prices on the go.


simplenote image
The official client for lightweight note service Simplenote.

Simple Notepad

simple notepad aug13 image
A beautifully simple, powerful notepad app. Supports Dropbox sync, and is a joy to use otherwise.


springpad aug13 image
Gives Evernote a run for its money. Has a Web-based client too.


transit image
A great way to get around public transport, if your city is supported.


waze aug13 image
A crowd-sourced GPS app, aware of traffic conditions. For drivers only (not pedestrians).


App Protector Pro ($1.99)

app protector pro aug13 image
Selectively block access to certain applications. Can toggle locking as needed.


keepassdroid aug13 image
If you use KeePass on the PC, this is a must-have. Manage your passwords with absolute security.

Lookout Mobile Security

lookout mobile security aug13 image
Scan for malware and manage your device remotely.

No Lock

no lock aug13 image
The simplest way to toggle your device’s lock-screen. Widget included.

SeekDroid ($0.99)

seekdroid aug13 image
Find your device if it’s ever stolen.



getglue aug13 image
A social recommendation engine for books, movies, and more. Available on the Web too.


hootsuite aug13 image
A single app for Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. The mobile companion for

Reddit Is Fun

redditisfun image
A Holo reddit client with an optional premium version.


seesmic aug13 image
Supports multiple Twitter accounts, as well as Facebook and Buzz. Features fast shortcuts.

UberSocial for Twitter

ubersocial for twitter aug13 image
A powerful, customizable Twitter client. Used to be known as Twitdroid.


plume aug13 image
A Twitter client with a multi-column mode for tablets and extra-shiny graphics.

WhatsApp Messenger

whatsapp messenger aug13 image
A messenger application, like SMS but without SMSes.


twicca aug13 image
A beautiful, minimalistic Twitter client. Multiple accounts are 'experimental'.



airdroid aug13 image
Lets you manage your phone without touching it, from the comfort of a browser.

Fancy Widgets

fancy widgets aug13 image
Gorgeous clock and weather widgets for your home screen.

File Manager

filemanager image
An elegant, Holo file manager that keep things lean and clean.

Google Drive

google drive aug13 image
Access your Google Drive files right from your smartphone.

Lux Auto Brightness - Lite

lux auto brightness lite aug13 image
Automatic brightness settings as they should have been in the first place. Powerful and customizable.

Minimalistic Text

minimalistic text aug13 image
Lets you create stylish text widgets showing time and system data.

Hide It Pro

hide it pro aug13 image
Protects your privacy by letting you hide photos and videos.

Amazon Appstore

amazon appstore aug13 image
An alternative Market. Offers a free daily app.

ES File Explorer

es file explorer aug13 image
A powerful file manager. Supports cloud storage, FTP, and of course, managing your device's local files.

File Expert

file expert aug13 image
A powerful file manager with a built-in FTP/HTTP server, SMB client and more.

Hola Accelerator & Unblocker

hola accelerator unblocker aug13 image
Unblocks geographically restricted or censored websites so you can enjoy them from anywhere in the world.

ROM Manager

rom manager aug13 image
Download ROMs and flash your device seamlessly. Requires root access.

Root Explorer ($4)

root explorer aug13 image
An excellent file exporer for rooted devices.

Stats Free

stats free aug13 image
Monitors and saves SMS, call and data usage so you don’t exceed your plan.

SwiftKey 3 ($1)

swiftkey 3 aug13 image
A powerful keyboard with predictive text abilities. It knows what you're going to type next.


swype aug13 image
A sexy sliding keyboard. $1

Titanium Backup

titanium backup aug13 image
The must-have backup utility. Saved me numerous times. Rooted devices only.


diskusage aug13 image
For visualizing what is taking up all of that precious space on your SD card.

WiFi Analyzer

wifi analyzer aug13 image
Use your phone to see in-depth info on all WiFi networks in range, and configure your own network for best connectivity.



drippler aug13 image
Keeps you up-to-date with news about your Android phone.

Dolphin Browser HD

dolphin browser hd aug13 image
An alternative browser with a dedicated following.


flipboard image
A dynamic, customizable magazine. Looks great and pulls in content from many sources.

Pulse News

pulse news aug13 image
A beautiful news reader, can sync with Google reader. A joy to use.


pocket read it later aug13 image
Mark things to read and watch later on the PC, then read and watch them with this app while on the go.

YouTube Remote

youtube remote aug13 image
Control YouTube on any computer or Internet TV with this free app from Google.

Viral Floating Youtube Popup

viral image
An alternative YouTube client that's miles better than the default one.


mvideoplayer aug13 image
A powerful video player with subtitle support and built-in IMDB search.