Why won’t these downloaded YouTube videos play in VLC?
Question by Manish Parmar /

A few days back I downloaded some videos from YouTube using Internet Download Manager (IDM). While playing it online the video had sound but after downloading it fully, the video had no sound. Another thing I noticed is that I am unable to play those videos in VLC whereas Windows Media Player runs them with no sound.

Are there any specific reasons for this? How do I get the sound back for those videos? Why are these videos not playing in VLC? I am using VLC version 2.0.0.


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Answers (38)
  • Manish

    there is a simpler solution. Download the video from internet explorer and the video will just work fine :)

  • Jai

    Hey its happning with everyone actully all the hd videos and 144p videos that are in .mp4 format on youtube are giving this problem
    So I Searched the and found that this is because youtube has seprated their videos from audios. now if u wish to donload then just download both the mp4 file, of which one is of audio (smaller in size) and one of video ( larger in size). down load both files and merge them with any software of ur like
    m using pinnacle video studio
    and now m even able to play it with VLC .

  • Shaik Sumiya

    I have experienced the same problem and at last i found the solution to play those downloaded videos instead of converting them into other formats which may take much more time or hd experience can be missed.. so use this video player http://www.finalmediaplayer.com/ which can play a video of format.

  • Kwamayze

    Update IDM to 6.17 and it will work. Or use savefrome net, savemedia and other websites and copy the youtube link there. Was having the same issue.

  • Ashwani Kumar

    Yea the problem is miserable but I ve got the solution, it may seem uncanny but it works.you are required to download k-Lite mega pack, while you install it, choose advance function and click all format. It will run in CLASSIC MEDIA PLAYER. Let me inform you that when you download such video from youtube, you will get mp4 as well as m4a format; and you will have to download both; one for video and second for audio. Now run video in CMP and run audio in media player. you can enjoy video... thanks

  • DeeDee

    I found out today about this problem. so far never faced anything like this. now I do. some videos just goes blank in vlc. changing file extention wont help but ok that's understandable. I see some people have resolved the downloading problem by using http://www.clipconverter.cc/
    I normaly convert my files into mp3 after downloading the videos from youtube but now thats not possible because file cant be downloaded in the first place. the clipconverter is actually fantastic. lets me convert files online, so no need for double files on the computer. thank you very much for this share. until youtube comes with something new again.

  • kelly

    use a pot player it will solve your headache http://www.videohelp.com/tools/PotPlayer

    • pradeep

      ya, pot player works fine for video but it doesn't play audio.

  • ashok

    if video is playing any way in the player there is no sound in the file

  • ashok

    youtube videos is not working after download via download i think it is write protected how can i play it

  • Abhay

    Thanks a ton Sivaprasad it works Perfect :)

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