Why is Windows Vista so slow?
Question by Gurwinder Singh /
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My windows Vista Computer is very slow. I scanned it for viruses and removed most of the recently installed files and programs. Is it my RAM(1GB) or my processor(Intel Core) or anything else that is creating problem.

Please help me.

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Answers (10)
  • Itsdaonenonly93

    hey u should get tune-up utilities if it still is slow it will keep your pc in check and optimized. you can get a free 30 day trial here http://tuneup-utilities.en.softonic.com/

  • Kammbo

    My Vista Home Computer goes like the clappers.... there are certain things you can do to speed it .... tremendously... First let me know a few details.. Click on start, settings, control panel, Performance information and Tools. Click on the button that says update my score. When you have done that ... post here your base score and sub scores for the components. Post them in the order they are shown starting with processor etc. There are also some web sites that give info that really make a difference by adjusting the settings and limiting the services that run.

    Regards Alleluia

    • Gurwinder Singh

      Hey Kammbo first of all sorry for such a late response but the delay was unavoidable as I was away.Now here's my windows experience index:-
      Processer: 3.0
      RAM: 4.0
      Graphics: 4.2
      Gaming graphics: 3.0
      Primary hard disk:5.9
      and base score: 3.0
      I was also wondering if you could give me links to some of those performance increasing sites which give useful tips

  • Ericpeacock79

    vista is slow by nature; one of its many flaws.
    2gb of ram minimum more is better.
    download & run ccleaner.

  • Jack Cola

    I would backup your files, format your computer and only install the programs you need.

    Only then you will see an performance increase.

  • Anonymous

    Recommended RAM for Windows Vista is 2 GB. So an increase in RAM will speed up your computer a lot. Since you have scanned your computer for viruses, you should now defragment your hard-drive and then remove registry errors using any free program. While your computer is very slow or not responding, is the hard-drive light (next to power light) blinking very fast? If it happens often then you may have to upgrade your hard-drive to a faster one. Background programs also have a toll on system performance. Run "msconfig" through start menu and go to the startup tab. Uncheck everything except your antivirus program or any other important program. Then restart. Hopefully, your computer will be faster than before

    • Anonymous

      You should also disable visual effects

    • Aibek

      yes, that would definitely add some speed to your system

      To disable visual effect, right click on 'My Computer' and select the 'Properties' option. The go to 'Advanced System Settings' and under Performance, click 'Settings'. Under visual effects , select 'Adjust for best performance'.

      Also, check out answers given for a similar question in the past.

      How can I find out why my computer slows down?

    • Gurwinder Singh

      Thank you so much deamonlord & Aibek for your suggestions.Some of those are working well & the rest I will try shortly.And I also wanted to tell you that I wrote my processer name Intel core instead of Intel Atom in my question mistakenly.One more thing that what are the visual effects that you (Aibek) are talking about, I couldn't find Advanced system settings tab in properties.How does disabling visual effects help me?

    • Aibek

      You can also access that visual effects menu I was talking about via

      Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Performance Information and Tools -> Adjust visual effects.

      Oh and I found another MakeUseOf article which lists some additional tips to improve the performance. See, 4 Tips to Speed Up Your Windows Vista PC.

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