Why don’t new Windows computers come with install DVDs?
Question by Benjamin Glass /

When you get a new computer these days, you don’t get a genuine Windows DVD with it–just some piece of junk they call a “system restore disk” (the only thing it restores is the junkware that came with your computer). Why don’t manufacturers include an actual disk anymore?

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Answers (21)
  • Nathan Labbe

    Most OS manufacturers sell the OS to these computer makers on an OEM license which makes the Computer maker responsible for support

  • Raghav Gupta

    Its not required at all now.. With a click of a button you can restore to factory default. A partition is created in the disk for default OS.
    Also now you cannot install on different PC’s with the disk

  • Jacob Mathew

    Because it is cheap for the manufacturers.They try to maximize their profits by knocking off little things now and then.

  • Bodi Hemanth

    windows available with laptops is for low cost compare with it’s individual price. If they give you a dvd copy of windows you can also installs it another laptop or system when your laptop gone for a service. But windows don’t want to give you that access, this is the reason windows dvd dose n’t comes with laptop.

  • Jim Chambers

    Most laptops give you the option of creating a set of system restore DVDs. However, many users don’t do this and then they get a computer virus or HDD crashes and its too late. Same for data backup.

  • dhanunjayarao chunduri

    it is to prevent illegal use of these oem windows distribution.
    thus, the windows files are saved in a reserved space on your hardisk and accessible only during the general system restore or factory settings roll-back

  • James

    You can use a normal one if you want……..

  • Félix S. De Jesús

    Because it’s more easy make a Restore Partition than record CD/DVD’s… Acer sells the Restore DVD’s for $40 each.

    When You use the computer for the first time. RECORD THE RECOVERY DVD’S thru the program included. Most of the computers have that option.

  • Neelay Bamania

    Some people don’t use their disks even if they are given one and therefore some laptops don’t come with one. It’s good for the environment.

  • Alex Perkins

    I think they expect you to got to their website to DL one.

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