Why can’t my Yahoo Messenger contacts see that I am online?
Question by Sean /
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My status is set to available but my contacts can’t see that I am online. What can I do to make sure my status is “online” and that my friends can see me?

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Answers (8)
  • Abba Jee

    maybe you or your friends who can't see you online ever blocked or ignored , and later didn't un-blocked later , once you both should check in your preferences

  • Douglas Mutay

    There is no need to give yourself a headache. Either you're on line or not and if you are on line and they still can see you, there's only one option: your visiblity status. Make yourself visible to the other.

  • Freud Iomc

    Your YIM is set to "invisible"

  • April Eum

    you might have set your settings to invisible which shows that you are online but no one else can see you. check your settings.

  • fatihamzah

    Check your visiblity status: Messenger-My Status and make it Visible to the others

  • Aditya Roy

    Its possible you have added your friends to your friend list but they have not confirmed yours.
    Delete your friend from your friend list and add them again. Should work.

  • Lambvolution

    try to update it and then restart your device (pc/notebook/tablet)

  • Jamie VanRaalte

    I'm not exactly sure - that is a bit odd. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing Yahoo Messenger?

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