Why do all YouTube videos suddenly show a green screen?
Question by Aaron /

I just got VLC and DIVX, now all YouTube only shows a green screen. What can I do?

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Answers (59)
  • N

    Wow thanks for this been doing my head in since i got the laptop and never bothered to look into it hahahaha

  • Malik

    Right click
    go to settings and
    on first tab uncheck Hardware acceleration

  • louis

    it does not work help! me! help me!

  • VinhTranq

    just pause the video, right click on the screen, choose the first tab and uncheck hardware acceleration

  • Muhammad Zohair Khan

    Thanx Alex…it works…:D

  • Abel Corona

    This happened right after I updated AMD Vision drivers.

  • Monika

    how come it’s not working for me?? :@

    I’m going all nuts. HELP ME HELP ME!
    I already saw all the comments but I can NOT find ” enable hardware ” whatever! :L

  • Sandy464646

    hey thkxx ALEXX ur a life saver ..!! cheers mate ..:) god bless..:)

  • JP

    “Disable hardware acceleration” -trick worked for me. Million thanks!

  • Matt Clarke

    Alex’s fix worked for me also. Thanks, Alex!

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