Why won’t the Nvidia Quadro K600 work with my PC?

Lane G August 2, 2013
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I’m trying to get the following video card to work in my ‘HP Pavilion Elite’ H8-1020 (Windows 7)
NVIDIA Quadro K600
– http://www3.pny.com/NVIDIA-Quadro-K600-P3276C365.aspx
The chipset in the H8-1020 is Intel H61 so from what I can tell, I have a PCI-E 2.0 16x slot which is what the card calls for.
This PC shipped with a Radeon HD6570 installed so I removed that card and installed the Quadro.

When I turn on the computer, I get POST from BIOS but it won’t go any further. It just sits on the screen telling me I can press ESC to enter setup but pressing ESC does nothing. No beeps either.

I reconnected the stock video card looking for an option to disable secure boot but the option does not exist in the BIOS.

Under ‘boot order’ in the BIOS, I tried disabling all the UEFI devices and leaving only legacy devices active but that did not help.
Bios is v7.16 which is the latest and I tried reflashing it but that didn’t help either.
I also tried accessing the BIOS while using the onboard video but that also did not help. Under the security menu, there is still no option for ‘Secure Boot Configuration’.

I tried pulling the battery on the mobo – didn’t help.
I tried resetting BIOS to defaults – didn’t help.

At this point, I am trying to figure out if the problem is that the card is simply incompatible or if there is some setting in the BIOS that is preventing the card from working. I don’t think I need a larger power supply only because the HD6570 appears to consume more power than the K600 does.


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