Where have my Windows XP Pro desktop icons gone?
Question by jerry jones /
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All my desktop items, i.e. icon files etc. are gone, but the Start Menu and Taskbar is ok. The Admin login is ok. This problem is only user id.

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Answers (5)
  • Michael Omotosho

    my desktop icon is missing i right click is not working the I went to task manager under processes explorer.exe is missing i cannot find it I type explorer in to new task  it says window cannot find please help me out

  • Mike

    My first guess would be that the automatic Desktop Cleanup agent started (showed you a popup) and you clicked continue/ok without paying too much attention.

    In that case it would have removed all items on your Desktop.

    How to disable automatic Cleanup

    • Bruce Epper

      Although if that is what happened, the desktop would still contain a folder with all of the icons that were removed from the desktop.

  • Tina


    maybe the icons are merely hidden? I assume you only had shortcuts on your desktop.

    Try to right-click the desktop and select > Arrange Icons By and see whether > Show Desktop Icons is checked. If it is not, you have found the culprit. Simply check it to show your icons again.

    Please update us whether 'hidden desktop icons' was the cause or not. There may be other reasons, too.

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