How do I make a Windows Automated System Recovery Disk?
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How do I make a Windows Automated System Recovery Disk?

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Answers (2)

    Hello, from the sounds of it, you are using windows XP. As long as you are using windows XP Pro, you are able to create an Automated Recovery Disk. I am afraid if you are running the Home Version of XP, it is not possible to use this function. Here is a link explaining how to create an ASR disk on XP pro:

    This is a link explaining how to recover your xp pro system using an ASR:

    To create a repair disk on windows 7, follow the next steps:
    -- click on Start
    -- select All Programs
    -- select Maintenance
    -- click on create a System Repair Disc
    -- insert a blank DVD/CD in the drive
    -- once the disk is inserted and tray is closed, click on Create disk

    In order for you to start up your computer with the repair disk you have to follow the next steps:

    -- insert the repair disk in the drive
    -- restart computer
    -- enter BIOS by hitting the delete key, f2, f1, etc, and change booting order so that cd/dvd starts first or you could hit f10 (varies with BIOS manufacturer) to change booting order without changing order on BIOS.
    -- when starting up, if it ask you to press any key to start from cd/dvd, press any key
    -- wait for repair disk to load until it shows you a menu
    -- menu will show you different options such as the following;
    -- Startup Repair
    -- System Restore
    -- System Image Recovery
    -- Windows Memory Diagnostic
    -- Command Prompt

    -- if you want to recover image select image recovery
    -- follow the steps given

    To create a recovery disk on on Vista, visit the following link:

  • Anonymous

    Which windows OS?

    You can use Acronis True Image (Shareware)


    Create Windows Automated System Recovery Disk
    Windows 7 and Vista ASR

    1. From the Start menu, select Control Panel.
    2. Click Backup and Restore, and then on the left, choose Create a system repair disc.
    3. Select a drive, and then click create disc

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