Why does Windows Activation tell me that my Windows copy is not genuine although it is?
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Why does Windows say my copy is not genuine even when it is genuine? This is the original Windows, which I got pre-installed on my Acer laptop that I bought around two months back.

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Answers (3)
  • Aibek

    H Rj,

    Where do you buy your laptop? Which country? Was it from an authorized dealer?

  • Mike

    If the answer above doesn't help you can try one of the following

    MGA Diagnostics Tool
    1. Download and launch the tool (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=52012)
    2. click on Continue
    3. on the "Windows" tab click the button "Resolve" if highlighted

    *** locate your Products Key (CD-Key) first because you will need it ***
    Reactivate via Internet Activation by changing the Product Key
    1. click on Start and type "slui 3" in the search box and hit enter
    2. follow the on screen instructions
    3. when finished try the Internet Activation

    If that fails you can try the same using Telephone Activation:
    1. click on Start and type "slui 4" in the search box and hit enter
    2. follow the on screen instructions
    3. try activation but this time via telephone

    If this doesn't help redial the telephone activation but when asked which service you require DO NOT REPLY. Assuming you called during working hours this usually puts an operator on the other side of the line who will help you solve the problem.

  • Anonymous

    You can activate Windows 7 for 5 times automatically

    Using internet, Windows users can activate their Windows 7 installations for five times.
    So you can activate Windows 7 up to five times via internet automatically.

    You can activate Windows 7 without any limit using telephone activation

    But, of course there is not a limit of activation count if you activate Windows 7 via telephone manually.
    So if you have already completed your 5 times activation via interner, you can still activate Windows 7 for subsequent installations using phone.
    This means if you purchase Windows 7, there is no Win7 activation limit for your installations.


    for volume activation

    Also possible your windows was on trial version an you reached the final stage, hence the message.

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