Why does Windows report an unexpected shutdown every time I start my PC?
Question by utsav kailash /
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Is Windows 7 suitable for a Dell Optiplex GX 620? There is always a problem regarding unexpected shutdown when my computer opens… so what could it be?

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Answers (13)
  • Nathan Wiginton

    i had an unexpected shutdown when playing my DSi

  • Dan Rivera

    Oh one more thing Utsav,

    Officially no, Dell has not listed this system for Windows Vista or Windows 7 compatibility and as such no drivers are officially available directly on the drivers and downloads page. It only officially supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows XP. This means it should be 64 bit compatible. Unofficially it will definitely work with the 32 bit and is highly likely to work with the 64 bit. Many of the system drivers will be native to Windows 7 and/or can be taken from other Optiplex models. I have installed the 32 bit version on a GX520 for example which is very similar.

    Technically Speaking this system could handle Windows 7 with a lot of tweaks. I understand you are running it without issues, however hardware and driver compatibility may not support this computer. As I stated above no drivers are availiable officially on the Dell downloads page.

    Hope this helps


  • Dan Rivera


    There are a couple of files that can tell you what is causing this error message. Go to C:\Windows\Minidump folder under that folder you could find some files with "DMP" extension. Create a Temporary folder on your Desktop and Copy those files over to that folder and Zip it. then go to this forum and they will analyse what is going on in those dump files. Particularly this thread: http://windows7forums.com/windows-7-support/48384-unexpected-shut-down.html

    The Dump files can tell what is causing the crash and from that they can take a look what is happening and provide a possible solution. these folks are a bunch of support I deal with regularly if I cannot figure out an issue with the OS.

    Not all techies like myself are know it alls :) Hope this helps


  • Igor Rizvi?

    Try to run some antivirus and malware software in the safe mode,if nothing shows... only suspect is some hardware in your machine.... good luck

  • Muz RC

    Its mean you didnt shutdown your computer properly...

  • Austen Gause

    Static electricity may have damaged components of your computer but there are a lot of other things that can cause this. More info PLZ?

  • Indronil Mondal

    just check the bios there is a option (shutdown compurer when over heated/or u will find heat limits) disable that option
    check for dusts and see if your computer is getting over heated or not

  • Boni Oloff

    Maybe it is shut down because of lost of electricity,
    Most of that is the common cause.
    But you say every time you start. I don't know.. :)

  • Jan Fritsch

    Have you used any sort of optimizer? There are some "speed" settings that tell Windows to kill services or tasks that are not closed within a amount of time.

    If these are crucial system services being killed it would cause Window to report an improper shutdown.

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