Can you recommend an XBoot alternative that works on Windows?

Keefe Kingston October 18, 2012
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After reading the article on making a boot disk using multiple ISOs, I wanted to build my own. I want to put the BitDefender Rescue CD, along with my Acronis Rescue CD on one disk, and maybe add a small Linux OS. Unfortunately, the program in the article was for a Linux distro, and not for Windows. So I tried XBoot (, as that would allow me to do so. Only one problem: for some reason, I can’t drag and drop the ISO files into the box, which is the only way to add them inside the program. Whenever I drag them in, my cursor changes to that circle with a slash through it, telling me that I can’t copy it. And you have to pay to join the support forums there, so I can’t even seek help.

So anyways, I am looking for an alternative now. Something that will get the job done, hopefully. What I’m wanting is something that:
-Works on Windows
-Can create a bootable CD that sponsors multiple bootable ISOs
-Is free (most of the best tools are free, afterall)
-And support bootable CDs like Bitdefender, and Arconis Recsue CDs

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I want to slim down on how many CDs I have!

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