Why does Windows Vista delete restore points every two days regardless of available space?

Derald Hausmann January 8, 2011
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My Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit laptop will make restore points according to task scheduler set up.

However, if I have, for instance 5 GB allocated on C:\, and 900 MB on D:\, like I do now, system restore will use it all with maybe two restore points then delete the whole works somewhere between 36 and 48 hours later. If restore points are made via downloads, Windows update, or manually by me, the usual space is taken so many can be made, but they still get dumped inside of 2 days.

There are no settings in task schedular that do this, so what’s happening? After 2 days if I don’t watch system restore, there are times when there are no restore points. I could run into trouble if I mess something up and can’t restore.

Thanks for any help in advance. Derald Hausmann

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