Windows XP Cursor Freezes After Start
Question by Gary /
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WIN XP – cursor freezes about 10 minutes after start. Whatever else is running at the time continues, I just have no cursor control and have to keep restarting.

Any solutions ?

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Answers (6)
  • Ian H

    If cursor is froze not matter what instructions to left/right click to rectify is utterly pointless as frozen cursor is a frozen cursor!

    • Rwaters839

      Assuming no virus,one could try going to the "event logger"in "adminstrator" located in "all programs" clear the log files The next time the cusor freezes, the system logger may tell you where the problem is, it worked for me, I had to increase the size of the mouse buffer.

  • Tinamerkin

    what can be done with a stuck cursor as soon as you turn on computer?

    • Jack Cola

      Alt Control Delete doesn't work?

      Next I would boot into safe mode - if you can use a mouse then, you may have a virus. If not, it's likely to be a hardware issue.

  • Jack Cola

    I had a similar problem when I played around with Windows Registry. After I pressed Alt Control Delete, i could move the mouse. I doubt it will be the same problem, but if you can't do anything, press alt control delete and see if that helps.

    What you can try is going into start --> run and type: msconfig (there is also a link to it in task manager. Once in, select the general tab and choose diagnostic startup. Click ok, restart your computer. If you can move the mouse, it will be a software problem. If not, it may be a hardware problem or a driver issue. You might want to check out Device manager to see if their are any issues or if your mouse is actually installed. (Right click my computer --> manage --> device manager.

    If it turns out to be a software issue, in msconfig, go individually disable programs in "startup" to see what is causing the issue.

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  • Anonymous

    If just the cursor freezes it could be anything from a loose mouse cord to spyware on your computer.

    First, check your connections, if they seem to be solid then move on to doing a spyware scan. You might also check what is starting up on your PC when you boot it.

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