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MakeUseOf Giveaway Program

Over the past months, MakeUseOf’s giveaway program has been a major success. We enjoy every part of developing the system, building relationships with software developers, PR specialists and even the readers. Giveaways provide the perfect platform for all 3 aspects of personal technology (makers, media, users) to communicate and interact.

If you’re interested in holding a giveaway on MakeUseOf, here’s what you need to know.

Giveaways are accompanied by a review of your product, and they either run for at least 5 days (at our discretion). Our readers act as participants and spread the word about the giveaway on social networks. During the course of the giveaway, we’ll promote the event/app heavily via Twitter and our Facebook page (which have over 500,000 followers collectively), in our newsletter (with over 410,000 readers) and by featuring the giveaway on our site’s home page. After the giveaway is over, the winners are selected at random and announced.

What can you expect from holding a giveaway?

By participating in our giveaway program, your product will get a fair review on one of the most popular tech blogs online. We’ve recently been named one of the Top 100 Best Websites 2010 by PC Magazine (and in 2008 and 2007). We also get featured in the press — our associate editor, Jackson Chung M.D., was interviewed by the Washington Post. MakeUseOf is known to only promote products that we believe in and that ideology has seeped into the mindset of our readers. They expect everything on our site to be worthy of a look. So in other words, we inspire confidence in the products that we showcase.

In addition to that, you can also expect a decent amount of exposure. We rake in over 11 million unique visits and 18 million page views every month. Our Facebook page gets over 20,000,000 page views a month.

What do we expect from you?

We want you to tell us all about your best products! Hit us with anything you think will make the readers go wild over. If we agree to a giveaway, we’ll reply you with further details.

Effective May 2013, our sponsorship requirements will change:

  • If your product is digital: 10 copies*
  • If your product is physical: 1 unit*

*in addition to 1 complimentary review unit or license.

We do not impose geographical restrictions on physical product giveaways (unless agreed upon prior to the review). All delivery fees incurred are borne by the sponsor.

How do giveaways look like?

Here are a few of the most popular giveaways we’ve had:
New iPad Review and Giveaway
Lomography LomoKino Review And Giveaway
ASUS Transformer Prime Review and Giveaway
Canon Rebel T4i dSLR Review and Giveaway
Griffin, TouchTec, AmazonBasics Styluses Review and Giveaway
PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Review And Giveaway
Wacom Intuos5 touch Small Pen Tablet Review and Giveaway
Kindle Touch Review and Giveaway
CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi220 Review and Giveaway
Kindle Fire – Full Review and Giveaway
Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Review and Giveaway
Apple iPad Mini Review and Giveaway
ZIIIRO Celeste Watch Review and Giveaway
Microsoft Surface Tablet Review and Giveaway
iPhone 5 Review and Giveaway

Reserve a giveaway date

Please contact Jackson Chung for more information.

MakeUseOf reserves the right to refuse your application to hold a giveaway. In any case, you can always expect a response from us — we never ignore anyone.