Why does my Windows XP machine reboot before the logon screen comes up?
Question by Dinesh /
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My Windows XP computer reboots automatically before the logon screen appears. What are the causes and solutions?

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Answers (7)
  • Anonymous

    The problem almost sounds like CPU cooling problems. If the machine is a few years old, this may be your problem. Blowing out your computer with compressed air (After the computer has cooled) could fix this problem.

    • Aibek

      Another option would be to check BIOS settings for shutdown temperature for CPU. Manufacturers tend to set this value rather low, try increasing by 5-10 degrees and see if the computer boots fine. If it does, you can be 100% sure that it's a cooling problem. Try the above suggestion from Richard and it should be fine.

  • Anonymous

    Restart the pc, and then start tapping, and repeat tappinf the F8 Function key to get to choose Safe Mode.

    Then do the following:
    Turn off "reboot on error" setting for Windows.

    Go to My Computer, then select Properties. Select the "Advanced" TAB and
    in the Startup and Recovery section click the "Settings" button.
    At System Failure block,
    "Un-check" the "Automatically restart" line. Apply change, make clean exit.

    This will prevent a "reboot on error", and will also show (when you have Windows exception) the error code and its description

    otherrwize for xp, To resolve this issue, use the Windows Recovery Console to extract a new copy of the Kernel32.dll file from the original Windows XP CD.

    • Aibek

      I second turning off 'reboot on error' setting. Sometimes you will find the options for it int he BIOS menu. To access the BIOS menu try pressing F2 right after the computer starts and before the Windows begins to load. If the F2 doesn't work try F10 (or some other Fx button)

  • Dharmendrasingh715

    you can format c partiion again reinstall windows..

  • Steve Campbell

    Sounds like your computer is jacked up a lil bit. Might be a problem with a corrupt boot sector. Try putting your XP disk in, navigating to the command prompt, and typing:

    fix boot

    You can find detailed directions for this online. In many cases it's just a temporary fix, so I'd recommend you back up all your files as soon as you regain access to your system. Then, reformat.

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