Why can’t Windows Vista connect to the Internet via my new router?

Jordan McLeod August 17, 2012
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I recently upgraded from a Cisco DPC3825 Docsis 3 Gateway to a HitronTechnologies CGN2 Docsis 3 Gateway. The wireless on the Cisco was working perfectly. Now the Hitron is working fine (I have a Nintendo Wii, a tablet, and a smartphone all connected and accessing the Internet) but Vista cannot access the Internet even though it will connect to the router fine. I just get “Identifying…” and “Unidentified network” alternating, and it stays at Local Only.

So far I’ve tried restarting the router, my laptop, and the wireless adapter multiple times, reinstalling the wireless drivers, connecting to the router manually and through the wizard, setting up the network through Vista’s wizard, renewing my IP addresses, and resetting the TCP/IP. I have no idea where to begin next so any help will be greatly appreciated.


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