Why have all my .zip files been converted to .pdf?
Question by Folusho Ajayi /
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All of my zip files have been converted to PDF files and whenever I try to download a zip, I can’t open it. I have Adobe Reader on my system, but that’s it. So how do I convert/restore my zip files back to normal so I can open them?

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Answers (3)
  • Jay

    use system restore.
    go back to a restore point before the problem occurred.


    Hello, do you use the default windows software to open .zip files? or some other software like winzip, 7-zip, winrar, etc?  What is your operating system? 

    First thing I would do would be open your default pdf reader and find the options or preferences menu.  Once you find the options/preference menu, see if you can find the file association menu.  Once you find the file association menu, see if there is an option for .zip files and if there is, uncheck it and save the new settings.  

    Second thing would be to open whatever application you use for opening .zip files.  Find the option for settings and preferences and make sure you make that the default application for opening .zip files and save settings.  You could also navigate to a zip file, right click on it and select the open with option.  When the open with menu opens, see if your default program from before appears there, if it doesn't appear click on the more programs and select it there.

    The third option would be the easiest one.  You can download the extension fixer for your zip files.  There are several sites that offer this for download, the only thing you have to do is make sure to select your operating system:

    for windows 7, go to following site, follow the instructions and download the extension fixer file for .zip:


    for vista, follow instructions onsite on how to download and install fixer:


    for XP:

    For the XP zip extension fixer, the file is a .reg file.  Navigate to folder where file was downloading and double click on it.  When notice pops up select yes and that should be it.

    • Folusho Ajayi

      Thank you so much. This was helpful. Apologies for the delay. Didn't realise my question had long been answered.

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