Windows Explorer Crashes On A Right Click
Question by Roger Wilkerson /
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When I right click on a file to open, copy, move, etc, the Windows explorer crashes. The interesting thing is that it only does this on any folder/directory on my C drive. I can right click on a file, folder, etc on any other drive and explorer does not crash.

Running Windows XP.

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Answers (12)
  • Ricky Vogue

    Issue fixed...yippee :))
    The offending program was WinRar that I downloaded two weeks ago off the net.
    Once I disabled this WinRar in Shexview, all my right hand clicks in Windows Explorer are working normaly and the Win Explorer is not crashing.
    Thanks again Aibek @

    Yours was third listed in Google search query I ran but out and out the best reply. Great work guys

  • Rjroberts32

    Amazing. I disabled "MP3toWave Shell Extension" and explorer stopped crashing when I right clicked on any MP3 file in my music folder. Thank you very much.

  • Kevin

    Thank you so much.  I had a Word 2003 doc that was causing problems in my  Win 7 laptop.  Not sure why but when I tried to open the doc it crashed my Word program and then I noticed the righ-click issue was crashing win explorer.  Downloaded and ran shellexview, at first didn't see any help.  Turned off ALL the context handlers  then one at a time turned them on.  They're all on and all is working...maybe cycling them overcame the problem.

  • Pete

    worked aresome in wondows 7 64 bit. I though my drive was going bad. Thanks!!

  • Anonymous


    I started having this problem of right click crashing Windows explorer about 2 days after I had installed Tortoise SVN client which comes with a context menu.   I searched the web for all "context menu, windows explorer hangs"  keywords and tried different solutions.
    Some pointed to download a patch from Microsoft.  Some asked to edit the registry manually.  None of these worked. 

    Your solution worked like a charm.   Shellexview solved my problem and I got my work laptop in working order.  It is a critical time at work that I make full use of my laptop and produce output.   Thank you so much!!!  Now I can close my helpdesk ticket!!!

  • bk

    did the job!!

  • xJom


    Many, many thanks for the advice using ShellExView. Quick fix, and found that IZArc wasn't functioning so well...

  • NoOb at the Keyboard

    Thanks alot this helped me out too... well i hope ive been right clicking on everything and it seems to be fine now. I have no idea what it was but the contex was called GraphicsshellExt class. it was the first one i clicked that looked out of place. but what is it i dont know.
    but hey my computer runs normal.
    thanks alot

  • Prashant Singh

    Bingo! Worked like a Charm!!!!! In my Windows XP, the Real One Player was the culprit which i installled fem months back....and since then this problem was bugging me. And now i have got the time to correct it.

    Thanks a lot. But i downloaded the ShellExView from Softpedia. Coz the nirsoft site aint working.

    This software Rocks! :)

  • Aibek

    Hi Roger

    The Windows Explorer crashes are most likely to be caused by party shell extensions that are not functioning properly. These are additional options that you see in your right lick menu after installing different programs.

    Some programs that users install will add their own "action" to the right click menu. It's very likely that the actions is incompatible or wasn't installed correctly and thus causing Windows Explorer to crash.

    So, how do you fix it?

    1. Download and Install a program called ShellExView

    2. Run the tool and let it scan the registry for all the shell extensions. When the scan is completed sort the result by "Type".

    3. Navigate to 'context menu handlers'. These are the items that appear in your right click menu.

    4. To find the culprit it's recommended to disable non-Microsoft context menu handlers *one-by-one* and check if the problem persists. After you disable one and see that the problem is still there, re-enable it and proceed to the next non-Microsoft context menu handler.

    (I am not sure but you might need to reboot everytime you disable the context menu)

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