How can I use Windows 7 Backup to backup to a wireless external drive?
Question by tweaker77 /
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I have a Seagate Goflex Home external hard drive docked on a wireless dock. Is it possible to use Windows 7 backup and restore to backup/create a system image on it?

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Answers (12)

    Hello, you can accomplish what you want by following the next steps:

    -- click on start (orb)
    -- type backup on search box
    -- click on enter
    -- when backup page appears, click on Change Settings
    -- Type your password if needed
    -- Once page appears, select Save on a Network
    -- Type the path to your network drive or click on Browse and find your wireless drive
    -- Type credentials if needed
    -- Click on Ok
    -- Wait for backup to finish
    -- Good Luck

    • tweaker77

      I don't see it.  Please note that I am running windows 7 sp 1

    • Mjevolve

      first of all ,
       what version of Windows 7 are you running , because ,
      You can only save your backups on a network location on Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, and Windows 7 Enterprise.

      secondly the Drive should be on a computer network .
       meaning ,  a shared folder or drive on a computer network .
      like you have multiple computers on your Home Network or the Office Network .and you choose one of the Drives on that computer ..

      an individual Drive , connected externally to a computer , does not mean its on a network ... !  :)

      hope it makes sense ...

      tell if you need more help ...

    • tweaker77

      I'm using Home Premium...  Does anyone know if there is a tweak I could do to enable this feature?

    • Mjevolve

      hello tweaker ,
      this is guest , Mjevolve .
      ( some how my name got converted to guest ... )

      i dont think there is any tweak to enable this feature .

      this comes as a Windows feature in the Pro, Ultimate , Enterprise Editions only , 
      so the only way you would have this is if you upgrade to these versions . 
      but then again , 
      i dont think it would work for your drive .

      because ,
      as i said before also , 

      " the Drive should be on a computer network . meaning , a shared folder or drive on a computer network .like you have multiple computers on your Home Network or the Office Network .and you choose one of the Drives on that computer individual Drive , connected externally to a computer , does not mean its on a network ... ! :)   "

      so instead of relying on wirelessly backing up data ,
      why dont you just connect the drive directly to your computer and then do the back up .
      you can then easily use the Windows Back or any other 3rd party app like the Acronis or Macrium back up softwares .?  ! 

    • tweaker77

      Thanks, but like I said, it is a networked drive.  I am able to map it in the "Computer" area of Windows Explorer AND I can see it in the "Network" Area.

      I already AM using a third-party solution (memeo instant backup) that came with the drive.  I just don't like installing extra software on my computer.

      So anyone else out there has a solution??

    • Mjevolve

      i think i get it ( perhaps ... )

      then i would recommend Macrium Reflect to you .

      its free and can do back ups on Network Devices as well 

      here - the program ---

      instructions --

      hope it helps ...

      tell if you need more help 

    • Mjevolve

      Macrium might be an extra software you would have to install , 
      but then it would get your job done and is also one of the best free back up solutions .  :)

    • tweaker77

      How does it compare to Memeo  Instant Backup?

    • Mjevolve

      well i cant put forth my experience on Memeo as i havent used Memeo backup any time , 
      but i have read many reviews that, it is not that good a program 

      most of its users go unsatisfied and end up with other options .
      its all from what i know .

      as for Macrium, i have used it in the past . ( now use Acronis .)
      and its one of the best , at par with most of the paid versions .

      if its a simple back up and restore that you need to perform efficiently and safely , 
      Macrium serves the purpose well enough !

      and it also has an added point in its favor that should suit you
      and that is support for Network Attached Devices .
      just go through the instructions i posted in the previous reply and you would get the point ...

    • Mjevolve

      as a passing point , 
      i just checked for Memeo on its home page and under the features it does say ,-
      that it supports Network Attached Devices .

      so you should be able to perform a backup on a your network device with Memeo as well.

      did you check up ....

  • Mjevolve

    open up the Back and Restore Function from the Control Panel .

    on the first screen where it says , where do you want to create a back up ,
    see if it lists your Wireless HD or not .
    i think it should .

    if it does , just go ahead and Back Up ...

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