Jonnie Brown

Why won’t Windows 7 detect my monitor?

10 Feb 2012
Windows 7
Chrome 17
10 Feb 2012 | Windows 7 | Chrome 17

I just installed Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium. My monitor isn’t being recognized (it’s a Viewsonic VG2230WM. Windows 7 instead created a generic Non-PnP monitor in the device manager and a standard VGA graphics adapter.

The monitor has a native resolution of 1680×1050, but my graphics card was unable to handle that. I think it could do 1200×900. However, the generic non-PnP monitor is limited to only 1024×768! So clearly I’m losing out on some pixels.

I tried going to Viewsonic’s website to download drivers, but when I installed them an error said “Your monitor is not found.¬†Please go to and download the standard_monitor_driver_unsigned file.” which I can’t find anywhere on their website (or the internet).

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