How can I wirelessly use my laptop’s internet connection on my Toshiba tablet?
Question by Natalie Angus /
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I have a Toshiba tablet and a Toshiba computer. Can the tablet communicate wirelessly with the computer? Tablet has wireless (T100). Is it possible to locate the device and use the internet via the main computer via tethering?

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Answers (10)
  • Juli

    Thank u.. Just loving it

  • amer

    I want to ask, if it is possible to share internet from my computer(has wifi aslo) that is connected with cable to internet with my Samsung tablet that has only wifi connection

    • Mjevolve

      hello amer , 

      yes that is possible ..

      just go through the above links i posted in the first post .

      no matter how a computer is connected to the internet - Wired or Wirelessly , 
      after you install Connectify or Virtual Router , the computer will behave as a Hotspot .
      enabling internet access to any wireless device ( mobile , pads , laptops ..) through its Internet Connection .

      hope it helps ...

    • Samialkindi0708

       Guest... Thank you very much.. it is perfectly working..

    • ROME

      I downloaded connectify but an aministrator password is required when I try to install it, although I am the admin (the only user account on this laptop).

    • Mjevolve

      jay , 
      the guide is for a non wireless computer .

      for a wireless sharing of internet connection
      , you need to have one of the computers beem a signal out , 
      that is act a HoTspot .

      Just internet Sharing being turned on , will not turn the Internet Access ON for wireless devices nearby .

      hope it makes sense ... :)

  • Mjevolve

    yes thats easily possible .

    with Connectify (   )
    Virtual Router  (   )

    you can easily turn a computer , Win 7 , into a Hotspot , 
    and share this computers Internet connection wirelessly with any of the WiFi devices you want to . mobile , tablets , other pc's ....... 

    hope it helps ...

    tell if you need any more help ....

    • Harih

      This is Harih, It is work very nice to use. 

      Thank you so much Friends 

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