Why can Windows not complete the installation?
Question by Alex Gravatt /

Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer restart the installation.

This is what happened after I reset my computer. What do I do to fix it? Even if I restart, the same message will appear.

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Answers (4)
  • Jay

    I have the same problem
    It started after I changed the laptop’s GPU.
    the ram is fine
    the hdd too


    Hello, does the installation process gets interrupted at same spot? I had a computer brought to me before where the installation would stop at 11% all the time. What I ended up doing was using a program to check for bad sectors and repair them. this program work with or without operating system installed. This process takes a long time specially if you have a drive with big storage. What the program does is check for bad sectors, fixes them and goes to next sector. After running the program, I proceeded to install the operating system and installation finished succesfully. It might be worth it for you to give it a try. There are three possibilities for you, two of them are paid and one if free.

    Free program: HDAT2:


    Paid Options:
    SPINRITE: http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm

    HDD Regenerator: https://store3.esellerate.net/store/checkout/CustomLayout.aspx?l=&ClickID=&s=STR793615240&pc=&page=OnePageMoreInfo.htm

  • Mike

    Are you using a CD or a USB drive to install Windows? If it’s a CD: Is it a copy or an original CD?

    If you encounter the error during a Windows 7 installation you can try “Startup Repair”

  • ha14

    Did you deleted the former windows installation, which windows are you trying to install, is it a laptop?
    idf its old configuration perhaps do not support newer windows version

    In BIOS Set SATA controller to AHCI first to try install, then IDE mode if this fails