In Windows 8 how do I recover missing apps?

PKKANUNGO October 1, 2014
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While operating my ASUS Notebook (Window 8) yesterday (30th September), I opened the Settings menu in the Charms menu and clicked ‘PC setting Change’ and then hit¬†the Refresh button out of curiosity.

To my awe and consternation, the tiles and the Applications, with their Shortcuts/icons on the Desktop, were gone. As such I am unable to operate it, with my feeble knowledge, I can’t locate information on how to restore my desktop icons.¬†Somehow the tiles have reappeared. But the Applications have not.

Only two icons appear when I reopen the Desktop — removed Applications and Recycle Bin.

I am not a computer engineer nor a technician.

Help me and give guidance, step-by-step, to go about to reach my destination. Thanks.

  1. ha14
    October 1, 2014 at 8:00 pm