Why does Windows Defender not turn on?
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When I try to open Windows Defender on a Windows Vista laptop, it tell me it is turned off, but when I click to turn it on, it freezes for a few minutes and times out. It may have something to do with a recent download and installation of Windows Security Essentials, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

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Answers (4)
  • Mike

    When installing Microsoft Security Essentials the Windows Defender Service will be stopped. MSE already has all the detections Windows Defender offers included.

    As long as you are using MSE there is no reason to use Defender anyway.

    • timmyjohnboy

      That’s what I heard, but I also hear some people like how Defender plays with IE. Not an IE user or lover so I wouldn’t really know. Thanks for the help!

  • timmyjohnboy

    I think I found my answer but I’m still curious what anyone else has to say :)

  • Abbie Gonzalez

    do you have another antivirus installed?

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