Why does Windows 7 freeze when I type?

kicking saturday April 28, 2011
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My Windows freezes when I type. Why?

Yes I have everything on software:
System Mechanic, Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, full version, it’s not a upgrade.
I use Comcast, reason no spam.
Yes I use VPN and I do hide my IP from Google.
Yes I have all the updates. Thinking about recording my PC and put it to YouTube.

Why does Microsoft hang on when I type?

Yes I have checked for keyloggers and yes I do hide my mac address. Yes I have even tried MSN, that’s even worse. Yes I have checked everything on my PC. Yes all my drivers are installed in the right manner. Yes I have 2010 Word full version. I am not happy. Yes I upgraded to Windows 9 noway I get even more hangups and Windows Explorer says Windows Explorer not found. That’s bull. I checked my system. Yes I am active.

Why the crash, why the hangups, is msn over loaded? Yes iI have even upgraded my internet to 2 MB. So what’s going on?

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