Why won’t Windows recognize an MacOS partitioned external hard drive?

Clayton U August 14, 2013
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My wife has an iMac with OS X Lion on it. We partitioned her HD to run bootcamp with Windows 7 to play some games. Bought a Seagate Backup Plus external USB HD for extra space for games on the Windows 7 end and Time Machine for her iMac. Time Machine does not work with the Paragon driver the ext HD came with so I decided to partition it into two parts; one for Mac, the other for Windows.

I looked up about the different HD formats for Mac and Windows. Used Disk Utility to partition the ext HD 50/50. Named the top partition Mac and chose the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled), named the bottom Windows and chose the format NTSF.

After running Time Machine on the Mac partition I restarted the iMac to Windows 7. I did not eject and unplug the ext HD before restarting, not sure if it played into my problem or not but thought I’d mention.

Once Windows 7 started I opened up My Computer and I did not see the ext HD listed. I ran Disk Management and saw the ext HD listed but it did not show any partitions. Just shows the entire ext HD unallocated.

What do I need to do in order for Windows to see the necessary partition?

Been reading up on the different “options” for the partitions; i.e. GUID and MBR.

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