How can I wirelessly view content with iPad which resides on a Windows PC?
Question by Marc de Ruyter /

Synchronizing the iPad every time seems strange when you just want to view some photos or videos and already have a wireless network. I do not want to use the cable, but just the WiFi network to access files which are on a Windows 7 or Windows XP PC.

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Answers (7)
  • Satheesh

    I’m using Tonido on my iPad3 .It works perfect. More over its FREE…

  • Jaxk23

    you can even control your PC using i-pad get tight VNC there are many how to videos on youtube

  • Edward Law

    Have you tried Dropbox? –

    It has a iPad app I understand (I only own an iPod touch), and you can place files in the cloud using Dropbox and then stream/download them to your iPad to view.

    Works a treat using your home Wi-Fi! :)

  • James Bruce

    There are two paid apps to do what you want.

    The first is for accessing regular files, though I don’t know how well it handles photographs specifically. It accesses files stored on a network share just as you would from other computers, so of course anything you want to access will need to set up. To do that in Windows 7, just right click the folder -> Properties -> Sharing -> Advanced Sharing -> Share this folder

    The app I personally use for videos is also a paid app called AirVideo

    You need to run a helper app on the PC side too, but then it enables you to stream any video to your iPad, not just native mp4 videos – it will encode them as you watch! Very clever stuff if you ask me.

    • A_W


      Can I use AirVideo to see photos (JPEG files)? My photos are stored on Window 7 PC and I have been trying to use AirPlayer but ridiculously slow speed makes it useless. Does AirVideo work fast enough to view photos from a Windows 7 PC?

      I am using iPAD and 802.11g Access point.

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • James Bruce

      Sorry A_W, it strictly only handles videos. You can use File Browser to view regular photos, though I havent used it myself.

      Can you not just enable syncing of the photos?

    • A_W


      Thanks for quick reply.

      I have Windows 7 PC and have all photos stored on it. I do not want to copy them to iPad. I believe syncing will copy the files acorss.

      I am able to use AirPlayer but it is very slow. However I got a reply from AirPlayer idnicating that my file size is too big. I will try to compress them and see how it works and post my reply to his and this site…something in return for your quick answer.

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