Will converting from MP3 to WMA reduce audio file quality?

Alec Ringhiser February 14, 2013
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I ripped all my music to my computer from CDs as 320kbps MP3 and / or WMAPro (vbr) files. I’m migrating to a new computer and want all these files to be the same, but do not have time or access to all of these CDs to rip them all in the same format to the new machine.

Will converting all these files into 320kbps WMA be an issue in regards to quality? I’d figure it wouldn’t make much of a difference if the original “ripped” copy is already a “high quality” file (the 320kbps MP3) and is simply transferred to a new file format?

I know little bits and pieces would be lost in the conversion, but were they really needed in the first place if they were “lost” in the original rip? You’d think there’d be no loss in quality because it would have already been done… Thoughts? (no mean ones, the damage has already been done haha)

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